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  1. 1. For a Horizon 4 wont let me play
  2. 2. Xbox website goes to US rather than UK store
  3. 3. Games on Xbox series x crashing and graphics pixilated/haywire
  4. 4. Series X Twitch App Not Available
  5. 5. Low Internet speed with apps and games running in the background.
  6. 6. Xbox series x controller connected to PC won't play audio through earphones connected to...
  7. 7. Hard Drive Not Showing Files On Xbox One S
  8. 8. Xbox one x error code e 101 to e106 HELP
  9. 9. When I have a game open and i got to the home and open it back up again from the menu the...
  10. 10. Anyone know if my original Xbox One can play with a Xbox One X?
  11. 11. Elite 2 controller/ Xbox Series S - intermittenty no button, stick response when intially...
  12. 12. When are measures going to be taken against scalpers?
  13. 13. TIBBERT38's Live PS4 Broadcast..
  14. 14. Either my headset or adaptor on my controller is causing my headset to cut out for a few...
  15. 15. Audio lag xbox series X on bitstream out.
  16. 16. Installation Stopped on Just Dance 2021
  17. 17. XBOX ONE X YOUTUBE 5.1 Surround Sound
  18. 18. Series X Internet connection issues.
  19. 19. Xbox One S- Games will randomly crash and make a loud "brrrrr" noise
  20. 20. Question. Quick Resume Stutter when going through xbox menu but not through guide
  21. 21. GTA 5 PC Casino Heist .............
  22. 22. Call Of Duty : ColdWar problem on my Xbox Serie X
  23. 23. Audio issue with xbox remote play on ios. Any help is appreciated.
  24. 24. Xbox remote play stuck on enable
  25. 25. This is part 3 of Firefighting Simulator
  26. 26. Xbox 360 controller Adicionar suporte ao controle do Xbox 360 no smartphone. Os botões R...
  27. 27. Multiple Issues to Report for XSX
  28. 28. Unable to leave Minecraft Windows 10 Beta
  29. 29. Xbox Series X randomly shuts down at the dashboard or store as well?
  30. 30. What happens to captures when you connect an external drive?
  31. 31. Xbox One X ERROR, Beta OS without being insider
  32. 32. Firefighting Simulator - The Squad part 2
  33. 33. Xbox Series X disables HDMI CEC / ARC connectivity from TV (LG) to Amplifier (Yamaha)
  34. 34. OPINION: Enjoy your consoles, and stop refusing to play games out of fear that they might...
  35. 35. 2 requests/suggestions please, regarding the Xbox app and game clips/screenshots.
  36. 36. 0x8923103D Error Code When Joining/Creating Party
  37. 37. Xbox series x crashing before even playing a game (continued description after every photo)
  38. 38. Project Xcloud not picking up BT connected Series X control on SX or XB1s
  39. 39. [Suggestion] Go back and update every Xbox OS from the past, and have them available as themes.
  40. 40. Help! I’m stuck at the startup error E106
  41. 41. "Game hub" or "official club" missing from MS store?
  42. 42. What level do I go up a ring in Xbox Insiders
  43. 43. Idea for Next Version of controller
  44. 44. Forza Hub app won't install on Series X
  45. 45. My Xbox One S keeps turning off when launching cold war.
  46. 46. Auto HDR Not Enabled After Instant On
  47. 47. Screen turns black on Series X after 3 Minutes of Hotspot Racing, how do i report this...
  48. 48. Audio Sync Gets Worse Over Timeq
  49. 49. Images for my Post re Insider Hub
  50. 50. Insider program / Auto Updates ?
  51. 51. Performance issues in the series X
  52. 52. Series X Controller Switching Off When used to Switch On Machine...
  53. 53. Xbox series X turning off randomly only for next gen games ?
  54. 54. Xbox Series X shutting down when launching any game
  55. 55. I get disconnected from xbox game bar party
  56. 56. Series X and One X - Insider builds disable HDR in games when switching TV's Game Mode...
  57. 57. "Not enough storage, clear some space" error.
  58. 58. Xbox series x connection problems
  59. 59. Quick resume feature, is it a myth?
  60. 60. Wireless Headsets Problems XBOX series x
  61. 61. Xbox Series X resolution and frame rates
  62. 62. Xbox ONE: Cold War disc won't install
  63. 63. Xbox One Controller replacement and Controller buttons being soft ?
  64. 64. I'm stuck in beta and I don't know what to do (Minecraft)
  65. 65. Hey guys, so I got my XBOX SX yesterday and I noticed that specifically on Forza Horizon 4...
  66. 66. Xbox Series X fan getting loud during gameplay
  67. 67. I keep getting Xbox Insider language quality feedback questions (but I only play English...
  68. 68. Series X powering back on after turning off using controller.
  69. 69. Trying to play a game from xbox one to my phone.. It eventually loads up but I can't seem...
  70. 70. Is your Xbox series X/S working fine?
  71. 71. Do I have to install game to xbox before I can play it on my phone via streaming/remote play?
  72. 72. Are we ever going to get vr games support
  73. 73. Xbox Series X - DVD No sound when playing disk
  74. 74. 2010.201009-0000 console Update loop
  75. 75. 120hz not supported on Xbox Series X with a 144hz monitor
  76. 76. All programs/games hang on loading if external hard drive connected.
  77. 77. Xbox Series X: Turn off disc drive check upon boot
  78. 78. Xbox app on my iPhone 12 pro isn’t letting my connect to my Xbox series x via remote play
  79. 79. Xbox please bring back Mortal Kombat 9 as a backwards compatibility port
  80. 80. Problem with Storage Expansion & Instant-On
  81. 81. 15 years ago today the Xbox 360 was released. What’s the first game you think of?
  82. 82. 15 years ago today the Xbox 360 was released. What’s the first game you think of?
  83. 83. Tile Quick Menu Text Aliasing Issue Public Build
  84. 84. What else could I add to my game cave? :)
  85. 85. Can't leave Minecraft Beta, tried every suggestion
  86. 86. [Warzone] Is warzone fine in this console?
  87. 87. Can you still link Reddit with Xbox Live?
  88. 88. Xbox Series X Randomly Turning Off
  89. 89. Xbox Game Bar Capture on PC Muting Audio Not Working
  90. 90. Xbox One X E101 E102 E105 error ...
  91. 91. Xbox Series X Screen Flicker LG C9 TV
  92. 92. just started using gaming but i got an audio issue, any fixes?
  93. 93. Problem with Xbox game bar on PC
  94. 94. LG32GK650F-B Monitor Question for XSX
  95. 95. Xbox Series X HDR DVR has same Xbox One X problem
  96. 96. Black levels washed out when setting dashboard display to 4K on Xbox series x
  97. 97. Awfully bad pixilated 1080p 60fps recordings in external drive with no audio at all (Xbox...
  98. 98. Screen flickers off and back on at random times
  99. 99. Can someone help i bought the xbox on the 18th and it won’t ship.
  100. 100. Games and apps wouldn’t open on series x
  101. 101. Screen colour washed out on series x (possibly hdr issue)
  102. 102. Can’t Broadcast Audio on Twitch Stream (Series X, Alpha Skip-Ahead)
  103. 103. I thought this was a public build issue, but Auto HDR isn't working for any 360 game also...
  104. 104. Player profile videos/pictures gone?
  105. 105. Minecraft worlds from Xbox One not syncing properly to Xbox Series X
  106. 106. Games sometimes launch at 30/60fps even though I’m at 120hz?
  107. 107. Xbox one x bricked for replace internal original hdd
  108. 108. December Special to give those that aren't fortunate to have the money to buy games.
  109. 109. XCloud - how to get back to the game selection screen?
  110. 110. Is this insufficient ventilation
  111. 111. My xbox series x doesn't shut down anymore, thanks to the xbox omega update but a lot of...
  112. 112. HDR —- RELATED —- BUG
  113. 113. Signing in to Xbox Series X games.
  114. 114. Hdr calibration app for a9g oled seems to be completely wrong!
  115. 115. I think I might have a possible bug
  116. 116. Random White Screen flickering in games/apps/homescreen on Xbox Series X
  117. 117. When is Microsoft going to address the Xbox Series X game crashes and console shutdown issues?
  118. 118. [Possible Workaround] Please allow Users to force the Series X into "4:2:0" or "4:2:2" Mode...
  119. 119. Can we please get some info from the updates team of what requests are being looked at,...
  120. 120. Capturing Game Clips to an External Storage Without A Recording Time Limit
  121. 121. My X1X is now a $500 paperweight due to a buggy update, the Insider program, and (possibly)...
  122. 122. New Achievements system? .......................
  123. 123. Why the terrible launch Microsoft?
  124. 124. Umm yea the bandwidth usage is not rite. 140.78tb used same 11:00 to 1:00 pm
  125. 125. usb port issue on the xbox series s
  126. 126. Why is there not an option to remove Xbox stream bar?
  127. 127. Please can we finally get a fix for this
  128. 128. Xbox Series X - Auto HDR not working in 360 games like Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV. It's...
  129. 129. XBOX Series X - Full library not loading in my games and apps
  130. 130. My Mouse cursor won't move or react
  131. 131. PSA my series X kept shutting off within a minute or two of starting possible fix for everyone.
  132. 132. Series X Shutting Down Delta Ring
  133. 133. Series X shutting off unexpectedly, part II
  134. 134. Apps and games just closing on Series X
  135. 135. My Games and App shows No games installed after a cold reboot....
  136. 136. Is it a good idea to have Insider on series x
  137. 137. how to remove the insider system from xbox one x?
  138. 138. Can’t trim game clip on Xbox Series X
  139. 139. Preview system updates killed my Xbox One
  140. 140. Restarting loses internet connection
  141. 141. Prey: Mooncrash doesn't include Prey: Typhon Hunter
  142. 142. Offline stream play would be great.
  143. 143. Add Discord in Xbox Guide Menu..
  144. 144. Unenroll Old X1X, Enroll New Series X
  145. 145. Reviews are missing for some games at Store
  146. 146. Quick Resume/HDR Not Turning On Issue
  147. 147. Xbox series x game clips audio incorrect (alpha skip ahead)
  148. 148. Xbox One X boot loop hole after update gone wrong
  149. 149. Are the Xbox subreddits always this aggressive and unhelpful?
  150. 150. Series X keeps kicking me to dashboard and disconnecting controllers
  151. 151. aoc cq27g1 compatibility with Xbox series x
  152. 152. Accessories disconnect if they shut off from being idle
  153. 153. Learned about this little loophole today
  154. 154. Shutting down after several hours
  155. 155. Cannot sign in to Xbox no matter what I do.
  156. 156. Leaving Xbox Update Preview Program
  157. 157. Game Streaming is Taking a Break
  158. 158. Xbox flickering Green Dots and unacceptable customer support.
  159. 159. Xbox One X not auto updating games
  160. 160. How to remove a console from the Xbox App - Remote Play lists consoles I don't own
  161. 161. Series S cannot connect to any multiplayer
  162. 162. Xbox Series X screen repeatedly disconnecting.
  163. 163. Sea of thieves not launching on series x
  164. 164. Invites tab missing on xbox one s
  165. 165. Have No Clue Why i Was Asked To Post Here
  166. 166. Xbox Series X keeps shutting down
  167. 167. New Xbox vs Xbox one stuttering in games like Fallout 4
  168. 168. Xbox Requests: Week of November 20th, 2020
  169. 169. Series S FH4 stuck on pause, menu gui does not show up
  170. 170. Not sure if an insider issue. Captures/OneDrive. Series X (Beta Build)
  171. 171. Series X Randomly Crashes Throughout The Day
  172. 172. Ethernet cable not working in app xbox streaming preview
  173. 173. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Wireless Preview Issues
  174. 174. Xbox Series X Issues - HDMI-CEC and always on Ext Storage
  175. 175. UI Interface of XBOX Series X not in 4K
  176. 176. Remote installation from android app to series x not working?
  177. 177. i dont know hot to use the minecraft beta program (bedrock)
  178. 178. Xbox elite 2 controller disconnects from series x
  179. 179. I'm experiencing constant crashes/shutdowns on Xbox Series X
  180. 180. installed games to external ssd. games wont do updates
  181. 181. Multiple New Issues with the Latest Xbox One X Omega Build
  182. 182. Series X Ethernet issues. Port seems inactive at cold boot.
  183. 183. Unable to play games on XCloud Preview Android Mexico.
  184. 184. Xbox series x freezing when attempting to use the guide during a game
  185. 185. Any fix on "Finishing things up" problem?
  186. 186. Can’t Figure Out Series X Hard Drives and Multiple Downloads
  187. 187. Minecraft RTX iron bar bug__________
  188. 188. Have any of the insider updates fixed issues with crashes/shutdowns for any of you?
  189. 189. Network transfer not working for Series x
  190. 190. Xbox controller joysticks and dpad not working
  191. 191. Disk games sometimes not needing disk to play
  192. 192. How do I do Xbox Rich Presence with my PC App?
  193. 193. Small feature, that I would love to see come back revamped.
  194. 194. Xbox App for iPhone - Series X - Remote doesn’t work
  195. 195. Xbox Series X 1440p @ 120Hz support, please
  196. 196. Series X intermittent black screen and audio popping when watching blu-ray discs and in menu
  197. 197. How do you download the new update?
  198. 198. Error Message during update / Offlineupdate not possible on Xbox One
  199. 199. Sync button on Xbox One X no longer works after recent update, cannot connect controller.
  200. 200. some one iis having this dowload problem in xbox software of series s?
  201. 201. Constant disconnecting headset and controller
  202. 202. Series X|S keeps disconnecting from Xbox Live even though home network is still working...
  203. 203. Can't sign up and I got the early preview access
  204. 204. WELCOME TO PROJECT XCLOUD for Australia
  205. 205. Daily console update download of 550 mb?
  206. 206. White pixels on screen - possibly HDR issue?
  207. 207. Stupid question but. If I leave the preview program will the update reverse and stop...
  208. 208. XBOX game streaming beta sign up?
  209. 209. just changed the cmos/bios batteries on 3 of my desktops, do i need to do this with my xbox...
  210. 210. Xbox Preview Game Streaming Error - Australia. Xbox Project X-Cloud not available
  211. 211. Series X - Can't rewind or fast-forward 4K HDR clips. Also can't cut/upload them. Insider...
  212. 212. Series X Blu-ray Player Raised Black Level
  213. 213. Series X Dolby Vision Playback from Blu-ray Player Request
  214. 214. For Xbox message chat Missing features
  215. 215. Series X Does Not Play True HD or DTS:MA Codecs from MKVs
  216. 216. Anybody Else having a crash like this ?
  217. 217. Series X VRR Mode Selected Causes Instant Game Mode on TV
  218. 218. Xbox Series X Netflix Dolby Vision TV Mode is Always On
  219. 219. The "Xbox Helmets" section and the "Xbox Accessories" section in the store show nothing and...
  220. 220. The social section of my profile does not show achievements correctly. Shows them messy or...
  221. 221. The Two point hospital game is not uninstalled from the console. It has not failed for...
  222. 222. Series X startup to black screen
  224. 224. Xbox Series X HDMI-CEC NOT controlling UI
  225. 225. Series X - White Flash / Black Screen
  226. 226. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Omega (2011.201117-2300)
  227. 227. No audio when recording a gameclip.
  228. 228. Strange incident where party chat switched device. Has someone else experienced this?
  229. 229. Xbox Series X HDMI-CEC Volume Control Not Working
  230. 230. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Delta (2011.201117-2300)
  231. 231. Anybody know anything about fixes
  232. 232. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead, Alpha and Beta (2011.201117-2300)
  233. 233. Issue with noise on headphones audio at certain volume levels
  234. 234. Intermittent black screen flashing and flickering
  235. 235. Xbox should leverage their acquisition of Bethesda to bring popular ps games to Xbox.
  236. 236. xbox one x and sx cec/arc isn't working right
  237. 237. What is the correct why to leave the program?
  238. 238. Xbox controller idea to improve immersion in video games
  239. 239. Minecraft Xbox one edition not downloading
  240. 240. Stubbs the Zombie being made backwards compatible
  241. 241. Question about the beta app if anyone could help?
  242. 242. So Xbox, why did you move the party invitations and game invitations?...
  243. 243. Why did you not make enough Xbox series X for supply and demand?
  244. 244. FB Gaming deal in place of Mixer
  245. 245. Which power mode should i uses for my xbix one?
  246. 246. Where will these new "Persona Item" achievement rewards unlock—avatar costumes? When...
  247. 247. Its been like that for 3 min what do i do? (Im on a xbox one)
  248. 248. To my fellow friends that are having trouble with their Xbox Ones shutting off! (And other...
  249. 249. Latest alpha skip-ahead produces error at 97% install - stuck in loop now
  250. 250. Buzzing sound when starting the Xbox Series X