XboX Insiders
  1. 1. I bought a new Xbox one x can I still switch my alpha skip ahead over to that
  2. 2. Does the new xbox update contain the ios update of game streaming?
  3. 3. Please ask 343 Industries to make Halo Infinite VR Mode DLC.
  4. 4. Alpha Skip Ahead - No audio in Final Fantasy XV, unable to record game clips and streaming...
  5. 5. Not able to stream purchased movies or tv content.
  6. 6. We Xbox users don’t just “Manage” our storage. We “Manage Manage” it.
  7. 7. /r/xboxinsiders enters TOP 5000 subreddits
  8. 8. My Xbox One X Keeps Hard Crashing
  9. 9. Xbox game streaming app cant sign in
  10. 10. Consistent error until hard reset
  11. 11. Headset Mic Static What Do I Do?
  12. 12. Can no longer sign in (Alpha Skip Ahead)
  13. 13. Can't sign into Xbox Live after latest Alpha Skip Ahead update (0x8004886A)
  14. 14. Omega User - Joystick drift since update
  15. 15. E101 Error - During Console update
  16. 16. 5 More Games Added to Project xCloud
  17. 17. Help! I can't update my OS, Always getting message error 0x80072EE2
  18. 18. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Ring (2004.200220-0000)
  19. 19. Xbox Requests: Week of February 21st, 2020
  20. 20. External HDD still power cycling while console is in instant-on. We're going close to two...
  21. 21. Xbox won’t cut on after latest update
  22. 22. I am beta and my control does not obey my command and it is very sensitive I am not able to...
  23. 23. Streaming App For Sale Apple Store Is Legit?? Not sure how with game stream in testing.
  24. 24. Punch card within the rewards app not working for
  25. 25. Should have the option to delay updates
  26. 26. Xbox tells me I don’t own games yet I have game pass and own all games digitally
  27. 27. Console streaming not supported error
  28. 28. No sound in forza horizon 4 after Feb 20 alpha update.
  29. 29. Black screen of death (no signal from HDMI)
  30. 30. Minecraft BETA! Anybody Playing!?
  31. 31. E106 and E101 Errors and can't restore OSU1
  32. 32. The app "8 Zip Pro" won't work, it crashes fast.
  33. 33. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of February 20, 2020
  34. 34. I have a question how do I play modern warfare
  35. 35. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Delta and Omega Ring (2002.200219-1515)
  36. 36. queue not updating straight away
  37. 37. Beta ring, UI & dashboard not responding and not loading. (Issue reported)
  38. 38. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta Ring (2002.200219-1515)
  39. 39. Couple things you should look in to for Xbox Streaming
  40. 40. Xbox (Beta) not showing games after fresh Windows 10 install, but they're still installed.
  41. 41. Differences between these two rings?
  42. 42. Dolby Vision being blocked Xbox One S with 4K discs
  43. 43. Xbox Storage Missing After Update
  44. 44. Im still experiencing an ongoing issue with my games I have installed not showing up where...
  45. 45. James Bond License - Microsoft Game Studios
  46. 46. Might not be the place to ask, but why isn’t there an “in-software” way to clear cache?
  47. 47. No network connection if console already on and Ethernet connected
  48. 48. Xbox One X stuck in Troubleshooting boot loop
  49. 49. How do you access console streaming on mobile?
  50. 50. Can’t install spelunky even though I own it
  51. 51. Xbox Insider OSU, Is there a way I can download the 2002.200211-1645 update manually?
  52. 52. Ventilation issue for Xbox One X
  53. 53. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Ring (2004.200218-0000)
  54. 54. [Help] Controllers not connecting to Android Vis USB for xCloud
  55. 55. OneDrive "app" on Xbox One Needs improvement after recent update
  56. 56. Party & Game Notification Issue - Ongoing 4 Weeks
  57. 57. Not Getting Permission Message or Question
  58. 58. Xbox one has this start up screen any fix guys sometimes it dont even show this screen
  59. 59. Xbox streaming preview not available in NZ
  60. 60. I’m wondering if the newest snapshot of Minecraft has been added to Xbox insider
  61. 61. Games Dissapeared from Installed
  62. 62. Xbox One Headset Driver Support for; Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 USB Please
  63. 63. I can’t game stream anymore apparently
  64. 64. What happened to start recording now?
  65. 65. Help with Xcloud (Filling in the 32 characters)
  66. 66. Help! Capture error(?) It only captures for 4 seconds when I want longer clips
  67. 67. looking for help on an xbox download speed issue
  68. 68. In-game sign-in needs to go. It's janky and hardly necessary. Same for in-app permissions.
  69. 69. Quick Menu Question (Xbox One X)
  70. 70. How do you get access to alpha releases of software?
  71. 71. Not receiving party or game invites
  72. 72. Your recent update disabled access to my harddrive
  73. 73. Xbox Game Pass Store - Share Game Option
  74. 74. Xbox One shutting down randomly after another CODMW update
  75. 75. Pins and groups deleted from games and apps
  76. 76. Not recieving any invites on Alpha Xbox Build.
  77. 77. Is it possible to set a single time for both dashboard and game updates?
  78. 78. Need help games not appearing where they should
  79. 79. Cannot connect to FH4 servers on xcloud
  80. 80. Please tell me what exactly is inappropriate with this?!
  81. 81. Increase in Latency? ISP will not help
  82. 82. Accepted Into XCloud But Never Recieved TestFlight Email
  83. 83. Changing Home Xbox - What will it affect and will it interfere with the Insider Skip-Ahead...
  84. 84. Ive got 150+ ping and I dont know how to drop it
  85. 85. It won’t let me sign up for the preview?? Does anyone know how to help?
  86. 86. Xbox Party chat / Headset sound mutes, can't hear game or party members, they can hear me.
  87. 87. Gamertag rename - misleading wording...
  88. 88. Xbox controller connected through OTG but picks up no input, I got it working once but now...
  89. 89. Anyone know what I can do about this? They're connected to the same wifi network, so I'm a...
  90. 90. Console laggy after full shutdown startup
  91. 91. Xbox One X, won't even reset, stuck at something went wrong.
  92. 92. Change xbox insider console, help.
  93. 93. Back in November I had an issue where I disconnect the time. 10-20 min. Left insiders fixed...
  94. 94. Unhide owned games list with new dashboard
  95. 95. Anyone in need of game pass ultimate free trial?? Enjoy!!
  96. 96. Xbox One should switch back to Receiver decoding Atmos
  97. 97. Forza Horizon 2 not appearing in ready to install
  98. 98. Screenshot captured in game won't load to my OneDrive. When uploading, the message says it...
  99. 99. Xbox Game Pass PC Dead Cells Won't Install Please Help
  100. 100. I've been accepted into the program but I cant play any games because they just get stuck...
  101. 101. Anybody knows how to fix this issue with windows's infinite repair looo
  102. 102. It won’t let me leave the Minecraft beta
  103. 103. I’m still experiencing issue with where it says Games I have 1 installed game and 2 pre...
  104. 104. Repost of 1440p@120hz bug. Still a thing.
  105. 105. Add on screen controls for Xbox Game Streaming Android and IOS
  106. 106. Project Xcloud (preview) not letting me register?
  107. 107. Streaming games from other consoles with Xbox One
  108. 108. IPv6 Connection Gone After Omega Update
  109. 109. Accepted for game streaming but still cannot play!
  110. 110. Download Progress Bar wildly in accurate
  111. 111. Possible bricked console...No more Alpha Ring for me
  112. 112. My personal & perfectly sane Series X wishlist!
  113. 113. Problem with slow loading homescreen dashboard since last system update that went out for...
  114. 114. Older dashboard on display with no update being offered for the new one.
  115. 115. SIMS 4 Loading Is Broken Again In Latest Beta
  116. 116. So on my xbox streaming app (xcloud) I can only play the master chief collection, one of my...
  117. 117. This is getting ridiculous now, both games were left to install last night. I have 100+ meg...
  118. 118. How can I get Voice Chat only in headphones on ATMOS Home Theater setup?
  119. 119. XBox One X Possible Failure - E102, E106
  120. 120. Is any one else not receiving party or game invites?
  121. 121. Issue with logging into the Xbox app on Android
  122. 122. Error 0x80070005 when attempting to sign in to the PC Insider Hub app
  123. 123. How do u get past this screen I have the insider app installed and set up but can't get...
  124. 124. Hi there, I've been trying to stream content from my xbox to my phone but for some reason...
  125. 125. Duplicate versions of games in my Ready to Install list. Only seems to affect backwards...
  126. 126. Is there a way to fix this? I thought this was available in all regions
  127. 127. Recently was Accepted into the Halo MCC Insider program via email yet cannot download the...
  128. 128. TestFlight Email for Project xcloud
  129. 129. FYI calling some one a cuck is not a bannable offense so I see no reason why this thread...
  130. 130. Problem with streaming my xbox to my phone
  131. 131. Xbox Requests: Week of February 14th, 2020
  132. 132. I cannot update my Xbox system and I'm not sure what to do
  133. 133. Can we please get and HDR dash board?
  134. 134. Cannot register and it comes up with this error message tried on bing and on google
  135. 135. Suggestion- the elder scrolls skyrim
  136. 136. Issue using mobile data to stream to phone companion app
  137. 137. Xbox Console Streaming - Network latency
  138. 138. Trimming clips rarely works. Why? Workarounds?
  139. 139. Please help I am having a problem with my Microsoft account (Battlefront ll)
  140. 140. I get the "your xbox needs to be restarted" error. What exactly does this mean?
  141. 141. Accepted in the insider program for FlightSimulator 2020 but it does not appear
  142. 142. After recent update external hardrive not working.
  143. 143. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of February 13, 2020
  144. 144. Xbox 360 games in project xcloud beta?
  145. 145. Hi, can you guys help me ? I have signed up for project xcloud iOS beta. I recieved the...
  146. 146. I can’t seem to get past this, any ideas?
  147. 147. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Ring (2004.200212-0000)
  148. 148. Latest Beta Frequently Unresponsive
  149. 149. Netflix only launches from inside store
  150. 150. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Delta and Omega Ring (2002.200211-1645)
  151. 151. Plex Still has a buffer loop issue on Xbox, Will this problem EVER get fixed?
  152. 152. Since Last update I received from insiders program. I have been unable to see my installed...
  153. 153. Using keyboard with Xbox streaming
  154. 154. Is this happening to anyone else? Also I can’t connect to Xbox Live on Xbox.
  155. 155. My Xbox One X console crashed after an Omega Ring update
  156. 156. Why isn't Xbox Insider staff more transparent?
  157. 157. IOS xcloud - controller interupt
  158. 158. Has anyone else just been stuck here for iOS? I’ve tried 3 separate networks and cellular...
  159. 159. Remote installation still broken?
  160. 160. Problem with my games showing up in where it says my games and apps when I was at the...
  161. 161. Any xcloud clips that work w/ the CHATPAD?
  162. 162. Is there a way to restore my Xbox one x that is in the insider program after a HDD replacement?
  163. 163. Unable to install any updates to games or apps, new purchases also fail.
  164. 164. 2 Recommendations for the dashboard and the Xbox app.
  165. 165. How do I get my testflight link?
  166. 166. Bug Regarding Google Home Commands
  167. 167. Permanent Black Screen (Bug) (Alpha Ring Skip ahead)
  168. 168. iOS - failed to start stream error
  169. 169. Hold the energy button 10 minutes? (I know)
  170. 170. Can’t connect Elite Series 2 to iPhone iOS
  171. 171. Am I allowed to post pictures of being in xbox streaming preview?
  172. 172. xCloud Preview on iOS - new member
  173. 173. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta Ring (2002.200211-1645)
  174. 174. Link in program acceptance email redirects to xbox page
  175. 175. I was part of the xCloud program, but lost access. How do I gain my access back?
  176. 176. Right Trigger not working correctly
  177. 177. Received an acceptance email for xCloud iOS, when clicking the link in email it does not...
  178. 178. I got the invitation to join the Xcloud IOS TestFlight. But when I press on the link I get...
  179. 179. I enable the console game streaming in my xbox but when i login in my account in my xbox...
  180. 180. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Ring (2004.200211-0000)
  181. 181. Project xCloud begins a limited iOS TestFlight preview today - Read more it here!
  182. 182. Latest app update cause crashes after about an hour of continuous streaming
  183. 183. Remote downloading for patches possible?
  184. 184. How does one unenroll from this program
  185. 185. Xbox One X now only shows a black screen and doesn't even show the start up intro
  186. 186. Xbox live gold 36 months for cheap deal
  187. 187. Why does it seem like more things stop working with every update?
  188. 188. Using PS4 controller w/ project Xcloud beta
  189. 189. Xcloud/Game Streaming Forza Horizon 4 Music
  190. 190. External HDDs not appearing in lastest build, games that were installed on them unusable
  191. 191. XBox One X 1440p resolution at 120hz support For Monitors
  192. 192. Immediate overheat on Wolfenstein 2 - Omega ring
  193. 193. A built in way to view friends/chat with friends in the xCloud dashboard
  194. 194. Unstable downloading speed when downloading updates for games?
  195. 195. Insider Beta: Games Home causing severe issues on One X
  196. 196. Constant Xbox problems in latest update
  197. 197. Trying to unenroll in Minecraft Beta
  198. 198. I got my digital key stolen and redeemed, is there any way to get to the person who stole it?
  199. 199. Hello,problem with accessing xcloud
  200. 200. Game streaming on local network with non-Bluetooth controller?
  201. 201. Dolby Surround Upmixer - Bad for Sound Quality?
  202. 202. Controllers issue after firmware update (no sound just unpleasant noise)
  203. 203. what do I do now? I've been trying to figure out how to do this for like one hour, can...
  204. 204. What are my chances of getting "accepted" by now.
  205. 205. I would like to stream my xbox to my android device, so I could play games on my phone screen
  206. 206. A Request for Streaming from Xbox One on the Streaming App
  207. 207. Voice Assistant settings being disabled after updates
  208. 208. Netflix Atmos crash on Xbox one x
  209. 209. Is the streaming app compatible with Chromecast? If not, will Microsoft ever allow casting...
  210. 210. help: please someone help me project xcloud has no controls on the screen but there is some...
  211. 211. Connections between my xbox to this app is not working at all. Can someone help me to fix...
  212. 212. 50Hz Issue (Alpha Skip Ahead issue)
  213. 213. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Ring (2004.200208-0000)
  214. 214. Survey available for PSO2. Nets you 500 AC at launch
  215. 215. Bug With Game Clips / External Storage, USB 3.0 Error
  216. 216. Any idea when XCloud testing is coming to Apple. I’m waiting for the Surface Duo to switch...
  217. 217. Any News on when xcloud for android will be adding a virtual gamepad?
  218. 218. Game Bar Skip ahead Programm on Win 10
  219. 219. Age restrictions for unrestricted account
  220. 220. So, I went to clear out some xbox 360 saved game data and the rest of my games disappeared too.
  221. 221. Can I take my console out of ASA and put it back later?
  222. 222. Phantasy Star Online 2 Not showing up to download.
  223. 223. Logitech G920 and Xbox companion streaming
  224. 224. Sigh. I’m annoyed. I still own a Kinect Device. It is connected to my Xbox 1 X. What’s...
  225. 225. Is Flight Simulator 2020 alpha out on console yet?
  226. 226. Ventilation issues as of 02-09-20. Only with games running on the Xbox one X
  227. 227. The streaming preview app on my android isn't functioning properly
  228. 228. does anyone know what this exclamation mark means beside my club?
  229. 229. Dolby atmos still have issues equalizer settings reverting to default
  230. 230. Feedback: As a user I would like to:
  231. 231. For anyone else feeling like there games are lost this is how you find your games in the...
  232. 232. Latest Xbox updates (feb 2020) stopped internal moves or installs on my external drive
  233. 233. Latest Update Bug Energy Saving Mode Not Working
  234. 234. Not receiving party invite notifications after latest update
  235. 235. With game streaming working Id like to add something
  236. 236. Can't sign into
  237. 237. Game pass remote downloads broken again,installation failed happening again after 3 days of...
  238. 238. This is how the FIFA eWorld Cup is like !
  239. 239. Using xCloud on Chromebooks with the Game Streaming app for Andriod
  240. 240. Putting games from pc onto USB/flash drive
  241. 241. New to anything insider/preview related content on Xbox. Can anyone help?
  242. 242. Skip Alpha Update Strikes Again!
  243. 243. Does anyone know how to get the beta for Microsoft flight simulator?
  244. 244. Hello everyone, I'm keep getting Error 0x87DD0006 and I need some help.
  245. 245. Game pass ultimate charged twice
  246. 246. Xbox Game Pass Quests Not Tracking
  247. 247. Xbox Dolby Atmos height channel extending
  248. 248. What's with all the updates on the skip ahead ?
  249. 249. Well that's not great (Omega Ring)
  250. 250. Bandwidth usage stats incorrect. Staff feedback requested