XboX Insiders
  1. 1. Revamped Xbox beta app missing LFG functionality
  2. 2. Condemned 2 bloodshot backwards compatibility
  3. 3. Xbox Streaming app: Xbox 360 games?
  4. 4. Is it just me or are the tiles bigger than before? I think they're huge since the last...
  5. 5. What Category is GamePass in from the Report a Problem app?
  6. 6. I cant join minecraft beta and i cant find any answers
  7. 7. Revert to CD cases for Series X games
  8. 8. Does anyone else have any issues with home Xbox in Preview ring Beta?
  9. 9. 8Bitdo SN30 Xbox Edition with Samsung Note 20 Ultra
  10. 10. Sign in changes / Family accounts
  11. 11. Are people still able to invite friends to Insider program to get the latest Dashboard updates
  12. 12. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta and Delta (2010.200923-0000)
  13. 13. Now that we've learned the 1TB ext SSD will be about $220 - Can we discuss again the new...
  14. 14. Xbox App - Keyboard > Console Support
  15. 15. add a way to upload custom images/clips like memes to xbox
  16. 16. Can't log into the insider HUB whitout getting this error
  17. 17. Main UI/Dashboard Settings for changing dashboard styles
  18. 18. Question about the alpha/skip-ahead ring
  19. 19. Showing content I don’t own in game library
  20. 20. I love the new feature to preload games you don't own yet.
  21. 21. idea xbox music bot for party 2020
  22. 22. Accessing logs of previous Insider Hub feedback?
  23. 23. Is it possible now to use Dev Mode Activation while on an Insider update?
  24. 24. Why are you killing the Xbox Console Companion app on PC before you have a decent replacement?
  25. 25. Anyone have a problem where you have to install a small update but goes alot slower than usual?
  27. 27. Party chat not working error 0x8923103d
  28. 28. DTS:X for Home Theater enabled in Beta and Delta Today!
  29. 29. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead (2011.200923-0000)
  30. 30. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha (2010.200923-0000)
  31. 31. Is there a way to link my Xbox live account and Reddit account without a PC?
  32. 32. How 19 years on Xbox has shaped me and helped me
  33. 33. Xbox one game boots back to dash after connecting to Xbox live.
  34. 34. The "Report" Button is gone from the Power Menu and DTS:X issues
  35. 35. When is the next Alpha Skip-Ahead update?
  36. 36. The lack of space after the "-" is giving the impression we have "minus X number" of...
  37. 37. How does this happen? Been downloading with ~25kb for days even though my connection seems...
  38. 38. 8bitdo controller crashing the streaming app on an Samsung S20 Ultra when the Xbox button...
  39. 39. Xbox Beta App on iOS expiring soon ?
  40. 40. Can 1.4 hdmi 120 FPS at 1080p I’m very confused
  41. 41. My friend recently gameshared me fifa 21
  42. 42. Store tab constantly crashes and freezes since new update
  43. 43. Lag & freezes after update (10.0.19041.4850)
  44. 44. Xbox One X no longer automatically signs me in
  45. 45. How to get into xCloud or Console Streaming
  46. 46. The latest beta of the iOS Xbox app was released 90 days ago. Will a new version arrive?...
  47. 47. Download slow speed issue or bug
  48. 48. Issue with XBOX App on Windows 10
  49. 49. Safe too enroll series X into the programme when realised.
  50. 50. Will the number of updates in Alpha or Alpha-Skip Ahead reduce the longevity of the Xbox...
  51. 51. XB Backwards Compatibility Streaming Issues
  52. 52. Project xCloud xbox gaming without box-hardware over android device
  53. 53. ADDING EU REGIONS REGIONS [Baltic states]
  54. 54. New Store Experience not updating current balance
  55. 55. Xcloud not showing the game pass library
  56. 56. Why did they add this to the My Games & apps block? I see that it changes every so often...
  57. 57. Party notifications not appearing
  58. 58. Xbox thinks that Destiny 2 is GTA V
  59. 59. Achievement Layout in the Guide Drawers in Skip-Ahead
  60. 60. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Omega (2008.200921-1330)
  61. 61. Store and Achievements missing from Beta Android App
  62. 62. New Microsoft Store - "You Must Own this Product to rate and Preview" Bug - UPDATE
  63. 63. I am in minecraft beta program, but I can't acess Insider because I'm under age.
  64. 64. New HDR Game Calibration app on Xbox
  65. 65. So the New Microsoft Store wont let me write Reviews and also wont let me Update some, or...
  66. 66. Oh nice! Didnt see that would Coming!
  67. 67. When will the new xbox app on pc support uploading clips/screenshots
  68. 68. Xbox Beta showing other consoles?
  69. 69. New Xbox mobile app (Beta) Discussion Megathread?
  70. 70. Is there a reason why I haven't received the new Microsoft Store layout?
  71. 71. The Upload Studio will be replaced by the new Xbox App for Social Sharing and edition...
  72. 72. Xbox getting rid of Upload Studio?
  73. 73. Please Keep Upload studio or move it to pc
  74. 74. Insider team appreciation post. Thank you!
  75. 75. I can't log in to the Xbox Beta app and I don't know where to find the code on my tv...
  76. 76. New Xbox Beta app doesn't have a way to change the gamerpic of my profile. Is this intentional?
  77. 77. They are now fixing the issue I’m glad because I wanna experience the store
  78. 78. I’m having issues here I got the new store update out of no where but I can’t see no games...
  79. 79. Store shows no info, crashes after selecting a page (games, apps, etc.) Beta
  80. 80. So I got a little surprise today I got the store update on omega
  81. 81. Out of curiosity, are Games and Applications defragmented behind the scenes, or is that a...
  82. 82. Quick question about the new Remote Play feature on the Xbox beta app
  83. 83. New Xbox Beta app tells me to download games on my console that are already installed
  84. 84. My console isn’t part of the insider thing but can I still roam around here to see whats...
  85. 85. I cannot reedem my Discord Nitro from Microsoft Store
  86. 86. There's an explanation why my console (in some cases) turn back on by itself?
  87. 87. I just got the new Xbox Experience for the mobile companion app (beta). It got a lot of new...
  88. 88. Make the Xbox X work with the Oculus Quest 2 this would give Sony a punch in the face
  89. 89. New Series X style UI is now available in the xbox app beta. Includes streaming from your...
  90. 90. Optimised for Series filter now present in my games and apps
  91. 91. What was wrong with tiles?! Takes so much space as a list and looks terrible.
  92. 92. I'm in preview beta, but I cant get the latest update.
  93. 93. Watch Tab missing in Alpha Skip-Ahead?
  94. 94. Having to Reboot my xbox on daily basis.
  95. 95. Changing Xbox email to another email without deleting the primary.
  96. 96. New UI changes appear for guest accounts instead of my Main account
  97. 97. anyone know? if points stack in rewards
  98. 98. Xbox streaming preview isn't working
  99. 99. Fan ticks again after last update
  100. 100. Game pass is saying some of my games are game pass when I own the physical copies
  101. 101. Is sign in on multiple still only for Alpha?
  102. 102. Can I say that I love how the My Games & Apps button no longer looks like wasted space!
  103. 103. The old Manage page is still hidden within the new dashboard. Hope they bring it back, the...
  104. 104. Mouse cursor control on Microsoft Edge
  105. 105. Minecraft Windows 10 Beta cant opt out
  106. 106. I'm really liking the new menu design!
  107. 107. Marketplace messed up
  108. 108. Console stream disabled after game pass release
  109. 109. When is Xbox Live officially coming to the Balkan area?
  110. 110. Evolution of XBOX Startup Screens 2001 - 2020
  111. 111. Problem with Enforcement? Typing random stuff because a minimum of 32 characters for a...
  112. 112. When do new quests/surveys come?
  113. 113. Anyone else having issues after this morning’s update? Know of a fix?
  114. 114. LFG and invites are really, really broken
  115. 115. Can you download xCloud on windows 10 yet?
  116. 116. So here is the reason why Devs can't add mouse support to Browsers to make surfing on the...
  117. 117. Got my Daily done for the omega ring
  118. 118. Xbox suddenly Strict NAT. Problem started after new update
  119. 119. Unable to Unenrol from Beta version of Minecraft
  120. 120. Party chat mixer isn’t working as expected
  121. 121. Editing software for all gamers who don't wanna spend money
  122. 122. Apps and games does not update automatically.
  123. 123. Xbox One s partially turning on by itself.
  124. 124. This new "My Games and Apps" Button is awesome! I'd like to have this for group buttons too!
  125. 125. This code has already been redeemed. [Code from my Xbox Rewards points redeem]
  126. 126. Xbox iOS Beta app is due to expire in 5 days, any updates planned?
  127. 127. This Week on Xbox - All the New Releases and Updates
  128. 128. wish list and cart gone, xbox one s
  129. 129. Can the Category or Permanent Hide option be brought in in the next update for Xbox, Demo...
  130. 130. When the series x and s are released, affects
  131. 131. Can I connect my xbox wireless (non Bluetooth) 2013 controller to my android via cable?
  132. 132. After latest Alpha update My Games & Apps take ages to load
  133. 133. Can we have a F in Chat for Microsofts Spelling please.
  134. 134. Via the streaming app it allows me to stream my xbox games but when I try and switch it to...
  135. 135. Via the streaming app it allows me to stream my xbox games but when I try and switch it to...
  136. 136. Xbox One S meets newest update.... Result:
  137. 137. standby tabs are in English instead of French
  138. 138. They got rid of where it says “Gamepass” on Gamepass games?
  139. 139. Resolution stuck at 640x480 when streaming to computer
  140. 140. First content block peeking looks ugly
  141. 141. Gonna be really slow start but I’m gonna be getting there / I guess omega is slow starting...
  142. 142. Why was Destiny 2 taken off xCloud?
  143. 143. Any idea on when the xbox game bar FPS counter will be fixed?
  144. 144. Xbox Pop-Up Menu Not Working Right
  145. 145. Plz help with my xbox wifi tryed everything i can think of
  146. 146. 4k Display not working in Alpha Build
  147. 147. Fable 2 showing twice in ready to install
  148. 148. So unable to download games that people i gameshare with
  149. 149. Dashboard from instant on doesn’t load, still lets me restart (Alpha Skip-Ahead)
  150. 150. Switching to delta - risks and implications
  151. 151. Xbox one invite only party suggestion
  152. 152. New purchase sound for the new Xbox store!
  153. 153. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Omega (2008.200917-0845)
  154. 154. There's a new sound for the Xbox store when you purchase a game or app!
  155. 155. New Feature for Beta and Delta Users Being Enabled Today!
  156. 156. Xbox Requests: Week of September 18th, 2020
  157. 157. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead (2011.200917-0000)
  158. 158. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha (2010.200917-0000)
  159. 159. Is it just me or is the game streaming app not working
  160. 160. Tales of Vesperia Xcloud/streaming beta
  161. 161. This is a suggestion for the Xbox One Devs
  162. 162. Preorder question regarding Series S
  163. 163. How can I delete demo games from my Xbox account ?
  164. 164. Over excess data installed for the Outer Worlds and install is not ‘completing’
  165. 165. Xbox Series X UK insider priority pre-order
  166. 166. I do not know what is happening someone please help
  167. 167. RTX Minecraft not working!?!? 2080 i7 latest windows update
  168. 168. Help with insiders and gamestreaming!
  169. 169. Xbox beta ring fast start, apps won't load.
  170. 170. Cloud Gaming and Remote Play Discussions: New flair and a change to the weekly threads!
  171. 171. Stuck at sign in screen in Insiders Hub app
  172. 172. New Store Experience issues on insider alpha ring
  173. 173. Bug in Leisure Suit Larry game that just came out
  175. 175. Please help red lines and sound artifacting, also cyan is the imposter
  176. 176. New Alpha Preview very laggy on my One S
  177. 177. Is the new Dashboard not in 4K resolution?
  178. 178. Why xcloud doesn't work for you, here's the reason
  179. 179. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta and Delta (2010.200915-0000)
  180. 180. I need help please, been stuck like this for two days. Don't want to factory reset the console.
  181. 181. Issue: Dolby Atmos lost audio each time with changed from Dashboard to Games
  182. 182. I tried to update my Xbox and it has been loading for hours
  183. 183. Does anyone know what this is? I’m in the Beta ring and it’s like my xbox it’s corrupted or...
  184. 184. The new Xbox dashboard now shows recently installed games and Apps on the "My Games & Apps"...
  185. 185. ROCKSMITH 2014 Remastered --> XBOX Series X???
  186. 186. Don't know how it works but looks dope.(Alpha Skip Ahead
  187. 187. A real reward let us pre order first
  188. 188. Original Xbox title. Is Xbox considering petitions of original Xbox games to add them into...
  189. 189. POSSIBLE BYPASS FIX FOR E-10/1/2/5/6 xbox one X insider club OS wipe and Reset Bypass hack.
  190. 190. Persistent Connection Issues over two years
  191. 191. HDR making my screen dim when playing
  192. 192. What will happens to my digital games?
  193. 193. Profile signing out when controller is turned off.
  194. 194. As a content creator this NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP
  195. 195. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead (2011.200912-0000)
  196. 196. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha (2010.200912-0000)
  197. 197. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta and Delta (2010.200912-0000)
  198. 198. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead (2011.200915-0000)
  199. 199. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha (2010.200915-0000)
  200. 200. More Xbox customization options, features and mouse and keyboard functions
  201. 201. Community feed shows friends' captures/clips from their old and extinct "Captures" tab and...
  202. 202. Latest update, but screenshots are still automatically being uploaded to my feed and the...
  203. 203. Zoom for Xbox Streaming Away From Home
  204. 204. Invited to a beta game (AOE III DE) but I can't see it from the Insider Hub.
  205. 205. Xbox one SYSTEM INSIDER HARD BRICK
  206. 206. What way is the new store being rolled out?
  207. 207. Not receiving invitation notifications
  208. 208. Black screen of death/bricked console
  209. 209. Can't download update needed to play assassins creed iv on xbox one, it freezes at the same...
  211. 211. Xbox updated Sept 15th froze and I can't factory reset even with the USB osu1 helpp
  212. 212. (UNENROLL REQUEST) Xbox one X Error code E-101/2/5/6 cant be fixed because its previous...
  213. 213. Xoon for Xbox Streaming away from home
  214. 214. Minecraft never finishes installing
  215. 215. When trying to stream to my android phone, I get stuck here after singing in. I have game...
  216. 216. Missing "Messages from Xbox Live"
  217. 217. Using controller to "wake up" console causes erratic movement on screen without input
  218. 218. Game Streaming works fine, XCloud does not.
  219. 219. When will rumble/vibration be added to xCloud/console streaming?
  220. 220. With the launch of Cloud Beta, can one stream via LAN?
  221. 221. I cant go to 1080p in settings, please help.
  222. 222. Can't pre-order Call of Duty Cold war through the in game store. It just get this error...
  223. 223. Why won’t my xbox download anything?
  224. 224. date in xbox insiders not right been in longer then 3 moths
  225. 225. Is Xbox Game Streaming coming to Windows 10?
  226. 226. Issues with voice recording in messages
  227. 227. About console streaming from my phone to my console
  228. 228. this audio system is not really right way do it
  229. 229. I’ve got a minor issue. Xbox one X Throws errors, I’m not the original owner has been...
  230. 230. Issue with Xbox Preview Delta keep crashing
  231. 231. DTS:X for home theater connection error
  232. 232. DTS:X. Can't wait to put it through its paces.
  233. 233. Error downloading game pass games on Xbox app for PC (beta)
  234. 234. Dynamic backgrounds coming to Xbox one?
  235. 235. GameStop, Game, and other video game sales chains around the world are about to disappear,...
  236. 236. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead (2011.200912-0000)
  237. 237. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha (2010.200912-0000)
  238. 238. Can someone explain the “Rings” of the updates such as omega, alpha, etc.
  239. 239. allm not working correctly with Marantz nr1711 (hdmi 2.1 receiver). Delta ring
  240. 240. To anyone considering joining the Insider program and have concerns.
  241. 241. Need help with console stream audio...
  242. 242. When are you eligible for the Alpha ring
  243. 243. Updating Apps issue (Alpha Ring)
  244. 244. How do i refund my gift cards with out going through a bunch of virtial stuff
  245. 245. Well I was going to play Xcloud on my phone but I guess it's game pass locked now?
  246. 246. i am not receiving game invite issues
  247. 247. Can't add reviews for gamepass games in new store.
  248. 248. My 2 captures have been stuck on queued for the past hour and all it says is ‘Queued for...
  249. 249. Bringing the films and TV app to IOS
  250. 250. Hope everyone enjoys the short skit!! The Console War [XBOX Series S Conspiracy] [Short Skit]