XboX Insiders
  1. 251. Hidden games are unreachable on the new update
  2. 252. User filters / sorting preferences not saved on the new collection menu screens
  3. 253. Apps with the installing label even though they are already installed (it only allows to...
  4. 254. Missing Xbox 360 filter on the new update for alpha skip ahead
  5. 255. New-Look My Games and Apps Problem
  6. 256. Xbox Auto Shutdown? 01-15-20 5:35p
  7. 257. My games dont update. Thay are stuck and i cant even pause them. I am in omega
  8. 258. Regarding new skip ahead update my opinion?
  9. 259. Stuck in Alpha Ring 2002.200107-2102
  10. 260. Alpha Ring 2002.200107-2102 stuck
  11. 261. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip Ahead Ring (2004.200114-0000)
  12. 262. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2002.200113-2000)
  13. 263. Data Caps for Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead
  14. 264. Microsoft Looking to Recruit More for XBOX Games Studios
  15. 265. Xcloud gaming alpha test in Europe...?
  16. 266. W10 Store - UWP Games cannot be updated if installed on non-system drive.
  17. 267. Game Streaming wont connect even though I am an insider?
  18. 268. Skip ahead alpha build being signed out of all apps on the Xbox one S January Fourteenth...
  19. 269. Xbox Phone Streaming Issue??????
  20. 270. Elite 2 controller randomly disconnecting today..
  21. 271. Design Lab Controller, but for Xbox Elite Series 2
  22. 272. Hi, I 'd like to do a streaming show on YT and Twitch or other social media about Xbox.
  23. 273. Why am I having these issues and how do I fix them?
  24. 274. [X1X Beta] Console periodically refusing to connect via ethernet
  25. 275. Increase maximum allowed characters in gamertag back to 15
  26. 276. Soul calibur 4, purchased digitally but can't find now.
  27. 277. Does the game pass app still work with the omega preview os?
  28. 278. Alpha build does not appear on Insider Hub
  29. 279. Any word on if Omega ring will be able to console stream yet? I live in PA and don't have...
  30. 280. Xbox One X console streaming preview picture freezes every 5 seconds
  31. 281. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip Ahead Ring (2004.200111-0000)
  32. 282. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta Ring (2002.200107-2102)
  33. 283. Video Quality choices and ability to turn xbox on from app
  34. 284. What's the ideal FoV for games if I'm sitting 4ft away from my 32" 4K Monitor?
  35. 285. Problem with plex app on console after creating a plex account when I go to enter the...
  36. 286. Problem is now progressively getting worse with Free movies 2019 app when I went to launch...
  37. 287. Would Xbox Live Game Rentals ever be an option?
  38. 288. Major issue causing periods of time where I'm unable to launch anything, sometimes even the...
  39. 289. Remote downloads completey broke last week and they got fixed last week. Why am I still...
  40. 290. I'm starting to notice not all Games with Gold I own are showing up, both in Ready to...
  41. 291. New Mixer long term issue with on demand
  42. 292. Problems with an app and some startup problems while i was using instant-on. Beta ring
  43. 293. Unable to change install location
  44. 294. Xbox Game Renting... A future possibility?
  45. 295. Not downloading when off (instant on mode)
  46. 296. My understanding is that Console streaming is local, since it depends on the console...
  47. 297. C'mon! Shit...look, xbox, fix this
  48. 298. ONLY Issue showing all previous messages from to 6-8 months old but no actual messages
  49. 299. Xbox One X randomly shuts lately
  50. 300. Is there a way to project to television?
  51. 301. Problem updating my xbox.. it gets stuck on 15% then either fails and tells me to try again...
  52. 302. When is the game streaming app coming to iOS if anyone knows please tell me
  53. 303. I live in the US and i dont have a vpn on so how do you fix it??!!
  54. 304. Is there a way to custom map buttons on Xcloud?
  55. 305. Downloaded the apps on my Xbox and Note 9, but can't figure out exacy how to play games.
  56. 306. Is it necessary be accepted in the preview of xCloud to be able to try console streaming?
  57. 307. Can I please get some help on getting a monitor to work at 1440p AND 120hz?
  58. 308. Enjoying console streaming! How about you?
  59. 309. Thank you microsoft. I would take this any day, over exclusives that require me to decide...
  60. 310. Thank you microsoft. I would take this any day, over exclusives that require me to decide...
  61. 311. "£1". This is fine. I know what it means. But I'm in Australia and it should say "$1". It...
  62. 312. Xbox Project xCloud - Maintenance
  63. 313. Now that the dashboard is going to be simpler, can we get live wallpapers back?
  64. 314. Where is the 120hz option (beta)
  65. 315. AOC no 120hz option on Xbox One X
  66. 316. Xbox Requests: Week of January 10th, 2020
  67. 317. Cannot link to reddit account on XBOX App or GameBar
  68. 318. Problem with loosing sound after latest system update that went out for the Beta Ring...
  69. 319. audio sync issues on live tv and some apps
  70. 320. Another update ruined my game... Any reasonable way to prevent this?
  71. 321. XBOX Game Pass (PC) won't work despite it working for the last couple months
  72. 322. Missing games again (ready to install list)
  73. 323. Problems with Shared Controller on mixer
  74. 324. "trouble connecting to server" even though I have high speed internet?
  75. 325. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of January 09, 2020
  76. 326. Wireless headphones output for Dolby Atmos
  77. 327. Xbox Store VRR Titles Filter Mode
  78. 328. Xbox one Keyboard and Mouse Question
  79. 329. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta Ring (2002.200104-2000)
  80. 330. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2002.200107-2102)
  81. 331. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip Ahead Ring (2004.200108-0000)
  82. 332. Issue with Talon Media Remote connection
  83. 333. Why does no one seem to understand that the Xbox One S and Xbox one X both output 120hz?
  84. 334. If you're getting sign-in errors or account does not exist issues, Xbox is aware and are...
  85. 335. Problem with Xbox one x shutting off during game play
  86. 336. Problem continues to happen when I’m in the Beta Ring when useing and watching free movies...
  87. 337. Xbox Game Streaming Android app won't load after logging in
  88. 338. Wow, this must really be in the early beta stages for it to not even load. I’m in the us...
  89. 339. Anyone having this problem? When I using my xbox one x it take 30 seconds or more to load...
  90. 340. How do you get the New Dashboard?
  91. 341. Project X-Cloud early impressions.
  92. 342. My Wish List for the Xbox Series X:
  93. 343. Dolby Vision for Blu-Ray please.
  94. 344. Xbox Game Streaming Cellular Data Issues
  95. 345. Some Buttons on Xbox Controller don't work in Game Streaming App
  96. 346. Issue with Google Assistant turning the Xbox One X on after a few hours.
  97. 347. Xcloud Button Mapping issues on Android 6.0.1
  98. 348. Native VPN usage on the Xbox One
  99. 349. Plex buffering issue still happening with latest Alpha release
  100. 350. Problem with GamePass app on cellphone when I go to install a game with GamePass app on...
  101. 351. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead (2004.200106-0000)
  102. 352. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2002.200104-2000)
  103. 353. Unable to copy or move items from external to internal drive
  104. 354. Remote downloads are not working for me since Friday jan 4th
  105. 355. How do I set up counsel streaming
  106. 356. Home Menu Completely Frozen On Sign-in; Xbox Live Functions Not Loading Properly But Still...
  107. 357. Screen periodically flickers white when playing
  108. 358. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip Ahead (2004.200104-0000)
  109. 359. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2002.200101-2000)
  110. 360. Can't log in constantly giving me problems
  111. 361. Can't report issues HResult:80070070)
  112. 362. Xbox Rewards app (Canada) Mixing French and English
  113. 363. Can't play Plants vs Zombies: BfN
  114. 364. Cant leave mine craft beta, uninstalled mine craft, restarted computer, uninstalled insider...
  115. 365. Another user reporting the incorrect/wrong stats via bandwidth usage.
  116. 366. Problem with the one guide app not being able to access live tv any more
  117. 367. Xbox game streaming Xcloud issue
  118. 368. Stopped Download Queue vanishes; says Game is installed even though it is not
  119. 369. Oneguide - TV show info missing - USB connection
  120. 370. "Project xcloud is not available in your region"
  121. 371. I need help my Xbox box one keep telling me that I can't broadcast while a video app is running
  122. 372. I have a suggestion about xbox xcloud cone streaming preview and this needs to be fixed
  123. 373. Backwards compatibility 4 X-men legends
  124. 374. No Updates In A While...........
  125. 375. Need help with a Xbox Accessories Application Issue
  126. 376. A rather serious bug involving a reboot loop on Home(Alpha/One X)
  127. 377. Xbox Game Streaming Issue: Backwards Compatible Titles
  128. 378. Guys I finally signed up for Project X cloud I hope I can join this looks like fun
  129. 379. Anyone else having issues with the adverts on the Sky TV app
  130. 380. Trying to join console streaming, what does this mean and how can I fix it?
  131. 381. Xbox Game Pass "Leaving Game Pass Soon" Low-key Annoyed
  132. 382. Xbox game pass for PC , problems
  133. 383. Xbox one x black screen flashing during gaming
  134. 384. Issue with Controller Randomly Disconnecting
  135. 385. Power Down USB devices on Full Shutdown?
  136. 386. A feature I'd like to see come back.
  137. 387. Xbox one X shut off and rebooted on its own
  138. 388. Xbox party/system freeze, but game still runs.
  139. 389. I have a pre owned xbox console that's enrolled into the Preview Delta, How do I...
  140. 390. Xbox Randomly Shuts Down While Playing Minecraft
  141. 391. How do I get the game streaming app working?
  142. 392. xbox one dev mode bug after the update it's not just me with this problem
  143. 393. Has anyone else noticed the original Xbox Voice commands seem depreciated?
  144. 394. Game streaming app Is not prompting to connect to xbox so I cant game stream
  145. 395. I am looking for a device to play project xcloud on. My android tablet broke. And was...
  146. 396. When are some new updates coming out
  147. 397. Netflix app crashing when playing Dolby Atmos content
  148. 398. controllers randomly turns off in the first hour of play...
  149. 399. High contrast mode breaks prime video
  150. 400. Xbox Requests: Week of January 3rd, 2020
  151. 401. EA-Access HUB Problems (XBOX-Network is connected without Problems)
  152. 402. Can't opt out of the Minecraft Beta
  153. 403. Is Alpha a higher tier than beta?
  154. 404. Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD bitstreaming
  155. 405. Project xCloud isn't available in my region
  156. 406. I dont know if it's just me, my tv or my xbox. But does anyone else notice a box on my...
  157. 407. Recently my Internet provider had some problems
  158. 408. Title linked & save point question can this be done?
  159. 409. cant open or install halo insider anymore
  160. 410. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of January 02, 2020
  161. 411. Need help. New xbox one x and cant add any accounts at all.
  162. 412. Sometimes some games that I have installed glitch and appear in my Ready to Install even...
  163. 413. Is there a way to use xbox Insider on a mobile
  164. 414. Why was streaming options removed?
  165. 415. I have one problem with game pass
  166. 416. Having trouble signing in heres error code.
  167. 417. spotify on xbox gamebar doesn't work
  168. 418. West of Loathing Xbox Game Pass Crash
  169. 419. How do I fix recurring E106 error?
  170. 420. xCloud streaming for Windows 10?
  171. 421. Looking back, I feel like everyone on this thread deserves a genuine apology.
  172. 422. Xbox One not saving gameplay clips when streaming from console to phone
  173. 423. Does anyone have any updates about Xcloud on iOS
  174. 424. My XBOX ONE S shut down randomly after a while I enrolled to Xbox Insider Program
  175. 425. No daily polls or ratings in app.
  176. 426. Can we get an update so I can use my wireless Samsung galaxy buds in party chat using game...
  177. 427. Is project xcloud coming this year if so when?
  178. 428. Games not working on the Game Streaming App
  179. 429. Cant Download Game Streaming App on Chromebook
  180. 430. Trouble connecting controller to phone
  181. 431. Fuzzy audio distortion sound common from my xbox
  182. 432. Please add Friendlist - Group Options
  183. 433. Xbox Live: Gamertag Takedown & Enforcement Problems
  184. 434. Disconnected from Xbox live for 360 games
  185. 435. "My Games and Apps" crashes Xbox One
  186. 436. crashing on startup on the alpha skip ahead ring?
  187. 437. Im still confused about this whole thing im a xbox insider and i have the xbox strewming...
  188. 438. Game Bar different on now PC, a few questions.
  189. 439. Legit feedback wanted on xcloud/game streaming cell network testing
  190. 440. game pass ultimate not working with game share
  191. 441. Has Minecraft beta been removed?
  192. 442. Games wont start, DONT KNOW IF ITS THE ALPHA OR WHAT
  193. 443. Multiple Xbox Dashboards Selections
  194. 444. Minecraft should be free to play realms
  195. 445. Hi have have done everything and my console streaming still does work, it still say for me...
  196. 446. Can't Save Videos Posted To A Club IN WHICH I AM THE OWNER !! Sure, Why Not?? It's Only...
  197. 447. Strange issue with Xbox Elite Series 2 controller and Alpha ring playing Halo 5
  198. 448. I’m having issues to connect to gta 5 servers need help
  199. 449. I got a new xbox one x. And want to join insiders alpha ring again.
  200. 450. Quest rewards merging with Microsoft Rewards?
  201. 451. Game chat bug with new alpha jump ahead
  202. 452. Xbox Communication Rules Are Broken
  203. 453. Duplicate GTA5s appeared in my ready to install section as well as Modern Warfare beta and...
  204. 454. Can't sign into the Xbox App. (Android)
  205. 455. Keyboard & Mouse support is still broken in COD MW 2019
  206. 456. Can’t sign into the Xbox (beta) app on windows
  207. 457. Cant join gta 5 servers having issues with
  208. 458. Asked my sister to unplug and plug back in my ssd because the games weren't showing up and...
  209. 459. Can't get my Xbox One to stream to my phone, just shows the same page of "show more" after...
  210. 460. I have a Bluetooth controller connected to my device, game streaming enabled on my Xbox,...
  211. 461. Ask where to save each game before downloading...
  212. 462. [Xbox One S] "The thing isn't available" when pausing video playback
  213. 463. Mic keeps cutting out upon console startup. Workaround found.
  214. 464. Request head to head capability on XBOX One on same network without Live subscription
  215. 465. When finished installing games... shutdown.
  216. 466. Four achievements for a game i have played a few times but haven't done anything that amazing
  217. 467. A Question about Game Pass bundle
  218. 468. Im in New York USA. Excuse me Microsoft. Any help or suggestions please?
  219. 469. Stuck with xbox stream ('preview') app
  220. 470. Can't connect to google home when using preview beta
  221. 471. Having issues with achievement totals
  222. 472. I Am Not Very Happy With Microsoft At The Moment
  223. 473. Microsoft edge is still hot garbage
  224. 474. Computer instant replay clips have no visuals and are entirely black?
  225. 475. When finish installing games... shutdown.
  226. 476. Can I play with people that are not in alpha skipo ahead if i am in alpha skip ahead?
  227. 477. Xbox Beta (PC) Game installations
  228. 478. Game invites not showing for other players when inviting players on 360 games but...
  229. 479. Xbox doesn’t think I am connected to Xbox live even though I believe I am.
  230. 480. Need help, console may be bricked. Error code E102
  231. 481. Will Linux users see support for Microsoft Store and/or Xbox application in Linux?
  232. 482. I can't stream from my console to my phone, even though cloud streaming works OK.
  233. 483. I cant install halo for PC. I have tried everything. I checked and everything is up to...
  234. 484. Thanks everyone who helped me fix the issue sorry I was stressed and all whoever help...
  235. 485. Translation error on Xbox profile (swedish)
  236. 486. Some of my installed games will appear in my ready to install tab
  237. 487. Xbox Requests: Week of December 27th, 2019 (Happy New Year Edition!)
  238. 488. Microsoft Project XCloud for Microsoft Xbox One/S/X/Series X, let's end discontinuing consoles
  239. 489. Problems with Google assistant turning on xbox
  240. 490. Unable to use my xbox. Please help!
  241. 491. Not showing online friends after last update. Shows them online on android app.
  242. 492. Major Concerns with the Elite 2 - Trying not to sound like a typical complainer in the process
  243. 493. Any information regarding streaming bars?
  244. 494. Forza horizon 4 too long to start error. Will not start
  245. 495. I've been having some download speed issues, and I don't find a reason for it to happen
  246. 496. have a question about the elite v2
  247. 497. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of December 26, 2019
  248. 498. 2 consoles, different dashboards
  249. 499. Is there any work around to get Xbox Console Streaming (Preview) to work on a Mac?
  250. 500. Bought a new xbox one s today, and lost the new dashboard. How do I get it back? Which Ring...