XboX Insiders
  1. 501. Need a way to turn the controller off.
  2. 502. Making clips with certain games will only record 6-8 seconds no matter what I chose.
  3. 503. Microsoft Simulator Alpha Invitation
  4. 504. New Dashboard looks great and is very fluid, But
  5. 505. Anyone know what happened to the new GP quests?
  6. 506. Has anybody randomly started receiving notifications(example: like when they get...
  7. 507. Unhidden and removed ability to hide games in gamepass menu under games and apps.
  8. 508. New beta update just bricked my One X?
  9. 509. Xbox wont use my isp for update.
  10. 510. Not receiving updates in Delta. Anyone else dealing with this?
  11. 511. I'm Trying To play XCloud On My Phone And I Don't Own A Controller Can I Get Some Help PLZ
  12. 512. Don't forget to fill in the survey re: the new My Games and Apps
  13. 513. Latest update keeps freezing my games
  14. 514. Is there a good place to submit minor suggestions (not actual bugs/problems)?
  15. 515. What happened to the Game Pass surprise me button?
  16. 516. Atmos only activating while watching Blu-rays
  17. 517. Audio settings don't show up when using chatpad.
  18. 518. Spotify app not playing music properly
  19. 519. Game Pass app no longer sees my Xbox
  20. 520. February 1st xbox update home screen
  21. 521. Game pass app is doing the installation failed thing again!
  22. 522. LG Oled picture in HDR Mode goes out
  23. 523. Xbox Bug Bounty Programme started With Rewards of Up to $20,000
  24. 524. Can you view recent downloads in new update?
  25. 525. My audio has stopped working on my xbox
  26. 526. Beta Insider: Constant and consitent freezes when bringing up guide (Beta Insider)
  27. 527. Adding friends to the home screen is great but is shows no indication of if they are online...
  28. 528. So since switch is getting remote play I bet it can use xcloud
  29. 529. One guide have no program information
  30. 530. Cannot as of January 31st,2020 Start up any kind of Xbox Party While in Alpha Ring,I am...
  31. 531. Game chat not working while in party chat
  32. 532. Game Preview not working in my region
  33. 533. Alpha Skip-ahead update Frozen at 1%
  34. 534. FS Insider email cleared for take off but not appearing in Insider Hub
  35. 535. Xbox Requests: Week of January 31st, 2020
  36. 536. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Omega Ring (2002.200128-2000)
  37. 537. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip Ahead Ring (2004-200130-0000)
  38. 538. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Delta Ring (2002.200128-2000)
  39. 539. Xbox one Controller not connecting to PC
  40. 540. can't sign up for microsoft flight simulator alpha
  41. 541. The many problems of Xbox (not a comprehensive list)
  42. 542. Feedback - Allow Management of All Xbox Live Game Clips on Companion App
  43. 543. Beta level insider - I lost all of my pins and groups
  44. 544. Multiple Xbox Profiles on Xbox (beta) on PC
  45. 545. Using console streaming to my phone
  46. 546. I can't find "pso2" beta signup, in insider hub, under games?
  47. 547. Insider Concerns (Game Streaming)
  48. 548. My controller went crazy when I tried console streaming.
  49. 549. Enforcement Action Rule but Haven’t been banned within a year
  50. 550. How do I turn off my controller after being done game streaming?
  51. 551. Anyone have a NORMAL Game Pass Trial? I can trade with an ULTIMATE Game Pass Trial.
  52. 552. Game Capture Clips still lags and stutters.
  53. 553. Insider Hub says I'm under 18...I wish!
  54. 554. How do I get console streaming to work?
  55. 555. Option to Enable Game Streaming does not show up
  56. 556. Is there any way we could get youtube kids on Xbox one?
  57. 557. Xbox One X Suddenly No Signal (Help)
  58. 558. Is there a way to contest a gamertag?
  59. 559. No notification pop-up messages?
  60. 560. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of January 30, 2020
  61. 561. My Games & Apps still crashes after recent Delta update
  62. 562. Not receiving party or game invites
  63. 563. Gamedvr recording in 2 fps now instead of 15 fps in the last update. Console in delta....
  64. 564. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta Ring (2002.200128-2000)
  65. 565. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2002.200128-2000)
  66. 566. New Xbox One Features Rolling Out to Insiders Ahead of the February Update
  67. 567. I’m having an issue w gtav online
  68. 568. We need keyboard and mouse support for browser.
  69. 569. Why do we have to be signed in to use youtube???( yes this does apply to game streaming
  70. 570. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Insider Login not working
  71. 571. Trouble not in area/ring can anyone help
  72. 572. Cause of Forced Update Reboot Jan 30 630AM EST?
  73. 573. Feedback about the state of Apps on the Xbox Store
  74. 574. Would it be possible for this new customization feature for the Dashboard?
  75. 575. My Xbox clips are choppy and it has happened more than one
  76. 576. While using xbox game streaming, is there a way to watch One-guide/Netflix/Amazon video etc.?
  77. 577. Game capture drops frames... A Lot of frames
  78. 578. Streaming preview, I'm stuck in this same screen on my phone, I'm insider level 10.
  79. 579. Fix 4K HDR capture upload from PC
  80. 580. Download queue is empty after console
  81. 581. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip Ahead Ring (2004.200128-0000)
  82. 582. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta and Delta Ring (2002.200124-1330)
  83. 583. I just bought a XGP to my computer and I don't know what to play. Do you have any great...
  84. 584. Xbox One Cortana Regulations that would bring it back
  85. 585. I have console stream before but now in getting this, any idea why would I get this message?
  86. 586. Europeans (non UK) are we left out?
  87. 587. Name idea for the new Xbox console.
  88. 588. E101/E106 Error, OSU files on Xbox site are old
  89. 589. Fuck All You Guys, Some Of Y'all Are Massive Dicks
  90. 590. Official Dolby Atmos Update from Dev Team?
  91. 591. What's the current wait time for xcloud invites?
  92. 592. Xbox Games With Gold For February 2020 Announced
  93. 593. Game recording are really laggy, and look terrible
  94. 594. New games and apps can’t not see hidden games
  95. 595. im stuck on the learn more for project xcloud
  96. 596. Update for Delta last night. Now need for speed heat will not work
  97. 597. New Games Added to Project xCloud (Preview)
  98. 598. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2002.200124-1330)
  99. 599. Problem with Homescreen dashboard for the last to times I get a black screen when exiting...
  100. 600. This layout is not for me. Beta ring update today/last night
  101. 601. Thanks For Adding Touch Controls but
  102. 602. Beta ring got an update last night. Don't see it posted here.
  103. 603. Ready to install issue since latest skip ahead update when going to manage game ready to...
  104. 604. Mixer always having sever lag issues and crashes/dashes during important live events. (E3 etc)
  105. 605. A way to implement the limitation of xbox spending!
  106. 606. [Suggestion] - touch controls for Xbox game streaming
  107. 607. May I Join The Xbox Alpha Skip Ahead Please?
  108. 608. Achievement tracker is gone in the latest Alpha Skip Ahead release (27/01)
  109. 609. Does anyone know why my game bar will only look like this , or how to fix it?
  110. 610. Notifications are no longer making sounds, whether it’s a party invite or group post.
  111. 611. Xbox Insider Release Notes -Delta Ring (2002.200123-2000)
  112. 612. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip Ahead (2004.200124-1750)
  113. 613. Screenshots Uploading at low resolution?
  114. 614. Phantasy Star Online 2: Closed Beta Test Starts February 7th
  115. 615. I can't update xbxo with the rings
  116. 616. A way to update controller firmware
  117. 617. Should I join the Xbox One Update Preview?
  118. 618. I got a question about project xcloud
  119. 619. Which ring gets updates first in a order
  120. 620. When trying to set up game streaming it says it's not available in my region?
  121. 621. Beta: Current DVR recording has FPS set to 15
  122. 622. Xbox Game pass download issue? A Plagues tale will not download correctly.
  123. 623. Where do I sign up for streaming?? Or how does this work? PLEASE HELP ME
  124. 624. I tried going in after doing everything needed and my app just gave me this.
  125. 625. Possible issue after streaming. Xbox not working right
  126. 626. Game streaming Android on screen controls
  127. 627. Exclusive Content For Xbox Players
  128. 628. When ever I join a party i get an error code?
  129. 629. My original xbox turns off unexpectedly
  130. 630. I’m trying to set up game streaming but it says it’s not available in my region I live in...
  131. 631. Xbox Home Dashboard sometimes crashes after I sign in.
  132. 632. Does Streaming With A Logitech Webcam Plugged In Still Shut Down Consoles?
  133. 633. I think xbox 360 games should be free or a lot cheaper
  134. 634. Weird side effect from using transparency on Home Screen. Just me?
  135. 635. External hard drive connectivity issue
  136. 636. Beta Preview Update Ring Causing Supposed Overheating Crash?
  137. 637. xCloud is in Canada already - i have full access to the library before the 29th
  138. 638. True achievements app video error well over a year.
  139. 639. What happened to Arena on Xbox Live
  140. 640. Remote downloads are not working again game pass app is not working properly
  141. 641. I dont know how to enable this option.
  142. 642. How to unhide games with the new library
  143. 643. Xbox game streaming not working in Australia
  144. 644. Game capture playback issues......
  145. 645. I have some xCloud questions mind helping?
  146. 646. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2002.200123-2000)
  147. 647. Can't use the new stream feature
  148. 648. XBOX GameBar on PC not showing CPU speed?
  149. 649. how to change the xbox build....
  150. 650. Xbox Requests: Week of January 24th, 2020
  151. 651. Problem with Atmos and Denon receiver
  152. 652. It would be nice to make the black background in my games and apps changeable and have a...
  153. 653. Can NOT remove myself from the XBOX PREVIEW! XBOX support is going in circles..
  154. 654. I have posts of ambassador making racist comment
  155. 655. Anyone in Preview having COD:MW problems
  156. 656. improve the club system on xbox live
  157. 657. "no update available" when removing myself as an insider and the UI is from the preview...
  158. 658. New Gamertag System-Having problems changing GT
  159. 659. I'm having trouble figuring out how to stream to my phone
  160. 660. (preview beta) is anyone else having this issue or is it just my controller messing up or...
  161. 661. Xbox Game Pass App in the latest Skip Ahead update
  162. 662. Newest game streaming app update has made console streaming almost unplayable
  163. 663. So... a Bluetooth controller will become optional in a near future judging by the...
  164. 664. Seriously need help with setting this thing up
  165. 665. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of January 23, 2020
  166. 666. Finally got streaming working! I am excited to see more improvements, but great idea! If...
  167. 667. Motorola e6 android xcloud beta ISSue
  168. 668. Had a faulty XBOX replaced - signed in with my account and it's on the "preview" OS?
  169. 669. xCloud NDA questions and possible inconsistencies?
  170. 670. Waiting for the System Update with the Omega Ring
  171. 671. Game streaming now working even if im in the insider progarm
  172. 672. Question to insiders outside US/UK, especially for Brazil and Latam insiders: does your...
  173. 673. Twitch App (Multiple Bugs reported over the last year ignored)
  174. 674. Question about Xcloud gaming on multiplayer modes?
  175. 675. Chromium edge browser still coming to Xbox?
  176. 676. New default notification position setting (Alpha, Skip Ahead Alpha)
  177. 677. Can not un-hide games in the library anymore in the new Alpha ring
  178. 678. Can somebody help me with consle steaming!
  179. 679. Oneguide Program info missing from EPG Australia.
  180. 680. So I'm trying to install some old xbox one games that I had uninstalled to make space for...
  181. 681. xCloud, accidentally got accepted on the wrong Hotmail Account! :(
  182. 682. Having Dobly Atmos enabled in settings crashes out Netflix
  183. 683. Please wait pop up message when starting and app or game
  184. 684. I can't surpass 1.99/mbs upload to access Console Streaming
  185. 685. Alpha Preview - Anyone else have this issue where you’re downloading a game and put it on...
  186. 686. Skip Ahead - Full Library doesn't save size preferences
  187. 687. Console Companion Beta - Unable to upload captures
  188. 688. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip Ahead Ring (2004.200121-0000)
  189. 689. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2002.200120-2000)
  190. 690. Android Xbox Streaming app doesn't set up after sign in
  191. 691. Issue with streaming from console of xcloud when pair bluetooth controller.
  192. 692. Moto gamepad mod: is it good or not worth it?
  193. 693. New Games on Project xCloud - Destiny 2, Halo MCC, and More
  194. 694. Dashboard frequently becoming unresponsive
  195. 695. Beta Version - Issues Encountered Since Last Update
  196. 696. Force 5ghz connection within XGS app
  197. 697. Delta ring issue with updates disappearing
  198. 698. Cramming too much into "Manage and Full Library " is a huge step backwards
  199. 699. Controller input lag with the Xbox streaming app.
  200. 700. Codefusion error when trying to open Metro Exodus on Windows 10 Xbox Beta
  201. 701. An Idea For Xbox 360 Developer Mode
  202. 702. game update ended up redownloading the whole game
  203. 703. Un-hide Ready to install button press??
  204. 704. Game Streaming bluetooth controller question
  205. 705. App is redirecting me to the webpage instead of installing. Screenshots inside.
  206. 706. XBox Accessories App Bluetooth Issue
  207. 707. Is the PC App "Xbox Console Companion"'s console streaming limited to "in-network"? Is...
  208. 708. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta Ring (2002.200114-2000)
  209. 709. Xbox PC Beta App tries to redownload game after each time I boot pc.
  210. 710. XCloud not working on a Tablet VM?
  211. 711. i joind the program and even have the app on my xbox for it but i still cant stream my...
  212. 712. Xbox Game Streaming App not powering on the Xbox
  213. 713. Option to map multiple buttons to paddles on Elite Controller 2
  214. 714. Supporting Games for Windows Live purchases on the Windows Store
  215. 715. Annoyed that I can't game stream because of CGNAT (Perma NAT Type: Moderate)
  216. 716. How does the Update Preview Groups work?
  217. 717. Editing and Adding Games to Microsoft Store
  218. 718. The new My Games and Apps page is utter garbage.
  219. 719. (FEEDBACK) Allow us to reset the progress bar at will for achievements
  220. 720. HDR Support on 1080p or on all resolutions lower than 4K
  221. 721. (Party chat error code help needed)
  222. 722. How to buy games online with no address and but from another Country
  223. 723. Tiles always revert back to medium size
  224. 724. Game streaming not supported in my ring or region
  225. 725. Xbox (Beta) Game App PC, search for installed games?
  226. 726. Console streaming data used per hour
  227. 727. Day 4 of not being able to play my games.
  228. 728. All games show up in the "Ready to Install" area under each game's Manage Game and Add-ons...
  229. 729. Add onscreen controls to xbox console streaming.
  230. 730. my identy has been stolen on xbox and support said report it here to be closed ShuanElworth
  231. 731. Adult limitation for Xbox Console Streaming preview
  232. 732. Help with Console Stream Setup. I have followed all steps to gain access to the preview,...
  233. 733. will we have touch buttons in xbox game streaming?
  234. 734. Xbox Console Streaming on Android - Controller Latency 125 ms
  235. 735. Unable to sync any controller to base model Xbox one
  236. 736. So i checked out the xbox game streaming and im having a problem
  237. 737. Hello, I just want help with the game streaming app on my phone. It says I need to join the...
  238. 738. Game streaming not working TIPS?
  239. 739. Project xcloud console streaming preview
  240. 740. Xbox streaming service available in my country, but not really?
  241. 741. Xbox insider plans to modify my xbox for unreached heights
  242. 742. Having Issues with The Batman telltale series download. When I select the “Get” option,...
  243. 743. Regions available for Xbox game streaming
  244. 744. Stream from Xbox one to Xbox 360 suggestion
  245. 745. Streaming enabled on console but on pc it says it’s turned off
  246. 746. I cant install the xbox game streaming preview on my chromebook
  247. 747. My button layouts are all out of wack when connected to my phone, but works fine on my Xbox
  248. 748. Updated 01-17-20 currently Alpha skip ahead ring. Console streaming world preview access?
  249. 749. Has anyone been having any issues with their router/modem or general internet connectivity...
  250. 750. My friend is working on an improvement to xbox and needs my help. And now I need yours.