XboX Insiders
  1. 501. Why hasn’t there been a discord app in the console world?
  2. 502. Tell Me Why is not published in Ukraine.
  3. 503. Xbox Series X tags in the new Microsoft store appear for games that will be optimised for...
  4. 504. Help buying Xbox ultimate it doesn’t let me do anything else than gifting it.
  5. 505. When will the new dashboard arrive
  6. 506. Not seeing the reviews for new and popular games is unacceptable in the new store.
  7. 507. Can’t delete the Mixer app. Since mixer isn’t a thing anymore, why won’t it give me the...
  8. 508. Get this most everytime I start Xbox up lately. Also, when I play high demand games such as...
  9. 509. Delete button for screenshots unaccessible (Bugged) (Recent Captures)
  11. 511. What’s going on with the unturned beta
  12. 512. New UI - omega ring update timescale
  13. 513. Xbox360 Games For Gold titles not in library?
  14. 514. Trying to fix xbox after update broke it
  15. 515. How do i unlock alpha ring? / how do i get the new dashboard?
  16. 516. Xbox Series X: Price & Release - Current information about the console
  17. 517. Has anyone had their controllers disconnect mid-game? My fully charged Elite V2 lost...
  18. 518. Xbox One S overheating issue. PLEASE HELP!!
  19. 519. Who's idea was it and why is it a super stupid idea? smh
  20. 520. 09/05 alpha ring update just screwed my xbox
  21. 521. Thoughts on this topic? I would love to see it implemented.
  22. 522. XBOX insider bricked my console beware!
  23. 523. Which Idle Screen (pre-Screen Saver) could look better?
  24. 524. Game Streaming app crashes on Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet
  25. 525. Remote control over xbox when not on same network as console
  26. 526. Im pretty sure the “manage games and add ons” section is bugged for some games
  27. 527. I would like to listen to Xbox party chats that I don’t have access to
  28. 528. Xbox Streaming App - Console streaming issue
  29. 529. Can we get another row for games/apps for our Pins? There is a big blank space that we...
  30. 530. I can't join Minecraft RTX Beta (sadly)
  31. 531. Xbox one console new version without kinect
  32. 532. Console takes an extremely long time to recover after an update.
  33. 533. Exporting OLD XBOX Avatar for 3D print
  34. 534. By default Gamercards & Full Profiles will now have a blurry version of the gamerpic as the...
  35. 535. Quantum break 2 and recore2 not mentioned at all
  36. 536. Minecraft rtx screen issue, can someone help?
  37. 537. Weird bars on grass textures in Windows 10 Minecraft RTX Beta. Anyone know any fixes?
  38. 538. Dolby Atmos no longer working properly with the latest update in alpha Ring
  39. 539. Anyone know how to fix this? My game that I bought isn't letting me play.
  40. 540. What are the different rings? And how do I obtain them?
  41. 541. I tried uploading a clip I got on PC to xbox live with Xbox Console Companion today.
  42. 542. What the heck happened to unturned?
  43. 543. Beta insider freezing issues - OS problems?
  44. 544. Mnk is unfair and is cheating. Plz get rid of support
  45. 545. Better management of friend requests for kids?
  46. 546. How do i delete clips on the new profile?
  47. 547. difference between alpha and alpha skip-ahead?
  48. 548. Hasn't this always been like this? If not does anyone have a picture of this new feature?
  49. 549. Xbox one original not updating online or offline
  50. 550. New Feature Being Enabled for Beta and Delta Users Today!
  51. 551. Preview the new World of Warships: Legends graphical engine on Xbox One X!
  52. 552. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead (2011.200903-0000)
  53. 553. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha (2010.200903-0000)
  54. 554. Have two Home accounts with Gold on my console, yet I without Gold, can't play any Gw/G...
  55. 555. Xbox Requests: Week of September 4th, 2020
  56. 556. My only transparent tile is "my games and apps".
  57. 557. How do the Xbox insider rings work?
  58. 558. Game Pass, xcloud, Samsung Dex without a xbox
  59. 559. Both phone and PC apps don't show other people captures/clips anymore in their profiles. Is...
  60. 560. Xbox One S not booting. Please Help.
  61. 561. Have you thought of this? I'm sure it'll help a bunch
  62. 562. Console incorrectly set to instant-on power mode
  63. 563. Odd number for achievements score question
  64. 564. New Game Management ? problem with Tell Me Why Episode 2
  65. 565. New store and gamesharing. Unable to install
  66. 566. I got the new store in the Delta ring today. Does anyone else in Delta have it?
  67. 567. Still no Horror genre to filter by after all this time?
  68. 568. New Xbox Store update received in beta ring
  69. 569. Xbox Fix - Troubleshooting loop I assume due to insider program
  70. 570. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of September 03, 2020
  71. 571. Update broke my console pls fix this
  72. 572. Just switched on my console and saw this change. I'm in the omega ring...
  73. 573. Why did my guide suddenly change?
  74. 574. Preview the new World of Warships: Legends graphical engine on Xbox One X!
  75. 575. Multiple Forza Motorsport 7 add-ons are shown as not installed and this can't be changed....
  76. 576. Installing new HD after leaving Insider Program
  77. 577. Bug with the appear offline feature and favourites in parties
  78. 578. Does anyone have freezing issues?
  79. 579. How to turn off "Use RT to get here faster" message that keeps popping up?
  80. 580. Can anyone tell me at what level I go up to class after Omega?
  81. 581. Ive litteraly only just got this update now, im on Omega
  82. 582. When is the new store coming to everyone.
  83. 583. Noticed this in capture & share settings. Takes you to Xbox accessories app. Not sure what...
  84. 584. Is anyone else’s DVR not working again after recent update?
  85. 585. Achievement leaderboard back to Game Activity tab
  86. 586. Xbox turning itself off / reset will not complete
  87. 587. Gamertag Blacklist | Why is BFR blacklisted? |
  88. 588. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead (2011.200901-0000)
  89. 589. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha (2010.200901-0000)
  90. 590. Update problem, can someone assist
  91. 591. Deep Rock Galactic was patched! It actually works.
  92. 592. Well Umm Minecraft Be Hittin Me Different
  93. 593. Problem since the last update for Minecraft Beta RTX
  94. 594. Xbox Series X: Will we finally find out the price and start of sales in 3 weeks?
  95. 595. Home Console Streaming after 9/11?
  96. 596. I’ve had this problem for a while now. My actual download speed keeps fluctuating from 5kbs...
  97. 597. Black And Blue cursor appears whenever i go to home or close a game,restarting fixes it but...
  98. 598. Need help, I think a repair store (not a moms or pops shop) has scammed me with a bricked xbox
  99. 599. Can't change my gamertag on console (Preview Beta)
  100. 600. Issues signing into my Xbox account
  101. 601. Is the store broken for anyone else
  102. 602. When will we be able to try the new Xbox app and the new design on Android and iOS?
  103. 603. Where's the "Watch" tab? Alpha Skip-Ahead
  104. 604. Xbox App and Xbox Beta App broken/outdated on Android (Read captions for information)
  105. 605. The Xbox avatar in the My Profile section makes motion animations with fps drops and...
  106. 606. Access to Four New Languages Expanding to Omega Today!
  107. 607. Reported via console: Paying more than the original price for a game on sale
  108. 608. New Dashboard inquiry about how to recieve that preview build
  109. 609. Achievements on Pc not showing up for months! Doesn’t matter what game I am playing
  110. 610. Alpha Skip update -9/1 causes recover to switch to TV input instead of Game (default)
  111. 611. How to upload pc clips to xbox after companion app disabled uploading clips to xbox
  112. 612. Hello! First post but I'm actually an Alpha Skip Ahead percipient.
  113. 613. Sound issues when joining parties
  114. 614. Question for the Minecraft RTX how do sign up for it.
  115. 615. New xbox store allows you to purchase a movie you already own
  116. 616. New store update No tab for official club / achievement
  117. 617. HDR Calibration Application doesnt seem to work they way it was intended.
  118. 618. Where to find captures on latest alpha skip ahead?
  119. 619. Multiple Accounts Sign-In Question.
  120. 620. Stream directly to TV from Xbox (one X, series X)
  121. 621. A question about insiders updates
  122. 622. The new Chromium Edge will not make an appearance on new or old XBOX Consoles.
  123. 623. Hi, Deep Rock Galactic Dev here! We fixed a crash that prevented you guys from playing!
  124. 624. Framerate issues for the New Store.
  125. 625. Anyone noticing loss of performance in SSD storages, like games taking more time to load...
  126. 626. Microsoft Store loading issues and I don't know how to fix it. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  127. 627. Why hasnt Xbox profile badges been added?
  128. 628. I'm liking the vibe of the backdrops for the tiles .
  129. 629. Anyone know what this is? Popped up when going to games and app or switching to another app.
  130. 630. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha (2010.200830-0000)
  131. 631. Game Pass Ultimate Perks Missing except Overcooked 2
  132. 632. Elite Series 2: A Tale Of Heartbreak
  133. 633. Minecraft RTX Beta not installing
  134. 634. There is a bug with secret achievements. If you enable the show achievements option on...
  135. 635. Finally made it to Voyager! Thanks for allowing us to partake in this program!
  136. 636. How do I turn on the RTX mode for Minecraft once I join the Insider program?
  137. 637. Is there any way I can use my laptop as the monitor for my Xbox one?
  138. 638. am i still able to use my console normally whilst the xbox update preview is pending?
  139. 639. New dashboard and Xbox store User Interface
  140. 640. Xbox one volume issue, cannot adjust mixer
  141. 641. Xbox after 1 year still have the Edge Legacy
  142. 642. I have had Xbox insider hub for 2 years but never new that you could get new updates. How...
  143. 643. Party connection problems anyone else?
  144. 644. When is the new store and new home screen coming to all insiders?
  145. 645. Carcassonne Xbox 360 match start issue
  146. 646. Has no one noticed this? White font on a white background, my favorite.
  147. 647. We need a way to deactivate this new Xbox Assist feature.
  148. 648. Xbox 360 S issue with GTAV installation
  149. 649. Czech translation – what the h*ll
  150. 650. I’m new and I assume alpha ring is for the latest updates and I don’t know how this all...
  151. 651. Don’t know how to ask this question
  152. 652. Apps updates and installation problem
  153. 653. Xbox Insider Hub Question/Problem
  154. 654. Help pls? Whenever I try to put Alpha into my Xbox this happens, FYI It’s a new console and...
  155. 655. I keep on getting this message whenever I try to put Alpha on my new Xbox
  156. 656. In validation survey, what does "profile switching is not permitted" mean?
  157. 657. Pushing a update to the Beta Ring or just to the Insiders
  158. 658. Console Streaming not supported?
  159. 659. Lightstream 720p60 actually 720p30
  160. 660. Progress Bar showing installation / update status in the Home Screen
  161. 661. bummed that suicide squad: kill the justice league won’t be on current gen I’m gonna buy a...
  162. 662. I'm in Beta Ring and I still don't have the new store or UI
  163. 663. Mods told me to put my feature suggestion in the Xbox Requests megathread, but it's not...
  164. 664. How do I get a dynamic background
  165. 665. Xbox live-windows 10 mix on discord
  166. 666. how do i get unturned beta from insider hub
  167. 667. Xbox Insider Hub stuck on loading screen
  168. 668. Games haven't automatically updated in months. Preview Alpha
  169. 669. Is it possible that i can join to Alpha ring?
  170. 670. So, can we speak about the animation problem in the dash and the store ?
  171. 671. Finally deep rock galactic insider worked
  172. 672. Tell Me Why Won’t Start. Anyone else?
  173. 673. How do I join the Alpha Rings? I’m on Delta right now and I only have the choice of Delta...
  174. 674. Xbox One Alpha Skip Ahead - Is the Microsoft Store constantly pushing through an update...
  175. 675. xbox one x unable to uptade since 5-7 months ago.
  176. 676. A little confused about insider updates.
  177. 677. xbox app beta show games bought as a bundle twices...
  178. 678. Quick question, can I do Console streaming if I'm on a different internet connection from...
  179. 679. External drive no longer recognized (alpha skip ahead)
  180. 680. Turned my HDR and now it won’t let me put it back on
  181. 681. Cant join friends online since most recent alpha skip ahead update
  182. 682. Reporting generic game issues. (Reorder)
  183. 683. New dashboard for beta ring. Hi, When will the new interface be available for beta ring?...
  184. 684. Is there any way to delete cloud saves data?
  185. 685. Trying to install free trial but keep getting this error on DTS. Help?
  186. 686. Videos in apps won’t start(Alpha Skip-Ahead Ring)
  187. 687. Alpha Insider Problem - Insider for 2 years and 10 months
  188. 688. A whole bunch of add-ons got uninstalled with the last official retail dashboard update
  189. 689. How good is it to be in xbox insiders?
  190. 690. Animated wallpaper app for xbox/pc
  191. 691. Xbox application automatically joins this subreddit on account creation, does not clearly...
  192. 692. Can't Pre-order CoD: BO Cold War
  193. 693. E203 0000080C 80073CF4 During Update
  194. 694. Xbox One X doesn’t send video signal anymore
  195. 695. Don't you think this text is a little intrusive and ugly?
  196. 696. Xbox Requests: Week of August 27th, 2020
  197. 697. how do i change the hub in the xbox
  198. 698. Hi does anyone know what that symbol means? I assume it means some kind of warning as its...
  200. 700. How do I access xbox update preview- beta
  201. 701. Is there any way to change back to the non insiders dashboard, this one is disgusting
  202. 702. Alpha Profile Customiziation Is Awesome Now
  203. 703. What are all the tiers? And what cool stuff comes with each?
  204. 704. Accessories app not allowing the Elite 2 to assign all the “actions” for the shift feature.
  205. 705. Wasteland3 overheats xbox like crazy even in just the char creator.
  206. 706. xCloud Hardware under $400 Recommendations?
  207. 707. Unturned servers not connecting and or starting
  208. 708. Issue after most recent update (Alpha Ring)
  209. 709. First game after start up always crashes on XBOX One
  210. 710. XBox One Won’t Connect to Anything
  211. 711. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of August 27, 2020
  212. 712. Xbox One X Suddenly Shutting Down with No Error
  213. 713. Friends list super slow to load since latest update
  214. 714. Question about the new update for Xbox insider beta
  215. 715. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha (2010.200826-0000)
  216. 716. Nothing will launch on my Xbox (Alpha Skip-Ahead, OS version 10.0.19041.4733))
  217. 717. Anyone know how to do this (Alpha ring)
  218. 718. Not sure if this is because of an error in the alpha skip ahead ring wasteland 3
  219. 719. Unturned not showing up as a beta I’ve joined
  220. 720. Unlockable Profile Themes Unlocked From Achievements
  221. 721. LFG saying confirmed for no reason
  222. 722. New Xbox Alpha Preview Guide Too Dark?
  223. 723. Alpha Previewer' idea: Insider badge/sticker
  224. 724. Connection errors in the omega ring
  225. 725. Gamepass app doesn't see my console
  226. 726. This is a high quality big effort non ranting non repost post!
  227. 727. Every time I try streaming on twitch via the app, I just get a black screen on the stream.
  228. 728. Can someone tell me how to leave the insider program?
  229. 729. My xbox won't download any disk.
  230. 730. Profiles missing captures/clips tab, i cannot see my clips the tab on all profiles are gone...
  231. 731. Can anyone tell me how exactly console streaming works?
  232. 732. I’ve been an Xbox Insider for years but just discovered the app today. App wants to put me...
  233. 733. Having the release time in addition to the date, especially for games that don’t release at...
  234. 734. Capture tab gone from profile (alpha skip ahead)
  235. 735. I'm stuck in the Minecraft Windows 10 beta
  236. 736. How do I know which ring i am in?
  237. 737. The new Store doesn't let you review games you have played via Game Pass
  238. 738. Problem group of friends xbox insider
  239. 739. Console game play test: Deep Rock Galactic
  240. 740. Discussion of the size new pins icons and a suggestion
  241. 741. By far the best new feature nobody is talking about.
  242. 742. Can anyone help me get started on insider?
  243. 743. Sorry i post at Nth time but please help me.
  244. 744. My lovely solo developed "Chickens Madness" demo is back live on the Xbox store, and full...
  245. 745. Can we take a second to appreciate that the new font on the dashboard is an evolution of...
  246. 746. Regarding recent update and note by Xbox
  247. 747. Activity Tab for all skip ahead insiders
  248. 748. Deep Rock Galactic insider never loads beyond splash screen
  249. 749. New interface already available, but without the improved "content block peeks up"...
  250. 750. With almost 4TB of games, it used to take about 60-80 seconds for my game list to populate....