XboX Insiders
  1. 751. please am i the only one having this problem they have been installing for 13 hours i just...
  2. 752. Does anyone know if Xcloud is limited in the time you can play with it?
  3. 753. Anyone not being able to load games since new update?
  4. 754. Minecraft update won't install after unenrilling
  5. 755. Is it like this for anyone else. It all of the settings withing the edge app only for me....
  6. 756. Xbox one S stuck in Low-resolution, time to cut my losses?
  7. 757. Xbox will randomly turn off, have trouble normally going into stanby
  8. 758. Media Remote no longer controls TV Volume
  9. 759. My xbox preview isn't working even though I am in the insider program
  10. 760. Please MS, let us know now if Mixed Reality 2.0 VR headsets like the G2 will will be...
  11. 761. Cannot play online even with gold
  12. 762. Video of capture not working and creating problems
  13. 763. Anyone else not able to sign into the game streaming iOS app for xcloud?
  14. 764. Cannot join or invite people to a party
  15. 765. I got the Xbox XXX bug on my Xbox one, one of the first bugs I witnessed lol
  16. 766. How do I leave this program? It updates in the middle of games!
  17. 767. XXX and YYY instead of “Xbox Game Pass” and “Rewards” - placeholder text? Anyone else got it?
  18. 768. Advantages of Granite Male Enhancement !
  19. 769. Why dosen't the Xbox Insider Hub Beta app for PC does not work
  20. 770. (BUG) Xbox Game Bar keeps resetting layout of widgets in this menu
  21. 771. Currently What's the difference between Alpha and Alpha skip ahead.
  22. 772. i cant link my xbox to discord and ive tried many times
  23. 773. Xbox Mercury app - game upgrades?
  24. 774. I need help regarding the Xbox home button menu.
  25. 775. There was litereally no reason to change this.
  26. 776. Modern warfare and metro exodus causing Xbox one x to shut down
  27. 777. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta, Delta and Omega Ring (2006.200527-0000)
  28. 778. Xbox Requests: Week of May 29th, 2020
  29. 779. Minecraft Beta for Xbox One Bedrock
  30. 780. I have enrolled in the minecraft beta but it isn't working. Any ideas as to why?
  31. 781. How to fix dashboard page not loading on kaspersky?
  32. 782. Unenerollment and Factory reset about game data
  33. 783. Was getting a bit worried when seeing this on my xbox
  34. 784. Samsung Dex with Xbox Game Streaming app
  35. 785. Xbox One E Code Errors and Offline Updates FIXED 28 MAY 2020
  36. 786. Hello jdjdjdjdjdkskdjdjdjdbdjekekejdjdjendns
  37. 787. I can't leave the Minecraft Beta
  38. 788. Two Echo Dots and Two Xbox Consoles Get Mixed Up
  39. 789. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of May 28, 2020
  40. 790. I like this addition to the My Games & Apps screen where you can see which of your games...
  41. 791. I have a Mac and an Xbox One. Can I just do alpha testing for flight simulator on my Xbox?
  42. 792. Xbox one not registering midnight club la Xbox 360
  43. 793. [Bug] 'Show me things when idle' toggle doesn't work
  44. 794. i dont know when this was but thank you for separating friends and broadcasts notifications
  45. 795. New Update causes connection issues?
  46. 796. Xbox Avatar Program Needs more Cowbell
  47. 797. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Ring (2006.200527-0000)
  48. 798. Xbox insider So I recently removed myself from the Alpha tester for updates since I was...
  49. 799. No idea how to salvage my current Xbox One X after updating.
  50. 800. Xbox one x games take too long to start
  51. 801. Issue with Gears 5 audio on PC, anyone else having this issue?
  52. 802. XBOX ONE X - HDMI CEC unstable problems
  53. 803. How to submit ideas? - schedule downloads
  54. 804. [xbox beta app for windows] Why isn't minecraft in this app ?
  55. 805. Quarantine giveaways for Xbox One/360
  56. 806. pregunta seria sobre xbox series X
  57. 807. Looks like One Guide is Broken Again
  58. 808. Just to be sure, "Leave Preview" in manage screen has the same effect of "Remove Device",...
  59. 809. Dashboard and (mainly) the guide lagging/crashing constantly, including Xbox One X turning...
  60. 810. Will xcloud be able to stream TO your xbox?
  61. 811. Show apps in achievement tab on Xbox One or the app.
  62. 812. Console streaming directly to Chromecast?
  63. 813. Problema HD externo após atualização
  64. 814. On screen virtual keyboard not entering text
  65. 815. Microsoft Flight simulator 2020 (testing)
  66. 816. Xbox Game Pass PC beta app won’t sign in
  67. 817. I thought it was a new feature (multi thread downloads) , but it was only a system glitch...
  68. 818. inaccurate FPS counter on xbox game bar
  69. 819. Wireless display poor performance compared to steam link
  70. 820. xbox app is broken/in glitched state?
  71. 821. Spotify background music problem
  72. 822. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Omega Ring (2005.200522-1800)
  73. 823. New May 2020 update 19402.1999
  74. 824. Will the Xbox One media remote work on the Series X?
  75. 825. How to get normal minecraft I have minecraft beta
  76. 826. Can't get Dolby Atmos to work on my Xbox One X
  77. 827. (4K Capture Issue) Fix is in Delta & Beta Updates
  78. 828. QOL on the Insider Program for the past year has been abysmal and if this is a sign of...
  79. 829. Sound effects on Xbox One dashboard: it is just me or it is a mess?
  80. 830. No out-game stats in recent xbox one video games
  81. 831. New xbox avatar showing incorrectly?
  82. 832. Xbox won't turn on after update.....
  83. 833. How to Get Beta and Delta updates from Insider Hub
  84. 834. Will the Xbox Series X launch with the new Microsoft edge app?
  85. 835. Please add quality options and touch support.
  86. 836. Is "Finishing Things Up..." Broken?
  87. 837. Xbox One X 4k Capture Problem (22sec/ 23sec) Fixed with new Update preview
  88. 838. Minecraft RTX Beta Discussion: Week of May 26, 2020
  89. 839. Xbox not blinking when I press the sync button how can I fix this as I currently can’t...
  90. 840. Xbox one X 4K Capture not working after latest update
  91. 841. Headphone audio not doing what it should
  92. 842. The New Xbox insider update completely stopped my Xbox from functioning. Offline updates...
  93. 843. HDMI out port slightly damaged but working perfectly, should I be worried?
  94. 844. Xbox Companion App won't connect to my Xbox One S running insider build.
  95. 845. Game Bar on Windows, party chat crashes nonstop
  96. 846. Will we have on Xbox One or Xbox Series X the new Microsoft Edge or at least the new Edge...
  97. 847. Quarrel (Discord) on Xbox one not working when gaming
  98. 848. A year on and we are Still buffering when watching clips
  99. 849. Anyone else not able to open notifications?! When I press "A" they simply disappear from...
  100. 850. I have been experiencing a flashing white screen since the latest system update that went...
  101. 851. How do I get my preview ring next to my username on here
  102. 852. Is there a way to leave minecraft beta without xbox insider on windows 10
  103. 853. Help? Xbox voice chat/party in Game Bar randomly makes me leave!
  104. 854. Can we please have more than 12 characters for our Gamertag?
  105. 855. ***(BUG)*** The Xbox Beta app closes on its own on some occasions when I browse the...
  106. 856. Yo, Gamechat got messed up for me, but party chat works fine. Anyone has this issue? If not...
  107. 857. Is it only me, but isn't 4K clips compression WAY MORE aggressive than before Game DVR...
  108. 858. serious problem, please help me!!!!!!!!
  109. 859. just fix the XBOX (Beta) App Download speeds...
  110. 860. Can I get the OSU1 Build. Console is Bricked
  111. 861. Messages not working when I try to send them
  112. 862. How do i use the console streaming
  113. 863. Console streaming not responsive when using controller need help.
  114. 864. In Alpha Preview Ring, No "Report a Problem" button
  115. 865. Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles Of Mystara problems.
  116. 866. Xbox keeps turning on and off on its own
  117. 867. I changed my Microsoft password and now I can't access the game streaming app.
  118. 868. Coming holiday 2020. Uh, can you be more specific? Lots of holidays in 2020
  119. 869. Microsoft Edge disappeared and i can't find it in the store anymore
  120. 870. Working fine until update this morning. Then this. Fml.
  121. 871. Allow us to use the streaming app on mobile without pairing the controller
  122. 872. Past Dues and Account Suspension
  123. 873. Even though I'm an Xbox Insider, it wont let me use the console streaming feature. Yet, I...
  124. 874. 2 versions of the same game not displaying
  125. 875. Xbox RTX beta not showing up/giving me the option to select it.
  126. 876. Edge is still not work fix it already
  127. 877. Bring Back Asphalt 7 and Release Asphalt 8 5.0.0
  128. 878. Xbox Gamebar is only a video recording software..
  129. 879. Hi, I need help on how to get rid of this Xbox on the Xbox Streaming app. This was my old...
  130. 880. Recording game clips and footage errors
  131. 881. Flight Simulator 2020 alpha installation issue
  132. 882. Not being notified abouy my game pass ultimate running out?
  133. 883. I can’t play any physic backward compatible games right now
  134. 884. Why Wont My Xbox Let Me Connect To Discord?
  135. 885. No out-game stats in gaming part for some recent games
  136. 886. "Definitive" thread about Mafia III DE issues on PSA Pro and XBOX X.
  137. 887. Dashboard keep saying I have 1 game/app update but I don't
  138. 888. Alpha skip ahead headset not connecting/ mic not found
  139. 889. Xbox Game Bar not showing current playing game on status
  140. 890. Is this just me or does it irritate you guys that the main guide tab icon is not fully...
  141. 891. Issues with friends/followers Xbox One
  142. 892. Have anybody Had A Problem With The Xbox Dashboard Lagging
  143. 893. Xbox takes too long to turn off Xbox One S
  144. 894. Xbox Insider Hub app on PC is in French?
  145. 895. Please change back tabs.Giving me mad OCD,I can’t centre the Main icon.Had it memorised...
  146. 896. Rainbow Six Siege Error 6-0x00001000
  147. 897. Xbox development and fucked up xbox mistakes
  148. 898. When streaming using xCloud with a 4G+ Network some things are displayed strangely while I...
  149. 899. This new layout is disgusting, let us use the old
  150. 900. What do you think achievements would look like on the True archivement website, I mean...
  151. 901. Did anyone's dashboard change back to the original 8 tab one?
  152. 902. Xbox One X 4K DVR corrupted videos issue.
  153. 903. Why is this happening? It has been doing that for well over a month.
  154. 904. Xbox One X changes bitstream format and hdmi audio on its own
  155. 905. Xbox Account Profile Pictures feature?
  156. 906. Pressing A while moving anywhere on the dashboard acts as a broken turbo button. Beta
  157. 907. Add Notes or Icons To Game Thumbnails In Library?
  158. 908. problem in the streaming console on controler
  159. 909. I would like to hear party chat and in game chat in clips and streams
  160. 910. Can’t talk to my friends, every time that I enter the group they’re automatically muted and...
  161. 911. Controller and Wireless Headset conflict
  162. 912. Xbox Alpha Skip ahead - console power issue
  163. 913. Xbox Alpha Skip ahead - console power issue
  164. 914. Can’t find report a bug on xbox one
  165. 915. Broadcasting from the console. Insiders Program
  166. 916. Digital Assistant not sending commands to the correct Xbox
  167. 917. Can I stream to my laptop that isn't on the same WiFi using the console streaming app?
  168. 918. Can you please fix the sound glitching every second during. Broadcasting to mixer? See past...
  169. 919. Xbox Requests: Week of May 22nd, 2020
  170. 920. Plex Devs says buffer issues is in MS hands, this issue still impacting Alpha ring
  171. 921. Is The Xbox Streaming From Your Console Preview Also Via Invite?
  172. 922. WD MyBook Duo 28TB not working on my X1X alpha skip-ahead
  173. 923. Bedrock minecraft stuck in beta mode
  174. 924. Add repair option to xbox troubleshoot.
  175. 925. Game streaming app, doesn't pass on controller input to console
  176. 926. Can't get past "Looking for Console"
  177. 927. Help!!! My seagate external hard drive stopped blinking and all of my storage is gone!
  178. 928. after recent alpha-skip ahead update my (A) button randomly stops working. i tried all...
  179. 929. My xbox is loading really slow. Games load really slow and updating games really slow.
  180. 930. Minecraft 1.16 beta for xb1 isn't reinstalling
  181. 931. Xbox starts lagging and won’t open anything up
  182. 932. No friends online even though they are
  183. 933. Xbox Streaming App Stuck on "Looking for Console"
  184. 934. My xbox controller doesnt fully vibrate
  185. 935. Xbox Enforcement action taken (comment deleted)
  186. 936. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of May 21, 2020
  187. 937. I changed my name/gamer tag on Xbox the old one (Nightmar39597) is displaying in every game...
  188. 938. Modern warfare keeps shutting my Xbox one x down when I enter multiplayer menu or store....
  189. 939. Xbox won't connect to Google Assistant
  190. 940. Xbox game streaming. How to set up this to work? On my Phone i only get this "learn more"...
  191. 941. Join the Grounded Flight Starting June 9
  192. 942. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta and Delta Ring (2006.200518-0000)
  193. 943. Starting June 9 and extending through June 14, Grounded flight will be available for Xbox...
  194. 944. how the hell is FS2020 off-topic?
  195. 945. My Xbox streaming won't work please help
  196. 946. Need Help Please, Stuck on System Update Screen & Won't Connect to Wi-Fi
  197. 947. Fix the Scott Pilgrim DLC not downloading
  198. 948. Halo MCC doesn’t work on Alpha Skip-Ahead
  199. 949. Xbox One X lost most of its data after power outage
  200. 950. Pregunta sobre conexion a internet
  201. 951. Xbox Companion App on my computer is unable to connect to my Xbox One X.
  202. 952. minecraft rtx beta stuck stuck for month month
  203. 953. My friends can’t download the new update for the Minecraft beta anyone know a way to fix this
  204. 954. Xbox doesnt want to download games/updates.
  205. 955. Petición a los dirigentes de xbox insiders
  206. 956. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Ring (2006.200518-0000)
  207. 957. Future of Xbox and for the better
  208. 958. How do you sign up for flight similar 2020 alpha/beta?
  209. 959. Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead what is better for it?
  210. 960. Xbox one s unable to do offline system update due to insider program
  211. 961. Xbox Insider Hub isn't loading, help!
  212. 962. Can Clubs get some love?? Good feature bug they seem to be a hot buggy mess
  213. 963. How do I give permission for Xbox Insider Hub?
  215. 965. Game Crash to black screen, xbox light double flashes a few times, then powers off.
  216. 966. Xbox one X overheating on certain games. Perfect ventilation was going to try to follow...
  217. 967. I was wondering if I can keep a world that I made on the beta if I leave
  218. 968. Cuando inicias un juego te pide sincronizar los últimos datos guardados, y me da el...
  219. 969. Please fix this issue Xbox where it doesn’t clip when you want it to
  220. 970. I cant leave minecraft beta to go back to normal minecraft
  221. 971. Xbox shuts down with Minecraft beta
  222. 972. Download speeds on wired connection...
  223. 973. Force 5Ghz WiFi networks On Xbox One
  224. 974. Xbox Gold Tenure Question - Will I lose my level?
  225. 975. Can anyone help? I'm unenrolled.
  226. 976. I Checked the Box that States "Keep My Games & Apps Up To Date", But It Doesn't.
  227. 977. i was randomly unable to clip on my xbox one s
  228. 978. Xbox Insiders are invited to join Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead today!
  229. 979. Alpha Skip is now accepting new folks
  230. 980. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Ring (2006.200515-2000)
  231. 981. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta Ring (2006.200515-2000)
  232. 982. I cannot trim any of my clips anymore
  233. 983. Street of Rage 4 crash everytime
  234. 984. Xbox Profile Issue on website
  235. 985. Error with streaming app doesnt ask me to connect to xbox and I did all steps
  236. 986. Do you think there will be a time when you can stream any game you want to your phone,...
  237. 987. Hello Friends. Hope you are well. After I closed a HDR game (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order)...
  238. 988. Is there a way to make a normal RTX Minecraft world?
  239. 989. Issue with Xbox game stats (under achievements) tracking
  240. 990. My Minecraft Beta is Broken! its stuck on pending!
  241. 991. Minecraft Beta markeplace issue.Won't load purchases.
  242. 992. Rogue Trooper REDUX won't load propely, reverts to Xbox Home.
  243. 993. Can't leave Minecraft beta, it's stuck. Tried almost everything.
  244. 994. Fallout 76 - Xbox One X Shutting down inside Overseer's house
  245. 995. Can the people of this subreddit please help?
  246. 996. Certain Games Crashing to Homescreen
  247. 997. Xbox game DVR at 4kHDR and 4kSDR doesnt work
  248. 998. How do you disable Xbox insiders for Minecraft on pc
  249. 999. Halo MCC stuck on syncing data on Streaming Preview
  250. 1,000. How do I fix this issue this is the first time I've gotten it