XboX Insiders
  1. 1,501. Insiders issues/re-joining in app
  2. 1,502. Xbox for PC (Beta) still memory leak and high CPU usage.
  3. 1,503. Option to Defrag external HDD on Xbox ?
  4. 1,504. The Old Mixer Experience no longer accessible. Why?
  5. 1,505. [Alpha] Can't upload custom gamerpic
  6. 1,506. Problem With Nether Portal and I Don’t Know Why
  7. 1,507. There is a new tag next to your name if you own game pass ultimate. Is this only available...
  8. 1,508. Is the Ultimate next to my gamertag representing the fact that I have Game Pass Ultimate?...
  9. 1,509. Why doesn't Xbox One X/ Xbox one family have themes or live wallpapers?
  10. 1,510. Age of Empires 3 Beta (so much for so little?)
  11. 1,511. Whenever i join a party i see my friends icon like they are talking but there's no voice. I...
  12. 1,512. Auto Restart Downloads after a forced stop due to a network error
  13. 1,513. Latest build does not auto-assign headset
  14. 1,514. Microsoft Edge's audio stopped to work on my Xbox
  15. 1,515. I need Help...!!! Xbox One Archievements
  16. 1,516. 1440p and 120hz won’t work at the same time for my Xbox one X when I purchased a monitor...
  17. 1,517. Not able to use the Insider Hub on a Windows 10 computer
  18. 1,518. Xbox Game Bar Audio Setting not working/updating
  19. 1,519. Xbox Controller doesn't work on phone after firmware update?
  20. 1,520. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2004.200330-0000)
  21. 1,521. Cant get Console Streaming to work
  22. 1,522. Trouble getting the minecraft beta
  23. 1,523. My purchase for the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie on XBOX LIVE didn't go as planned.
  24. 1,524. E100 Error after insider update 03/26/2020
  25. 1,525. My xbox one s has a faulty hdmi component what should I do?
  26. 1,526. Mic showing this icon in top left when I speak - anyone know how to disable?
  27. 1,527. Smartglass app redeem code regeon incorect
  28. 1,528. Extremely slow game update? And game downloads???
  29. 1,529. After reverting to the non-insider OS update, the screen went black and the light is...
  30. 1,530. If I leave the Minecraft beta will my worlds be there in regular and usable once the...
  31. 1,531. Give the ability to "turn off" the power button on the console
  32. 1,532. Clolorchanging Homebutton for Series X
  33. 1,533. How do I stream games from my xbox to my phone?
  34. 1,534. Inverted screen when turning on console. Alpha ring
  35. 1,535. Xbox keeps dropping internet connection
  36. 1,536. Can we get more foundations or charities organizations to donate to in the Microsoft...
  37. 1,537. Help please My Modern Warfare isn’t working
  38. 1,538. Possible Solution To Recent Achievements Issue?
  39. 1,539. Will remote downloads from game pass app ever work properly and how they are supposed to....
  40. 1,540. 100s of local screenshots potentially missing
  41. 1,541. help me i am having problem with update
  42. 1,542. Sign in menu doesnt appear on my Xbox one when the add new button is selected.
  43. 1,543. More games in the Xbox X cloud streaming app
  44. 1,544. Reporting someone for excessive harassment!!
  45. 1,545. For the flight sim, are they sending an invitation to everyone?
  46. 1,546. Names not showing up. Not really askin how to fix just wanna put this out in the open, also...
  47. 1,547. Won’t allow me to unmute party on Xbox game bar. How do I fix this?
  48. 1,548. Friend signed in to xbox live on my PC, then signed up for minecraft beta, now I get a...
  49. 1,549. Empire of Tomorrow DLC for WWE2K20 won't work on Xcloud
  50. 1,550. Random sudden shutdowns from the guide
  51. 1,551. Help with Xbox One games freezing
  52. 1,552. Incorrect inputs on project xcloud
  53. 1,553. Game Bar obnoxious pop ups fix? Pls help
  54. 1,554. Can my Xbox ruin my tv? (It says I need 32 characters in my tittle so I hope this helps lol)
  55. 1,555. Recommending games based on what you have already bought?
  56. 1,556. Xbox game pass subscription not working
  57. 1,557. My Xbox keeps beeping and i don't know how to fix it
  58. 1,558. Update Fail / E101 / Omega Ring Preview Build - Cannot update
  59. 1,559. Xbox not appearing in Xbox app or console companion.
  60. 1,560. Help for the offline update on my Xbox one x
  61. 1,561. Issue with Friends List and Party Gamertags not showing up (Xbox Insider Alpha Ring)
  62. 1,562. Xbox insider hub(beta)(insert long title)
  63. 1,563. Alpha Skip Ahead - Xbox One X outputs HDR in 8 bit instead of 10 bit (details in comments)
  64. 1,564. Innovation Is To Be Different, Unusual, and New.
  65. 1,565. xbox game pass PC game install breaking microsoft store app completely
  66. 1,566. A Idea Weather Xbox Should Hit Up Discord About Them Adding Discord to The Xbox Community
  67. 1,567. MFS2020 Tech Alpha insider request, still waiting
  68. 1,568. XCloud or Xbox Game Streaming on PC?
  69. 1,569. Unenrolling from an Xbox Preview
  70. 1,570. Gamertag change but on Inactive account
  71. 1,571. Is there anyway to prevent controller drift?
  72. 1,572. Dolby atoms not working when my Xbox updates its firmware
  73. 1,573. Can the xbox one run without internal HD?
  74. 1,574. One of my games suddenly uninstalled from my console.
  75. 1,575. HELP NEEDED previously downloaded backward compatible games are not starting
  76. 1,576. More functions to Xbox guide button
  77. 1,577. Xbox Twitch App Improvement Suggestions for Streaming
  78. 1,578. UNOTFOUND keyboard bug recurring over and over.
  79. 1,579. Problem with Xbox One x at 1440p/144hz
  80. 1,580. Guys, PLEASE revert the guide to the way it was
  81. 1,581. Ori and the blind forest isn't counting as a gamepass title?
  82. 1,582. My Xbox friends list is unusable after the newest console update
  83. 1,583. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta, Delta and Omega Ring (2004.200325-0000)
  84. 1,584. HELP ME my xbox does not turn on after the last update
  85. 1,585. Xbox Requests: Week of March 27th, 2020
  86. 1,586. I need help ....... [I'm on windows 10]
  87. 1,587. Invites are only coming through on phone for me and friend??
  88. 1,588. How do I search in the insider hub
  89. 1,589. Can't share game clips on Xbox companion beta
  90. 1,590. My Main xbox has stopped working.
  91. 1,591. Xbox enrolled in beta, update installed and was supposed to restart, now will not turn on.
  92. 1,592. Anyone else miss Cortana voice commands, it was so easy to use with just my headset and no...
  93. 1,593. Pc gamepass screenshots cant upload them to xbox live with xbox companion console beta
  94. 1,594. hi, to access the Skip Ahead ring, are the reports or the profile level more important?
  95. 1,595. I hate this one new thing about the new simplified guide. (Alpha Skip-Ahead)
  96. 1,596. Very nice small but useful improvement in xbox guide. you can see now its much more easy...
  97. 1,597. Xbox one external Hard drive issues.
  98. 1,598. Xbox insider update taking too long
  99. 1,599. Strange Notification: Local Cache Full [Alpha]
  100. 1,600. Can't Download Subnautica on Microsoft Store
  101. 1,601. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of March 26, 2020
  102. 1,602. Two separate update screens? (Alpha Skip Ahead)
  103. 1,603. Please make a folding@home app for the Xbox one
  104. 1,604. Hi. I have an Xbox One X and I have the latest delta versione of the o.s. When I start...
  105. 1,605. Will participation in the Xbox Insider Program void my warranty? thanks for the support.
  106. 1,606. Pressing LB on the xbox guide does a double take.
  107. 1,607. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead Ring (2005.200325-0000)
  108. 1,608. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2004.200325-0000)
  109. 1,609. Day 1 Xbox Bricked During 3/26/20 Update
  110. 1,610. Win10 Gears 5 Stuck Downloading??
  111. 1,611. I cant access the closed beta for space engineers
  112. 1,612. How to get in contact with Microsoft about my repair order.
  113. 1,613. Right can someone explain this problem? And how it can be fixed
  114. 1,614. What happened to the side attachment thing
  115. 1,615. Camera Angle Bug/Glitch With Backward Compatibility
  116. 1,616. game pass problem not being able to get games
  117. 1,617. Xbox Insider Hub (Rushmore) not able to download
  118. 1,618. Did they really need to flip the home menu around?
  119. 1,619. Xbox streaming app crashing on launch
  120. 1,620. [Skip Ahead] UI breaking in Store
  121. 1,621. Unable to play Sea of Thieves insider build
  122. 1,622. Dolby Vision Blu-ray Disc Player
  123. 1,623. Not a fan of the square black bar around Microsoft edge full screen does not work to fix that
  124. 1,624. nintendo games on project xcloud
  125. 1,625. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta and Delta Ring (2004.200323-0000)
  126. 1,626. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Omega Ring (2004.200323-0000)
  127. 1,627. FlightSimulator 2020 alpha controls issues
  128. 1,628. "Connection issues" while game streaming on Android
  129. 1,629. Newest Xbox update has broken my Xbox one
  130. 1,630. Some games just won't scale or allow resolution changes
  131. 1,631. Stop beta app corrupted
  132. 1,632. Gamerscore isnt working after I uploaded a new gamerpicture
  133. 1,633. Question about installed game
  134. 1,634. Xbox Insider Hub App for Windows 10 Troubleshooting
  135. 1,635. Xbox One X 4K DVR recording not working?
  136. 1,636. Rip CD function from the 360 Needs to be reimplimented for the Xbox One.
  137. 1,637. Using W10 Xbox app to type for XB1 requires XB1 reboot.
  138. 1,638. Can you please add Dead or Alive 5 Last Round / Dead or Alive 6 (full game) to XCloud ?
  139. 1,639. Can you please add the Fable games to Xcloud?
  140. 1,640. Xbox One Controller Switching/Prioritization
  141. 1,641. Plans to fix multiple Atmos issues?
  142. 1,642. We need some sonic games in xbox gamepass
  143. 1,643. Issues with Backwards Compatibility DLC Ownership (Battlestations: Pacific)
  145. 1,645. Space engineers beta stuck in pending loop
  146. 1,646. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead Ring (2005.200323-0000)
  147. 1,647. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2004.200323-0000)
  148. 1,648. Will there ever be an Xbox Insider Hub for mobile?
  149. 1,649. Two of my games uninstalled on their own after pausing their updates back when they went live
  150. 1,650. Glitches and issues for PC Game Bar
  151. 1,651. Anyone else see T.E.R.D.S and then it is gone from insider hub?
  152. 1,652. Xbox Game Pass Quests not properly tracking/detecting
  153. 1,653. Notifications aren't working... again.
  154. 1,654. xbox live should be free for a while
  155. 1,655. I’m so sick of posting about remote downloads not working it’s pathetic now
  156. 1,656. Is "Invite Party to game" missing or removed?
  157. 1,657. Xbox one s turns on for a few seconds then dies
  158. 1,658. Friends who are NOT FRIENDS but, still able to join...
  159. 1,659. Cannot Access Payment & Billing in Settings
  160. 1,660. The new warning error about games is kinda confusing.
  161. 1,661. Game requires update and we can't play until it is done downloading
  162. 1,662. Console streaming test endpoint/low bandwidth workaround
  163. 1,663. Microsoft Store and Store Experience Host not updating.
  164. 1,664. XBOX preview app stuck at this screen
  165. 1,665. In the new Guide menu, it’s inconvenient to use the «Party and chats» tab. Turning to her...
  166. 1,666. Can someone please help me with a sound issue?
  167. 1,667. no audio in video apps (youtube, netflix, etc) and no music in rocket league since opening...
  168. 1,668. The newest Xbox beta update isn’t popping up for me, any way to fix it?
  169. 1,669. Xbox One X Alpha - stick on green screen
  170. 1,670. Really not a fan of the ‘happening now’ section added to the friends list. Any wau we can...
  171. 1,671. Tuto: Play Xcloud on PC using Android-x86
  172. 1,672. Opinions on the Rushmore update?
  173. 1,673. loving the New Xbox Insider hub app and I’m really excited and looking forward to to My 3...
  174. 1,674. 16 year Tenure badge disappeared please help :(
  175. 1,675. Cant' leave minecraft beta (windows 10) with "join" button bug
  176. 1,676. Can't Get Out Of Minecraft Beta Windows 10
  177. 1,677. Play and Charge not work, only connect!
  178. 1,678. Can't find leftover add-ons/shrinkable games - Alpha Ring
  179. 1,679. 6 years anniversary! So many things have been done since the beginning of this program, and...
  180. 1,680. The Friends leaderboard or something similar should come back, and here's why.
  181. 1,681. Rushmore Beta disabled my console streaming and I cannot access my console now
  182. 1,682. Where can I report the annoying bugs that are in the public builds of the dashboard?
  183. 1,683. Reminder for those new: (a lot of posts about servers down)
  184. 1,684. Achievements show up on app only not unlocked on the console
  185. 1,685. Streaming says my ring or region is not compatible
  186. 1,686. INSIDER HUB ISSUE?? Can't get in to Beta????
  187. 1,687. Im stuck on loading screen on Android tablet. I need help
  188. 1,688. Weird Letters. This has been happening to me many times over the past months and it was...
  189. 1,689. Flight Simulator 2020 Alpha Testing
  190. 1,690. I can't stream games off my Xbox to my phone
  191. 1,691. Xbl servers down? Something is wrong, I can hear people in my party but it’s lagging and I...
  192. 1,692. How do I get a reddit tag in here?
  193. 1,693. Having issues joining the Xbox one update preview program
  194. 1,694. Settings. Moving audio to profile was a mistake
  195. 1,695. Someone please help me with Xbox insider Hub not working for Minecraft beta
  196. 1,696. Increased audio latency over hdmi alpha build 2004.200319
  197. 1,697. Can't join the T.R.D.S Beta or the Rushmore - Xbox insiders hub.
  198. 1,698. Game Controller made of Chocolate
  199. 1,699. Update time font looked wrong, swirly.
  200. 1,700. Why wont it let me join this game it’s getting very annoying
  201. 1,701. So i cant seem to stream from my xbox
  202. 1,702. Xbox Polls and or Xbox Focus Point
  203. 1,703. Your registration is taking longer than expected
  204. 1,704. Joining Minecraft Beta doesnt work for me
  205. 1,705. First day as an Xbox Insider, lets see what adventures await me.
  206. 1,706. Stuck in minecraft beta. Won't let me leave or rejoin the beta.
  207. 1,707. Rushmore - Xbox Insider Hub Join Error
  208. 1,708. Mixer and YouTube get together. Let's have fun.
  209. 1,709. Trying to leave Minecraft beta please help
  210. 1,710. Xbox insider (account young than 18)
  211. 1,711. New guide update is confusing for settings and power options
  212. 1,712. Add GTA V To The Xbox Game Streaming Preview Of Project XCloud
  213. 1,713. Rushmore - Xbox Insider Hub will not let me Join and it's Upsetting to say the least!
  214. 1,714. Everything turned green first 2005 build
  215. 1,715. This happened when I reset my console.
  216. 1,716. Can't join any preview on Insider Hub
  217. 1,717. How do I change my headset volume? Before the update I could always find it here but it...
  218. 1,718. a help with an update that is giving a headache
  219. 1,719. Narrator won't shut up
  220. 1,720. Wont let me invite join or check my own status help
  221. 1,721. Skip Ahead Alpha (2005) - Record What Happened Is Broken
  222. 1,722. For all of my friends in my list, it shows up like this for about 30, seconds, then it just...
  223. 1,723. Where is the *Happening now" button in guide?
  224. 1,724. Ark Gen official servers that have crashed
  225. 1,725. Everything Taking a Very Long Time/Not Loading At All After 2005 Update (Skip Ahead)
  226. 1,726. Discord Implementation With Xbox
  227. 1,727. Help my game update is on 100% but it's not letting me play I have tried tearning of the...
  228. 1,728. Who thought this would be a good idea? This is so messed up!! Its so difficult go to...
  229. 1,729. Please Help Game Streaming is not working. :(
  230. 1,730. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead Ring (2005.200319-0000)
  231. 1,731. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2004.200319-0000)
  232. 1,732. Issue with smart TV disconnecting my Xbox from WiFi
  233. 1,733. Xbox Requests: Week of March 20th, 2020
  234. 1,734. Flight Sim alpha xbox one content not there even tho am an insider
  235. 1,735. Almost at my one year anniversary of being an insider!
  236. 1,736. my console hears this update error:
  237. 1,737. Recently played been doing this for me,Anyone else have this problem? Sometimes it will...
  238. 1,738. I was playing Battlefield V and all of a sudden this comes up. Should I be scared?
  239. 1,739. F.e.a.r. Backwards compatibility
  240. 1,740. Flight simulator not showing in insider hub
  241. 1,741. Could we get Friends folders to help find people?
  242. 1,742. Can’t stream doom eternal Xbox one?
  243. 1,743. XBOX snap mode who among you would like again?
  244. 1,744. The start party and invitations should be at the bottom I keep clicking it when I get a message
  245. 1,745. Update to the guide tab anyone? Just curious
  246. 1,746. Unable to login to Microsoft Flight Simulator's page
  247. 1,747. Didn't install the latest build, but my Guide already has the new layout! Dashboard updates...
  248. 1,748. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of March 19, 2020
  249. 1,749. Gotta interesting question about the ash at 200314 and other previews at 200317?
  250. 1,750. Free multiplayer games without gold live.