XboX Insiders
  1. 1,751. Xbox one Controller not syncing to the console anymore...have been forced to use a...
  2. 1,752. Getting this error every time when I try to play Kholat.
  3. 1,753. Audio on game captures would you help the cause?
  4. 1,754. Not able to update xbox insider ring level.
  5. 1,755. Xbox crashes every time I install a game (Skip-Ahead Alpha)
  6. 1,756. Xbox update error during factory reset after network connection issues. Error code...
  7. 1,757. Question: Insider Beta looking to re-register for xcloud
  8. 1,758. Will it ever be possible to connect my Logitech Joystick to my Xbox?
  9. 1,759. Xbox 360 games purchase difficulties
  10. 1,760. Insanely SLOW updates on "Alpha" Ring? (One X)
  11. 1,761. Allow BR games to be played without Gold!
  12. 1,762. Trying to Opt Out of Update Preview
  13. 1,763. Xbox team pls add halo spartan strike for Xbox One!
  14. 1,764. Cannot "include my audio" on friends stream on Xbox Beta App on PC
  15. 1,765. Interesting addition to the latest update funky writtting
  16. 1,766. Some games not are not autoupdating, for example Battlefield V
  17. 1,767. Mixer App no longer appearing on console
  18. 1,768. Can I re-enroll back into the same Ring after leaving Insiders temporarily?
  19. 1,769. Better streaming support for console
  20. 1,770. Current console update is broken
  21. 1,771. Alpha Skip Ahead Issue With Console Automatically Shutting Down
  22. 1,772. Why does it say unable to stream to your console when i stream to my phone??
  23. 1,773. Streaming to my android phone help please.
  24. 1,774. Graphical corruption/issues on recent build?
  25. 1,775. We need a Trial Version for every AAA Title.
  26. 1,776. Does 4k 60fps capture even work on Xbox One X?
  27. 1,777. MC RTX Beta won't install in 1.16 Nether Update.
  28. 1,778. Wanna unenroll cuz of bugs but will it reset like home Xbox cause I’m game sharing with a...
  29. 1,779. Is there going to be Chromecast support for xbox game streaming?
  30. 1,780. Xbox Insider Hub on PC denies me access
  31. 1,781. Bloodstained Ritual of the Night
  32. 1,782. Is there any way to disable automatic disconnecting
  33. 1,783. How are yall enjoying crossfirex
  34. 1,784. Has anyone gotten to play Star 99 in a public match? Mine just sits on reserving.
  35. 1,785. Controller sync not working for me anyone else ?
  36. 1,786. So, here's one question for everyone.
  37. 1,787. Can we have the avatars in a central place on the UI for Series X?
  38. 1,788. Can we have the avatars in a central place on the UI for Series X?
  39. 1,789. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of June 25, 2020
  40. 1,790. Auto button mapping/controller configure swap per game on the XBox
  41. 1,791. Xbox game streaming is unusable after the update
  42. 1,792. Latest Alpha Update Stuck at 24% Verifying
  43. 1,793. I can't find the freesync tab anymore and won't allow me to use it althought my monitor has...
  44. 1,794. I am unable to start XboxInstaller.exe on Windows 10
  45. 1,795. With this mixer out, what do you guys think microsoft will integrate for streaming?
  46. 1,796. Xbox Game DVR 4K is not working and I dunno what to do
  47. 1,797. How to get Flight Simulator 2020 alpha ?
  48. 1,798. Keyboard and apps keep freezing!!!
  49. 1,799. I'm using xcloud It works, but it is very input laggy. I'm using a ps4 controller with an...
  50. 1,800. DTS app beta and I need 32 characters for title
  51. 1,801. Forza Horizon 4 Radio Limited in Project Xcloud
  52. 1,802. Heard people are getting factory reset over the new update?
  53. 1,803. Grounded, Where do i find this on the insider hub?
  54. 1,804. Crossfire X isn't available for me to install
  55. 1,805. Xbox One S Controller Replacement
  56. 1,806. Xbox Game Bar kicking me from party
  57. 1,807. Option to turn Xbox elite 2 profile button into share button.
  58. 1,808. Does Rushmore (Insider Beta) Give More Activities?
  59. 1,809. Join the Star99 Beta on Xbox One!
  60. 1,810. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead (2008.200623-0000)
  61. 1,811. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha (2007.200623-0000)
  62. 1,812. Unwanted minecraft beta cant be uninstalled.
  63. 1,813. Minecraft windows 10 beta leaving problems
  64. 1,814. Microsoft flight simulator 2020 alpha
  65. 1,815. Menu actions extremely fast and buttons unresponsive
  66. 1,816. Alpha Ring weird sound in sleep mode
  67. 1,817. CrossfireX server is not available
  68. 1,818. Update issue? Can't use RT and left joystick together.
  69. 1,819. Xbox Insider Hub | Detecting underage
  70. 1,820. Can not get past this screen on phone. I have invitation. Any help?
  71. 1,821. Is there a way to appeal a post removal?
  72. 1,822. How does console streaming work?
  73. 1,823. Xbox x game updating, the games are updating extremely slow even though a speed test on the...
  74. 1,824. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta Ring (2007.200618-0000)
  75. 1,825. Does anybody know why I can’t customize my guide tabs? If you know can you help please.
  76. 1,826. Need help after the new June update
  77. 1,827. Skip ahead alpha question does it have the most advance updates
  78. 1,828. Long awaited feature finally added :D
  79. 1,829. The future for broadcasting on Xbox
  80. 1,830. Minecraft Nether update from beta. How do we go from here.
  81. 1,831. Report Error problems in my xbox one X is not appearing?
  82. 1,832. South African servers for xbox live
  83. 1,833. Update All button not working when 1 game is in the Update section
  84. 1,834. I tried buying in-game currency.It says I need to install something but there is nothing in...
  85. 1,835. What game preview enrollment are you in
  86. 1,836. i cant leave beta windows 10 minecraft
  87. 1,837. Will MINI NINJAS be On Xbox One?
  88. 1,838. Xbox Won’t let my buddy sign into his Xbox insider app (won’t load past sign in)
  89. 1,839. Controller sleeping mode please :) :)????
  90. 1,840. Xbox ejects discs after updating the console?
  91. 1,841. Difference between Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead?
  92. 1,842. On the current Alpha Skip Ahead Build. I've never seen this happen before. Restarted my...
  93. 1,843. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead Ring (2008.200618-0000)
  94. 1,844. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2007.200618-0000)
  95. 1,845. Well looks like mixer has been killed. I guess we'll be testing Facebook Live streaming on...
  96. 1,846. It just stopped working after i installed the alpha ring update
  97. 1,847. Interested in usings a Keyboard and mouse for Edge and Sims 4. Help.
  98. 1,848. Update Broke My HDMI Port Please Help
  99. 1,849. More Backwards Compatibility for OG Xbox Titles
  100. 1,850. 4k recordings broken on the Xbox One X
  101. 1,851. Huge problem the parties seem to be nearly unstable and it is near impossible to play
  102. 1,852. Xbox Idea : Xbox live subscription alert
  103. 1,853. Don't stream games while it's raining when your in a car you start to play halo on a Gameboy
  104. 1,854. Unable to purchase 360 titles from any of the 3 methods available.
  105. 1,855. Hey guys, You will see I am on the insiders program from the Xbox one, so my question is,...
  106. 1,856. I get 18 y/o error can somebody help please?
  107. 1,857. Microsoft Store (This app can't open) bug Founded
  108. 1,858. Crossfire X beta is up on the Insiders app.
  109. 1,859. I really want rainbow six back in the game pass/Eu quero muito rainbow six de volta no game...
  110. 1,860. Should I choose Alpha Skip-Ahead or Beta
  111. 1,861. How to re download the the original Minecraft
  112. 1,862. Game bar party chat can't hear party
  113. 1,863. Xbox doesn’t let me download Xbox 360
  114. 1,864. Keyboard and mouse programs would make the keyboard and mouse players have a better experience?
  115. 1,865. IP Protection on the new console
  116. 1,866. Is it worth taking the console brick risk by joining Skip-Ahead?
  117. 1,867. What are these arrow icons under mass effect games?
  118. 1,868. Did the Xbox became hotter in instant on ?
  119. 1,869. I think I’m dumb or something, but how do you set your user flair? I’m in alpha skip-ahead
  120. 1,870. Can I use a 1440p 144hz monitor with my One S?
  121. 1,871. Still stuck in Minecraft Beta. Does anyone else have this problem?
  122. 1,872. Xbox One will no longer boot up.
  123. 1,873. Xbox Insider Wont Stop telling me im underage.
  124. 1,874. I Am Having Trouble Figuring Out How To Stream Xbox Games On My Phone. Can Somebody Help?
  125. 1,875. PSA: Select “Spacious” in the DTS Sound Unbound app for a larger spatial sound stage.
  126. 1,876. Duplicate Games on homescreen, I have a physical copy of modern warfare so the xbox shows...
  128. 1,878. Grounded Demo Test: Obsidian needs to fix the keyboard bindings and AZERTY support
  129. 1,879. Where is coming console streaming available at I'm currently in America
  130. 1,880. Is anybody else annoyed by Rewards and Avatars apps being reinstalled on each system update?
  131. 1,881. Need Help with Alpha Skip-a-Head
  132. 1,882. Do you think the Xbox Apps logo on Android, iOS and Windows 10 need to fit Fluent Design...
  133. 1,883. Project xCloud for a poor boy in the countryside
  134. 1,884. Add Xbox one s be Goode one help Xbox community
  135. 1,885. I don't know if someone will see this,
  136. 1,886. DON'T SLEEP ON XBOX | 4 reasons Xbox series X will be better than PS5
  137. 1,887. Cannot update my console. Please help!
  138. 1,888. Bad support from an agent on the phone
  139. 1,889. Anybody managed to get HDR on C32HG70?
  140. 1,890. I’m stuck on update preview omega
  141. 1,891. I cant get into game streaming anymore
  142. 1,892. Activity, Club & Community feed issues
  143. 1,893. Suggestion - Atmos toggle option?
  145. 1,895. On Forza Horizon 4, 3 achievements are not unlocking.
  146. 1,896. As from my last post, it seems Xbox 360 games will be introduced into the Microsoft Store...
  147. 1,897. Is this a demo / trial? Returns an 0x803F8001 after being installed
  148. 1,898. Game DVR not recording at 4k after latest update
  149. 1,899. I have a question about the tiers/levels
  150. 1,900. Can't use the Xbox Insider Hub app
  151. 1,901. Is there anyway for me to get into the game streaming from my console
  152. 1,902. How to setup DTS Sound Unbound and Install App
  153. 1,903. Cant see Widget Store in Game Bar menu.
  154. 1,904. Here's a new idea for you guysnfor all Xbox w
  155. 1,905. E100 Error after Updating My Xbox
  156. 1,906. Xbox Requests: Week of June 19th, 2020
  157. 1,907. Forza 7 Digital Edition - Xbox Freeze
  158. 1,908. What are the risks of alpha skip ahead ring
  159. 1,909. I just got accepted into asa, is it worth joining? Or should I stay in alpha to protect my...
  160. 1,910. Need Help with my Xbox one X! Have 2 Error Codes!
  161. 1,911. Bad placement of <Sign Out>. Accidentally logged myself out of Sea of Thieves while trying...
  162. 1,912. I have downgraded to the Omega ring after hearing about all the trouble on the Skip-Ahead...
  163. 1,913. I can't use the app, I am stuck where I need to choose between the two option
  164. 1,914. Terrible download speed updating game
  165. 1,915. Alpha Skip Ahead: Are the reports true?
  166. 1,916. My preference always 4k hdr, but clips recorded in 1080, can you fix this?
  167. 1,917. Diffusion comment résoudre soucis de latence (ping)
  168. 1,918. I got invited to Alpha Skip-Ahead. Should I?
  169. 1,919. I have just been accepted into the Xbox Insider Alpha Skip-Ahead program! I want to know if...
  170. 1,920. Should I accept, don’t want to brick console
  171. 1,921. Alpha Tester Question, How Frequent Are The Updates?
  172. 1,922. Is there anyway to pay an over due game pass ultimate?
  173. 1,923. DTS: X for Headphones Audio Quality
  174. 1,924. I can't insert my Credit card information. It keeps asking to check my bank. Any ideas on...
  175. 1,925. Stuck on "More Ways to Play" Screen
  176. 1,926. Want to leave Xbox insider but cant
  177. 1,927. VRR is greyed out when display settings are set manually vs. Auto-detect.
  178. 1,928. Problems with chat game streaming
  179. 1,929. I noticed in gta v sound muffles a bit?
  180. 1,930. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of June 18, 2020
  181. 1,931. I just got into alpha skip ahead whats new features?
  182. 1,932. I can't get my Xbox game pass to work.
  183. 1,933. Cant connect to internet, tried everything what should I do
  184. 1,934. Game captures not always saving - Beta Insider
  185. 1,935. Fix microphone connection for USB
  186. 1,936. xCloud says I can't sign in, what's the problem?
  187. 1,937. Question to the insider staff team
  188. 1,938. How to share a Game Pass subscription ?
  189. 1,939. games and xbox (beta) app crash after startup
  190. 1,940. xbox app vs xbox console companion
  191. 1,941. Discord is not displaying Xbox Live status
  192. 1,942. Xbox (Beta) app sign in button does nothing
  193. 1,943. DTS X sound unbound BETA licence
  194. 1,944. You can't use a dolby Atmos enabled sound bar while also having a headset base station BUG.
  195. 1,945. Game/Party Audio controls are bugged
  196. 1,946. Stick to beta or go to alpha - just incited to open enrollment
  197. 1,947. Profile page avatars have artifacts and anti-aliasing issues
  198. 1,948. DTS App- The new DTS Headphone app says I can “buy” for 0.00$ but then says “try free for...
  199. 1,949. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead Ring (2008.200616-0000)
  200. 1,950. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2007.200616-0000)
  201. 1,951. Xbox One S is on, but TV Says "No Signal" after updating my Xbox
  202. 1,952. Thé new dashboard is beeing deployed out of the beta : Xbox streaming without preview ?
  203. 1,953. Stereo Uncompressed audio not working
  204. 1,954. ✨ SORTEO GIMBAL 1 de JULIO 2020 NUEVO SORTEO 2020 GIMBAL SMOOTH 4 G...
  205. 1,955. Grounded technical test is available and a new survey
  206. 1,956. Can't send messages all I get is this screen.
  207. 1,957. Cities Skylines Green Cities DLC issue
  208. 1,958. Can’t download Minecraft RTX maps in game.
  209. 1,959. I’m having Storage problems on Xbox one s is there any way to fix this??
  210. 1,960. can i hdmi toggle i need 32 charters to complete title
  211. 1,961. Xbox Live constant disconnect for 30 seconds then reconnects + Xbox UI showing British...
  212. 1,962. Microsoft edge on XBONEX Russian translation occasionally
  213. 1,963. Comments and likes of captures/clips under "Social" tab are not tied anymore to the same...
  214. 1,964. Unable to connect to 5Ghz networks
  215. 1,965. Can’t open gamepass app. What to do
  216. 1,966. Xbox friends update that we need
  217. 1,967. Simply using xCloud can result in a permanent ban from a game?
  218. 1,968. Cannot download games since installing Insider Hub. Contacted support, directed me to...
  219. 1,969. Every time I go into the Game Pass section from the dashboard this happens
  220. 1,970. Forza Horizon 2 Not Working (Error code: 0x82d40004)
  221. 1,971. Grounded Flight Available Now - Xbox Wire
  222. 1,972. Registered Dec 21. 2019. Never received xCloud invite. What now?
  223. 1,973. Unable to access certain YouTube videos via Xbox One app
  224. 1,974. Does the Grounded insider beta come out today?
  225. 1,975. Game Bar Spotify Not Working (Unable to link the account)
  226. 1,976. Pre-orders labelled incorrectly in my games and apps
  227. 1,977. Can’t unroll my Minecraft back to normal from beta?
  228. 1,978. XSX VR - Oculus Quest via USBC ?
  229. 1,979. No pop up or anything asking to update?
  230. 1,980. Gamebar Stops Recordings Random Times
  231. 1,981. it’s been 2 months I’ve been without an Xbox , I’ve legit tried everything. & I need help...
  232. 1,982. Xbox Request: Achievements + Bing Points
  233. 1,983. Elite Series 2 controller keeps disconnecting while being used wirelessly.
  234. 1,984. When will Xbox PC beta app support more functions like the console companion app did?
  235. 1,985. Do you think the new Bing app was recently announced for Xbox to replace the old Edge we...
  236. 1,986. New App and Game logo. Do you like it?
  237. 1,987. PC to console purchase question.
  238. 1,988. Do you think the oneguide option is doomed to disappear in the future?
  239. 1,989. Join the Microsoft Bing App for Xbox Preview!
  240. 1,990. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead Ring (2007.200613-0000)
  241. 1,991. This person keeps posting racist and harassing post, this time 550. Please just do...
  242. 1,992. Xbox Insider Release Notes - Alpha Skip-Ahead Ring (2007.200613-0000) - Xbox Wire
  243. 1,993. Join the Microsoft Bing App for Xbox Preview! - Xbox Wire
  244. 1,994. can anyone help? i need a system update
  245. 1,995. Having trouble logging into the Game Streaming app, when I try to sign in it says could not...
  246. 1,996. E102 E105, removed insider build weeks ago, still can't update
  247. 1,997. Does anyone know how long it'll take to revert to default?
  248. 1,998. 4K no longer an option after this update
  249. 1,999. Making a xbox 360 controller work with xbox one.
  250. 2,000. One guide have no information again