XboX Insiders
  1. 2,001. Please add a 21:9/19,5:9 Ratio! I dont want to have black Bars!
  2. 2,002. When does grounded release on insider hub
  3. 2,003. I have seen lot of "Xbox Bricked Posts" recently in this days and I'm worried that this...
  4. 2,004. Idea to customize our new series x
  5. 2,005. Why the Windows store so bad? I really hope they are looking into improving it....
  6. 2,006. Need help
  7. 2,007. Xbox One X shutting down while playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  8. 2,008. Problem with wireless headset not receiving audio since Skip Ahead Update
  9. 2,009. My external hard drive disappeared.
  10. 2,010. Party chat, talking to friends etc
  11. 2,011. I need help getting out of the minecraft beta program.
  12. 2,012. Cannot Upload custom profile pic?
  13. 2,013. PC Games Pass App Slow Download Speed
  14. 2,014. Inconsistent game pass remote downloads
  15. 2,015. Is WPA3 Supported on Xbox One X?
  16. 2,016. Xbox Insider should have a system backup/restore feature, just like Windows, to make things...
  17. 2,017. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead Ring (2006.200428-0000)
  18. 2,018. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2005.200428-0000)
  19. 2,019. Xbox bricked, can't perform update
  20. 2,020. What is going on with updates over the last few weeks
  21. 2,021. Where do I find update notes on the recent UI changes?
  22. 2,022. REPORT A PROBLEM Dolby Atmos for headphones
  23. 2,023. We can remove a console from program and also select to leave preview under manage screen....
  24. 2,024. Broken console after latest Omega update
  25. 2,025. No Automatic Updates for Games and Apps.
  26. 2,026. Now Game DVR can only capture 1080p clips. Even screenshots are not working anymore!...
  27. 2,027. Here a recommendation for a new update, finally remove "cortana settings" it's kind of...
  28. 2,028. Guys. I need your help. I want ti join tge sea of thieves insider programme and i cannot...
  29. 2,029. Updates are downloading extremely slow.
  30. 2,030. How to report this - unable to upload screenshots/videos from PC
  31. 2,031. General Question: If we get an error message in a game and report a problem against the...
  32. 2,032. If I see this, does this mean I’m apart of that preview? I don’t understand this stuff, so...
  33. 2,033. Could We Make A Microsoft Rewards Mobile App?
  34. 2,034. Android 10 Game Streaming controller issue?
  35. 2,035. Party texts showed up with voice overlay, has anyone else soon this. Alpha skip ahead btw.
  36. 2,036. This needs to happen I miss my micraft shaders
  37. 2,037. Xbox app won't let me update my profile picture dispite being up to Dany and I don't any...
  38. 2,038. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta and Delta Ring (2005.200424-1809)
  39. 2,039. Why is game pass not working for me?
  40. 2,040. I'm from Colombia, and I'm omega, any thoughts?
  41. 2,041. Downloading a corrupt update file? This has happened 5x
  42. 2,042. New Dolby issue Alpha Skip Update
  43. 2,043. Project xCloud Sign-In Issues - Please Help
  44. 2,044. STOP installing "EVENTS" app with EVERY Update
  45. 2,045. HDR Handshake on Disney+ not fully engaging
  46. 2,046. Project xCloud Update - France, Germany, Netherlands
  47. 2,047. HDCP Error latest Alpha Skip update
  48. 2,048. Here's how to import the template rtx texture packs (or just how to import a texture pack)
  49. 2,049. How do I join alpha skip ahead? I'm new and confused.
  50. 2,050. My XboxOne X is dead!
  51. 2,051. Bundle Buy Option on Xbox One for Xbox 360 games
  52. 2,052. No new updates, why were there no new updates?
  53. 2,053. Anyone having issue with surround sound with the latest updates?
  54. 2,054. I left the preview program due to somewhat console updates and now most of my DLC from my...
  55. 2,055. Xbox PC app audio not working...
  56. 2,056. "to make changes, sign in with the same account that signed up for this preview on this device"
  57. 2,057. HELP, something went wrong screen. What should i do?
  58. 2,058. Xbox party not working (0x8923103d) error code
  59. 2,059. Omega Update. How long does it take to get?
  60. 2,060. I downloaded the beta for the new minecraft netherlands update but when i went back to...
  61. 2,061. Unable to install MCC Insider on PC
  62. 2,062. Error Code 0x80a40019, Tried power cycle, restart, turn off and on router
  63. 2,063. Build 200423 hast no Startup Sound on my Xbox One X
  64. 2,064. How can i stream games to my phone?
  65. 2,065. Found a workaround for CoD MW / Fortnite crashing on insider builds
  66. 2,066. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead Ring (2006.200424-0000)
  67. 2,067. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2005.200424-1809)
  68. 2,068. No Startup Sound anymore (last skip ahead Ring)
  69. 2,069. Microsoft, add game selecting when buying the new xbox consoles a thing
  70. 2,070. Superman returns (game) Why can I no longer get superman returns on any Xbox?
  71. 2,071. How to unenroll in the Minecraft beta
  72. 2,072. Xbox Game Pass Beta Windows 10 Crash when trying to load a game
  73. 2,073. Where’s my xbox pass & gold section!? Its just empty. RAP via console done ✅
  74. 2,074. Yeah, old topic, but is the Netflix always on HDR issue still getting some attention?!...
  75. 2,075. Console Streaming not working in my phone
  76. 2,076. I want to know how I get out of the Minecraft game beta
  77. 2,077. Dashboard and rest of the system is not loading, stuck on grey screen
  78. 2,078. How can i change where my screen recorded material is saved on my Computer?
  79. 2,079. Unusable Controller Problem Any Fixes?
  80. 2,080. Can't install games on PC with game pass
  81. 2,081. Game clips won’t upload to OneDrive
  82. 2,082. Xbox PC App(Beta) Since enrolling in preview my taskbar icon changed.
  83. 2,083. My cat accidentally turned my xbox off and it made me change my password.
  84. 2,084. Problems in Minecraft, bugs and trees
  85. 2,085. Is Quest Hunter available for anyone streaming on mobile? it states its play anywhere...
  86. 2,086. My Minecraft world keeps crashing
  87. 2,087. My Biggest Request for FS2020 - Community Plugins/Workshop
  88. 2,088. I have Project X-Cloud, but not console streaming
  89. 2,089. This needs a fix now. Any and everyone blow this up.
  90. 2,090. Minecraft Windows 10 Edition closes itself on startup.
  91. 2,091. Can anybody help me with my minecraft world?
  92. 2,092. Call of duty Modern Warfare xcloud
  93. 2,093. Console does not respond to controller inputs
  94. 2,094. XGSpreview Team. Chaynes9 here. First of all, yes.
  95. 2,095. High cost for Xbox One Insider repair, what could I do?
  96. 2,096. Add Music To Xbox Parties So I Can DJ!
  97. 2,097. Has anyone else noticed slower download speeds?
  98. 2,098. Game clip recording. Tried several times
  99. 2,099. Profile issue and services issues?
  100. 2,100. Win 10 Gamebar/Xbox Social/Start a party error
  101. 2,101. Regarding DVR issue, for those using external media to save captures/clips, is it working...
  102. 2,102. question about cloning xbox one x hdd enrolled in the insiders program
  103. 2,103. any one having trouble signing in today
  104. 2,104. How I can join this Alpha of Flight Simulator 2020
  105. 2,105. Controller not controlling Console streaming
  106. 2,106. Latest beta update,auto updates no longer working. Staying stuck in manage updates until...
  107. 2,107. Minecraft Windows 10 game crashing when leaving beta
  108. 2,108. Can not run Minecraft Beta with RTX working
  109. 2,109. Please add to pc(beta) gamepass doom it would be great..thanks
  110. 2,110. I'm almost certain that some of this recent update tomfoolery has completely destroyed my...
  111. 2,111. E100 code helpppppppp it’s been two weeks since my Xbox has actually worked , I’ve tried...
  112. 2,112. How can I return to stock Xbox, stuck in error loop?
  113. 2,113. I'm blocked in Minecraft bêta but i'm unsubscribed from the Minecraft bêta
  114. 2,114. I cant exit windows 10 beta? Ive been needing to exit it
  115. 2,115. Report a problem Dolby Atmos for headphones dont work
  116. 2,116. Couple Question about xbox streaming
  117. 2,117. New Gamepass text animation at the bottom right when launching a gamepass game.
  118. 2,118. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip Ahead and Alpha Ring (2005.200423-0000)
  119. 2,119. New Community page layout feedback (Alpha/Alpha Skip Ahead)
  120. 2,120. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta Ring (2005.200423-0000)
  121. 2,121. game images went black after the last update
  122. 2,122. Good news, Xbox Insiders! The NEW Xbox Insider Hub app is open for all! Join the "Rushmore"...
  123. 2,123. A big change to Xbox Live Gold hope you like it
  124. 2,124. Achievements not tracking from PC to console. Same save file and account.
  125. 2,125. Alpha - OS 10.0.19041.1927 (rs_xbox_release_2004.200415-0000)
  126. 2,126. You're stuck on the Minecraft Windows 10 Beta? You are not alone!
  127. 2,127. Xbox Requests: Week of April 24th, 2020
  128. 2,128. E100 error on second Xbox enrolled into preview (Xbox One S)
  129. 2,129. I hadn't paid attention to the community menu until now and I'm discovering the menu and...
  130. 2,130. Minecraft rtx beta glitch head detach
  131. 2,131. What happend to the game preview section?
  132. 2,132. im not under 18 im actually 27 years old
  133. 2,133. Minecraft Windows 10 gold smelting and furnace bug
  134. 2,134. Is Minecraft RTX coming to the java edition also?
  135. 2,135. In a lack of real changes necessity, aren't lots of unnecessary things being messed...
  136. 2,136. Controller not inputting to stream.
  137. 2,137. Brick Xbox GanG: Remove Insider Ring Guide
  138. 2,138. Unenroll console after a public build is released. Will factory reset be necessary? Or not,...
  139. 2,139. Recording clips and Game DVR itself are day after day more broken than before!
  140. 2,140. can't leave minecraft windows 10 RTX beta
  141. 2,141. My friend needs help with Xbox Beta App.
  142. 2,142. Cannot login/download Xbox 360 profile on my Xbox One
  143. 2,143. A couple of months ago I got the wrong Xbox Game Streaming thingy
  144. 2,144. Rushmore installment issue. Is this happening to anyone else
  145. 2,145. Anybody else get a new community feed?
  146. 2,146. So I have the strange problem/issue.
  147. 2,147. Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) Support and Discussion: Week of April 23, 2020
  148. 2,148. Weird thing in Test mode I found
  149. 2,149. as you can see, i am out of the beta and have just uninstalled and reinstalled and i am...
  150. 2,150. Trying to trick Xbox into thinking im Russian.
  151. 2,151. This update has significantly worsened my Xbox
  152. 2,152. I'm stuck in windows 10 beta! I could use some help!
  153. 2,153. Opt’ing out of insiders due to fear of bricking, welldone xbox.
  154. 2,154. Minecraft RTX Beta Discussion: Week of April 23, 2020
  155. 2,155. why can i not get out of minecraft beta?
  156. 2,156. Newest update has bricked my console
  157. 2,157. Kinect 2.0 doesn't work while using the companion app
  158. 2,158. Can't open apps or use online features
  159. 2,159. Suggestion: Cancel download confirmation
  160. 2,160. I want to change my gamer tag- being told it is not allowed.
  161. 2,161. Xbox Console / Xbox App support Siri Shortcuts
  162. 2,162. Confirmation dialog on download cancellation
  163. 2,163. Xbox insider hub issue, Trying to play fsx seems farther than ever now
  164. 2,164. April 22, 2020 A system update broken
  165. 2,165. Dolby Atmos for Headphones Down after update
  166. 2,166. Community Feed Not Updating And Showing Old recordings/screenshots
  167. 2,167. Audio blow out when using headset
  168. 2,168. My headset says "not assigned to a profile" every so often for like 20 seconds every three...
  169. 2,169. Stuck Inside RTX Beta Minecraft After Unenrolling
  170. 2,170. Can't opt out of Bedrock Beta...
  171. 2,171. Is Unenrolling A Permanent Option?
  172. 2,172. joined the RTX beta and now i cant leave it..
  173. 2,173. Need help logging in! I've emailed microsoft and I'm just waiting for a reply now. Any help...
  174. 2,174. Games are washed out, Dashboard and apps are fine. (Possible Bug)
  175. 2,175. Need to GTA 3 in Backward compatibility !
  176. 2,176. Xbox one update preview (maybe bug)
  177. 2,177. Development of Xbox Xcloud to work with Samsung DEX?
  178. 2,178. xCloud Invite Issues (Invite not working)
  179. 2,179. Not able to stream games on my phone
  180. 2,180. Can’t leave minecraft's xbox insider beta program, help.
  181. 2,181. Can't console stream, please help
  182. 2,182. I can’t unenroll from Minecraft beta and I’ve tried everything someone help me.
  183. 2,183. Man the audio is so totally screwed up now atoms doesn't even work no more.
  184. 2,184. XBOX Friends list upgrade for better informed players
  185. 2,185. I cant play normal minecraft.............
  186. 2,186. Can't leave Minecraft beta how do I fix?
  187. 2,187. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Ring (2005.200421-0000)
  188. 2,188. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Beta Ring (2005.200418-0000)
  189. 2,189. Can't Leave Xbox One Minecraft Beta
  190. 2,190. Bleeping noise
  191. 2,191. Bleeping noise
  192. 2,192. Anyone in delta ring having issues with games not updating when in instant on
  193. 2,193. The unenroll process not working (proof)
  194. 2,194. I finally figured out how speech-to-text messaging works
  195. 2,195. I downloaded this game xbox game pass I tried to play and is asking me to download the same...
  196. 2,196. New hidden feature in Skip Ahead: sort games by genre (Family, Shooter...) or amount of...
  197. 2,197. Who likes the old notification animation and would like to change it back
  198. 2,198. I lost minecraft bata and I've tried to get it back but nothing works
  199. 2,199. How do I unenrolled from the Minecraft 1.16 Beta?
  200. 2,200. Console Streaming not working...
  201. 2,201. Problems joining Minecraft Win10 RTX group
  202. 2,202. Please fix Edge browser for the new hardware
  203. 2,203. New Club Welcome page? (Alpha Skip Ahead)
  204. 2,204. I can't play and is asking me to install another two repeated games  Xbox beta
  205. 2,205. PSA: Bricked E101,102, 106 insider program Xbox one X now working with the new osu1!!
  206. 2,206. Unable to get out of beta on minecraft windows 10 version. help
  207. 2,207. Xbox one not working correctly ever since update
  208. 2,208. Unable to change or opt out of Xbox preview
  209. 2,209. I cant unenroll my console, i close my account and reopened but nothing, still have this issues
  210. 2,210. I can't leave minecraft RTX beta
  211. 2,211. Calling all Achievement Hunters!
  212. 2,212. Unable to unenroll out of Minecraft Beta/RTX
  213. 2,213. I can't join the rtx worlds. Did anyone else have this issue?
  214. 2,214. I know this is nitpicking, but is anyone else annoyed that there’s no longer a way to put...
  215. 2,215. I cant unenroll the xbox preview
  216. 2,216. Minecraft RTX doing weird texture things?
  217. 2,217. Can't remove Minecraft Windows 10 RTX beta from my account.
  218. 2,218. I cant leave the xbox insider program
  219. 2,219. Windows 10 Xbox PC app no longer runs in the background
  220. 2,220. A problem of uploading a new profile pic on xbox
  221. 2,221. Having an issue within your app on Xbox one
  222. 2,222. can't uninstall rtx beta for windows 10
  223. 2,223. It won’t let me unenroll on Minecraft beta
  224. 2,224. xbox game bar stupid problem please help
  225. 2,225. Latest update bricked/looped by xbox one x
  226. 2,226. Wont let me unenroll from minecraft beta
  227. 2,227. The update don't let me play the games that i actually updated and it stands on just 100%
  228. 2,228. I cannot get past this screen when trying to console stream. I have two xbox's, one is an...
  229. 2,229. Xbox insider won’t start pending when trying to leave beta
  230. 2,230. Minecraft RTZ Beta worlds without any light. Please help.
  231. 2,231. Can´t access to Flight Simulator Alpha
  232. 2,232. Latest Alpha Skip Ahead Update Issue
  233. 2,233. I figured out HOW TO use RTX Resource Packs for survival worlds
  234. 2,234. Questions about voice communication bans
  235. 2,235. [Beta] Xbox One X is crashing on keyboard
  236. 2,236. Forced to download complete game again
  237. 2,237. Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Ring (2005.200418-0000)
  238. 2,238. How do I get rid of minecraft beta?
  239. 2,239. How to download the texture pack to play Minecraft Beta with Raytracing in any world?
  240. 2,240. Minecraft RTX beta won't install
  241. 2,241. Xbox Insider Release Notes - Alpha Ring (2005.200418-0000)
  242. 2,242. Minecraft Beta won't install, no matter what
  243. 2,243. Appearing offline causing connectivity issues?
  244. 2,244. How do I enroll in the xbox game stream?
  245. 2,245. My xbox died after an update i am a cog
  246. 2,246. Xbox one X remote control not work
  247. 2,247. release 2004.200414-0000 my hd boke
  248. 2,248. Is anyone else not getting the new community layout?
  249. 2,249. Game installation stopped and microsoft store and store experience host wont start downloading
  250. 2,250. Regarding reporting of problems.