Discus and support 0x80a40008 in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; Не могу войти в учётную запись. f70f494b-6469-487c-9d87-777d98f439d4 Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by ВасилийVP71, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. 0x80a40008

    Не могу войти в учётную запись.

    ВасилийVP71, Aug 8, 2019
  2. Level 635 Win User

    Impossible to consult friend profil and gold abonnement

    also impossible to select background color error 0x80a40008
  3. EVGENIY.KIM Win User

    Так кто нибудь поможет мне с решением проблемы? [So will anyone help me with the solution to the problem?]

    Error 0x80a40008
    Либо просит повторить попытку позже,проблемы со службой xbox live


    Error 0x80a40008

    Either asks to try again later, problems with xbox live]
  4. ScheduledAbyss8 Win User


  5. BoinkyDoinker Win User

    Error 0x80a40008

    Hi! You can see how to fix your error here.
  6. XBF Ruben D Win User

    Ошибка 0x80a40008 [Translation - Error 0x80a40008]

    Hello Kim!

    Thank you for posting on Xbox Forums! I understand that getting this error can be frustrating but I will be happy to assist. Just to clarify, have you tried what the Ambassador has previously suggested to try, in this case, would be a

    Power Cycle
    ? If not I would try that first and if that doesn't work I would then recommend trying the support article for this

    Error 0x80A4008
    . According to the error code it is either a connection issue or a profile issue. If you have any further questions after checking out the steps for the error code please feel free to reply back letting us know. Thank you again for posting
    on Xbox Forums!


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