2k Xbox Gamertag

Discus and support 2k Xbox Gamertag in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I play NBA 2k21, and I have been noticing players have a display name in 2k that is different from their Xbox Gamertag. I think they use their real... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by bbmMadden, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. bbmMadden
    bbmMadden Guest

    2k Xbox Gamertag

    I play NBA 2k21, and I have been noticing players have a display name in 2k that is different from their Xbox Gamertag. I think they use their real name. How can I do this?

    bbmMadden, Oct 26, 2020
  2. Tezzarrific Win User

    NBA 2k20

    does the date of birth on your xbox account match that on the 2k account as 2k have stringent age policies.
  3. xbox360gamer022 Win User

    Anyone Stoked For Madden 25 or NBA 2K14 for Xbox One?

    @FA5 Buy NBA 2K first. Madden will be price dropping not soon after Xbox One release so get 2K first and look for Madden shortly after.
  4. xLOCxx Win User

    Christian gamers wanted!!!

    Any Elder Scrolls Online xbox one christians? I created a guild (Warriors Of Truth) this is a for believers.

    alliance: Aldmeri Dominion

    server : North American

    is my gamertag contact me for invites .

    Nba 2k basketball games, madden , elder scrolls online are some of the games i play ; God Bless !!
  5. The Klumpinator Win User

    Top Spin 4 game on demand doesnt work

    totally agree! when the xbox live help guy told me to contact 2K, i asked why, shouldnt microsoft contact 2K?

    he blanked that question and one again gave me 2K's american fone number, i live in UK so i was hardly gonna call them,

    anyway i then told him i wanted a refund of my points (like that was ever going to happen) i bought the game from marketplace and therefore i should go to MS with a faulty game, if i bought it from a store and the disc was faulty id take it back to where
    i had made the purchase!

    once again i was told to contact 2K!

    my last question to him was if MS would be removing the game from marketplace to prevent more users from being conned by buying faulty goods, his reply was "i cannot answer that question"


    at the moment a guy called Michael has contacted me from 2K and asked for some details from me (what country i am in, is the gamertag registered to that region, and type of xbox i am using)
  6. x24hrs2livex Win User

    Get it together

    Its not Xbox fault that 2K has poor servers.

2k Xbox Gamertag

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