A game uninstalled itself

Discus and support A game uninstalled itself in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Hi, last night i was playing Apex Legends when the xbox live service went down. I assumed it was nothing and that i would just have to wait. After... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by XxThePatriot, Feb 23, 2020.

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    A game uninstalled itself

    Hi, last night i was playing Apex Legends when the xbox live service went down. I assumed it was nothing and that i would just have to wait. After waiting about 20 minutes everything seemed to be back to normal, so i got back on apex but noticed it said
    i didn’t own the game or app. I know i owned it since i was legit just playing it so i thought it was a bug or something so i did the hard reset and unplugged it and let it sit for a bit just to fix it. That did not work so i just tried unplugging my storage
    devices and putting them back in and that didn’t work either. I decided to give it a days worth of resting and here i am now. The xbox still says i don’t own the app and i am now sitting here reinstalling it. I would like to know what exactly has happened
    here as i wait for it to redownload and if i lose my progress in the game what am i supposed to do. Thank you.

    XxThePatriot, Feb 23, 2020
  2. XBF Paul M Win User

    Game Uninstalled itself


    Paul from the Xbox Forums Team here to assist, it looks like the game Forza Horizon 4 is having some installation issues. What I recommend doing is stopping the installation, then deleting the content download by uninstalling it. Once uninstalled proceed
    to re-install the game. If you don't want to start over another thing to try is to

    Perform a Power Cycle
    . Let us know how it goes.

    Happy Gaming!

    Paul Xbox Forums Team!
  3. Onyx Is Here Win User

    Game uninstalled itself!

    Sorry to hear it. If an update was required for the game and was refused then the game would have been deleted. If you have to redownload the game I would recommend setting it to download and either set your console to Instant On (you can turn the console
    off and it will continue to download in the background) or leave your console on overnight to download the game. It should download faster this way as it will have more internet bandwidth when no one else is using the net.
  4. AquarrzSudnnym Win User


    "why does it do that?"

    "because i cancelled an update"

    It stops corruption, all updates have a beginning and a ending; look up checksum for more information.

    Basically, the update has to have network packets that confirm the conclusion of the packaged software. If this confirmation is not met, it should zero, as a safety measure, to prevent corruption or intrusion.
  5. Mossbergg Win User


    My game also got uninstalled. I did cancel the update on the game and after it disappeared, why does it do that? that is the dumbest thing i have ever seen, a game deleting itself from playing because i cancelled an update on it because i wanted to update
    another game first. My internet is very bad so now i cant play the uninstalled game for a while because its 90gb download for no reason at all. great console
  6. schnurren Win User

    A game uninstalled itself

    Hello XxThePatriot,

    The save data should be on the cloud (for this game I think it is linked on EA servers, so you shouldn't lose any progress).

    If the game is not appearing on your profile, try to "purchase" it again from the Microsoft Store on your Xbox One to see if it lets you redownload it.

    In case that is not possible, please go to this link and contact Microsoft directly : https://beta.support.xbox.com/contact-us


A game uninstalled itself

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