A question within a discussion?

Discus and support A question within a discussion? in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; I decided i’d post here due to Enforcement only ever being allowing you to use up to only 1,000 characters to prove your side of things is quite... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by C-Eazy, May 26, 2019.

  1. C-Eazy
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    A question within a discussion?

    I decided i’d post here due to Enforcement only ever being allowing you to use up to only 1,000 characters to prove your side of things is quite ridiculous especially when you’re not in the wrong, regardless of how i’ve reacted, the opposing party should’ve
    recieved the exact same repercussion as this innocent party of this issue got an 8 day mute, unable to party chat, unable to message and unable to use my keyboard on xbox because of this mute.

    Unjustifiable - I think so, 11/10.

    I have been muted in the past on my main account, I’ve copped them all on the chin besides one (same incident as this actually, which on Enforcement Team’s side of things should he triple checked - but that’s cleary just me....) and I think in situations
    like these, the sensitive salts that report you after they’ve spent the last 2-5 minutes mentally, verbally abusing, ‘bullying’ as you’s call it, harrassing and uncalled for comments upon my younger brother while he was playing Apex Legends, and because I
    took my mic back (let him use it), he couldn’t talk back.. he’s level 64, he isn’t bad, he just couldn’t talk back. He drops, they start swearing, abusing him, harrassing him saying “Why’d you drop there you [mod removed]!! Theres a team of THREE because you’re
    supposed to work together to get a dub you [mod removed]. Now look! You’re gunna die first you [mod removed], ha-ha!” and giving him mad amounts of ‘smack talk’ as your enforcement team calls it in their Questionare I had to fill out in order to even make
    a claim. Anyway, after all that, he sent the [mod removed] a message going “You’s died first, [mod removed], you’re all tough over a screen aren’t you scum bag. I didn’t have a mic so i can’t talk, [mod removed].” and my brother gets the suspension and less
    of a reputation rank now, to be put in more games with more tossers like the person he encountered, only to probably be put in more games with tools like those two kids that got absolutely no repercussions due to him quickly hitting that report button on my
    brothers meessage before my brother could, therefore terminating in a mute in communications (party, messaging) all because people like you explained in your questionare, that its not okay to ‘smack talk no matter what they say’ and harrassment isn’t okay,
    but it seems that its only okay if you’re the one who hits report first? And the other person doesn’t get investigated if they hit it first. So people just spam report you until your accounts ruined, gotten 1-6 false reports against you now they’ve gotten
    1 slice of evidence to prove?

    Am I the only one who see’s this as a problem? I even contacted the Microsoft support prior to the enforcement team and even have a case number proving (mod removed) it’s happened to the Microsoft employer before a couple times alongside him seeing it happen
    quite a lot, and it’s against YOUR RULES AND POLICY? So hmm, why are you guys going against your own policy and muting/banning communication on accounts due to false flags and spam reports of which come from the instigator first?

    I know this will get me no further and I’ll probably just have to wait the time over.

    Respond to this bs, biased report abuse people have going on and you’s see no problem with it.

    C-Eazy, May 26, 2019
  2. Smwutches Win User

    A question within a discussion?

    It doesn't matter how the situation starts or who reports first. If you respond in a way that violates the code of conduct, you can be punished. Those are the rules you agreed to when you signed up. In situations like that, it's best to just report them
    and block communications with them.

    Support does not handle enforcement issues at all and are known for giving incorrect information regarding issues they don't handle directly.
  3. Smoove954 Win User

    Having Trouble With FIFA 14 Career Mode After You Finish A Game

    Well I guess I answered the question already within the post itself
  4. Tatakai no Kami Win User

    Welcome... to Skyrim week :)

    Look at your skill trees for the answer to that and many other questions within the game
  5. Only One Snoopy Win User

    4 months of Gold for $4.00, (FROM XBOX SITE)

    It does stack. But I think the biggest question here is... Is it within the ToU/CoC to do this?
  6. brandiesel1 Win User

    Evil Within Secret Weapons (Spoilers and Question)

    I haven't played it yet, but I just did a bunch of searching for you. I haven't seen anyone that has unlocked it. Is it even unlockable? Maybe it will be in future DLC.

A question within a discussion?

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