Abuse of Title/Power

Discus and support Abuse of Title/Power in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Today I was repeatedly threatened and insulted by an Xbox user who claimed to be an ambassador and that he would ban me if i responded to his... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by GodzGl0ry, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. GodzGl0ry
    GodzGl0ry Guest

    Abuse of Title/Power

    Today I was repeatedly threatened and insulted by an Xbox user who claimed to be an ambassador and that he would ban me if i responded to his unwarranted insults. He also used homophobic hate speech. Who would I contact for this type of abuse of title?

    GodzGl0ry, Jul 10, 2019
  2. denis97g Win User

    Abuse of Title/Power

    You can only report the user on your xbox.Also, make sure to block and mute him. Ambassadors don't have any power to ban people.
  3. H3PA80R Win User

    Abuse of Title/Power

    As Ambassadors we don´t have any power to ban other gamers. A ban could only made from any member of the Xbox Enforcement Team, if they got an report about an violation of the ToS, CoC or something else. If they found proof that a gamer did violate against
    that, they will take action.

    For more Information About that you could check on https://enforcement.xbox.com/.

    If you run into any toxic gamer just block, mute and report them. This is the best you could do.
  4. SylvorOnix Win User

    Abuse of Title/Power

    Hi there, sorry you went through something like that. As mentioned, record the gamertag and report it. Ambassadors do not have access to the information needed to ban a user. We are here to help you with assistance with issues that arrive while gaming or
    to extend help on the hard to pass games and achievements

    If the person you speak of is an ambassador they will be further educated on their role and if not that a possible disciplinary action. Enforcement can ban users yes but not because they feel like it. A chain of command is in force and some sort of violation
    on the users part would have to have taken place and then an investigation which is a process
  5. Nemesis45102 Win User

    Enforcement or abuse of power?

    Will I get banned just because I received complaints?
    No. A common misconception is that a certain number of reports will result in an automatic suspension. According to the myth, even if you haven’t done anything wrong someone can get you suspended by encouraging players to file many complaints. This is completely

    XBLPET investigates complaints and takes each report into consideration when making an enforcement decision, but a certain volume or frequency of complaints doesn’t guarantee a suspension. We take an evidence-based approach to enforcement
    and take numerous factors into account when considering issuing a suspension. The context around the content or activity is particularly essential and drives our decision-making process. Simply put, there is no magic formula that instantly results in a suspension.

    Despite what some may claim, XBLPET will never ever ban anyone “for no reason”. Suspensions
    always occur as a result of a specific Code of Conduct violation.
    This is a late reply but all of what you said is sugar coating. There are tons and tons and tons of people who were suspended and even banned like me for no reason and people reporting you for false reasons. There's too many incidents and you're in denial.
    I got gameplay suspended by a guy because I beat him in Tekken 7. He called it "harassment" and i got suspended just for winning. There are too many incidents, this system is faulty.
  6. MajorIris Win User

    Ambassador abuse of power

    Please PM one of the Moderators.

Abuse of Title/Power

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