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Discus and support Account hacked in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; So I got on this morning and my username has changed??? My email has been hacked in the past and it seems to keep happening no matter what I do.... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by WittyBunny32570, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. Account hacked

    So I got on this morning and my username has changed??? My email has been hacked in the past and it seems to keep happening no matter what I do. Doesn't this mean this person has access to my CC now?? I did live chat and they sent me here...HELP PLEASE

    WittyBunny32570, Jun 15, 2014
  2. cross44
    cross44 Guest
    Microsoft Account Hacked

    Here you go buddy, some info!

    people don't need to change email address when compromised, they need to change password and make sure they have proper security... that includes not using passwords on more than one service, if one service is compromised all those details are sold.

    Someone in another country will pop up with it, even if it takes years to happen. My skype password took approximately 4 years from compromise to have someone log in and use it.

    This app makes you click approve when logging into websites, and it's instant once you click "accept" the website will load in normal.

    Any devices that don't work with the app like xbox 360 will have you go to website once to create a password (it will generate a password that isn't easy) and you use that on those devices to login with your normal user name.
    cross44, Jun 15, 2014
  3. xxmavrikxx
    xxmavrikxx Guest
    Microsoft Account Hacked

    Im tired of this hacking shit.

    Off topic, everyone needs to watch out for that ransomware shit.

    Last year almost 1 billion got paid out. That was a huge jump from 2015 where only 32 million was paid out. With a jump like that Im sure it will grow even more.
    xxmavrikxx, Jun 15, 2014
  4. maxen
    maxen Guest

    Account hacked

    Based on the username you have now, it looks like a Forced Name Change (FNC) has been applied to your account, which would only happen if the Enforcement Team felt your previous username violated the Code of Conduct.

    You can confirm that this is the case by posting here:

    That is the forum monitored by the Enforcement Team.

    If this is the case, and it looks likely, you will need to pay the fee should you wish to change it to something of your own choosing.
    maxen, Jun 15, 2014
  5. Merlin4421 Win User

    I got to play the xboxone and ps4....

    Beachbum don't get in a hacking argument lol. Hacking single accounts is different than hacking into the PSN and stealing account info and credit cards.
  6. brandiesel1 Win User

    Microsoft Refund Policy is a JOKE!

    Your account wasn’t hacked. No one hacks an account and buys games for them lol.
  7. Obsessive Power Win User

    Microsoft you have a PROBLEM

    Unless a main website or service has been hacked - like PSN, it's not a hack ok.

    Phishing, NOT a hack

    Social engineering, NOT a hack

    Giving someone your LIVE ID to someone else and then losing your account,
    NOT a hack

    Using dodgy software or websites offering free points and what not, then losing your account, still
    NOT a hack.

    Signing up for various suspect websites using the same email address and password for LIVE. then losing your account. still
    NOT a hack.

    If EA was compromised and it held your Windows LIVE ID, this is technically a hack, but it's EA that would have been hacked, not Xbox LIVE. When I say 'hack' I mean a real, sophisticated website or server attack. A hack in the literal sense of the word.
  8. VanBur3n Win User

    Can you reset my gamerscore???

    I wonder what will be people's next excuse for hacking their account. Their fish hacked it?
  9. Boas BS5 Win User

    Hacked Account

    Hacked Once = Possibly

    Hacked Multiple times = Unlikeley

    MS to keep restoring your account after multiple hacks = Impossible


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