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Discus and support Account Issue in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; This started when I tried joining a friends minecraft world on P.E. Everything was locked in terms of access to multiplayer, something along the line... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by Lute_, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Lute_
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    Account Issue

    This started when I tried joining a friends minecraft world on P.E. Everything was locked in terms of access to multiplayer, something along the line of "you cant play multiplayer because of how your microsoft account is set up. You can go and change your
    security/privacy setting..."

    1. Multiplayer has always worked for me, I have not had account issues before.

    2. I have not touched a single setting or have microsoft account setting in at least 1 year. This is 100% my own individual account. Its not shared nor does it have a link to anyone else.

    3. I try to access my settings and I login using my hotmail and password. Then I go to security settings to change whatever is stopping from playing multiplayer all of a sudden and I am met with a security code barrier. All Is well at this point as I recognise
    the last two digits of the phone number shown. I give the last 4 digits as asked and await the text message.

    4. No text message is received even after several attempts. I try the "use a different verification option". I use the exact same phone number as I 100% know it the one attached to my account, it has the same country code and same general numbers (have alway
    used this number). I request a security code after putting in the last 4 digits (THE EXACT SAME ONES AS FOR THE OTHER TIME) I immediately receive a code. Of course putting this one in blocks me from changing settings for 30 days.

    This is seriously frustrating especially since its an issue arising out of nowhere, no setting have been touched for the longest time in the first place.

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    Lute_, Aug 29, 2019
  2. ZyNLeX Win User

    Account Issue

  3. Nathan Roberts (Sunk Win User

    Account Issues?

    Hey there, Boric

    Changing account information

    If your unable to change your account information through your Xbox One console, then please head over to and sign into your Microsoft account. You will be able to change your bank and billing information through that link, and it will save on your Microsoft Account. This should update
    onto your Xbox One account, as the Xbox Account gets this information from your Microsoft Account.

    You can also change your account information through the Xbox website here:

    Please note, because your accessing sensitive information, you may get greeted by a security challenge when logging onto the websites. This is normal, and it is Microsoft's way of making sure it is you (The account holder/owner) that is wanting to access
    this information.

    Also, if you are wanting to change your bank and billing information, but have an active membership on your other payment method, you will be able to add a different payment option but you won't be able to delete the old payment option unless the subscription
    expires on it. This also goes for any other subscription that is using that payment option, so if your wanting to delete any payment options and find you can't. Please check to see if you have any active subscriptions.

    If you find you do, you will need to make sure you turn off auto renewal. For all subscriptions for your Microsoft account, you will find these through the first link I provided to you at the top.

    Not able to log into my account

    Please delete your account from the Xbox One console, then do a hard reset. Once the Xbox has shut down, please power the console back on and re download your Xbox profile back onto your Xbox One. This should then, hopefully, allow you to sign back into your
    Xbox account.

    I hope this helps you get back onto your Xbox Account, and change your information.

  4. XBLRewards8 Win User

    Issue With Account

    Hello jarheadbodog,

    If Xbox Live Rewards is unable to deposit into your account for some reason, as long as you have not opted out to make the transition to Microsoft Rewards, any undeposited Xbox Live Rewards Credits and unredeemed MyVIP Gems will be automatically converted
    to Microsoft Rewards points and be added to your Microsoft Rewards account to redeem for whatever you choose from the Microsoft Rewards catalog.
  5. UnarmingNat Win User

    Account Issues

    But what if they taken a dollar out of my prepaid card for valid card (I think), does that mean it good?
  6. Lapsa - The Sabot-Fo Win User

    Account issues.

    Thanks every-one for your help, I managed to get it working.

Account Issue

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