Account prem ban: gamertag Mme

Discus and support Account prem ban: gamertag Mme in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; I didn't do it I would like to give more info on my side of the story, was only able to do 1000 letters before I was cut off. I was not approved due... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by M m e, Dec 4, 2021.

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    Account prem ban: gamertag Mme

    I didn't do it I would like to give more info on my side of the story, was only able to do 1000 letters before I was cut off.

    I was not approved due to how severe the account tampering was.. I wanted to state that I never did mod the gamersore nor know how to. my gamerscore was at 3mil at the time I've got the ban. I didn't do it at all but it is on the account and I can't really "prove" that I was the one who did it myself or not due to it was just added on my account randomly over the night, I was told from by some people I played with that some user tokens were lacked or something so people who knew how to hack/mod gamerscore were just able to add as much as they wanted and I wouldn't even be able to stop them due to they didn't need to go on my account nor even know what my gamer tag was as long as they had that unique token that everyone has for their Xbox account, I think that the ban was somewhat in the right of banning me due to you can't really tell who really owns the account but on the other hand I was trying to do better in the Xbox community, I was falsely banned for cheating for 2 weeks, most people would of gotten a forever ban so I didn't want to have a forever ban so I was really good after that, I didn't get reported nor banned for a full year so I was able to join the Xbox ambassador club, I was level one with like 30 xp to level 2 so I didn't join just to join, I joined it to do better in on the Xbox community. I do know that they looked into my account and saw the it was modded to high hell so that is why they are keeping it but I never wanted the gamerscore, I mainly play alone so I really don't know who did it but it wasn't me.. I've been on that account since i was just 11 years old and the account was like 9 or so years old, I don't see why I would risk such a thing that was in 90% of my life, please help thank you.

    M m e, Dec 4, 2021
  2. M m e Win User

    Account prem ban: gamertag Mme

    you act like this is 2009 and that coders are slow and have no idea what in the hell they are doing. there is so much tools out there that have been made and are most likely getting tested as I message this, it is 2021, people can do anything now a days even be able to shut down xbox themselves, **** you must know about that attack back in the day, and that was like 2014 and they were able to do something like that, **** updates and tools get better and better and better, in my eyes Xbox has 0 control over it and they will never be able to stop any coder to get a tool, if one tool doesnt wrok they will just make a new and better one and then they keep doing that until they give up or get bored. 9 times out of 10 the coders win due to xbox doesn't know what the hell is going on anymore

    So please give me more info on how to give proof and something I didn't do? what do i show them? a spreadsheet list of tokens that was never really public for anyone but people found away to get into it.. I am not a hacker nor a modder so I can't **** just show **** like that, i know all this info from my friends that talk to people who do that and YES i have asked ALL my friends to see if they had anything to do with it and they all said no due to the tool itself wasn't free until someone cracked it and was giving it away for free but until that happned people knew there was a risk of getting banned so they tested it on accounts that were not theirs or just people that they didn't like. I had a rare name. Mme is rare due to it being ONLY 3 letters so people were able to get my token pretty fast from the spreadsheet list. so again WHAT "PROOF" do i need to give that I didn't do it? I didn't even know it had happned until like 4 days after it was on there (just guessing i really dont know when it was added) due to I ONLY play xbox for fun, if i didn't pay for games worth over 2k+ i woulnd't even be upset and would of cut my lose by now but they were my games and if I got banned for a reason I didn't do I am going to fight it
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    Account prem ban: gamertag Mme

    Well no if you been rejected then there is nothing more ore to do

    One in order ro mod your account they need physical access to your account this includes anyone you lent the account to

    This is why you don't share your account details

    And no they can't just click your account randomly online it would've have to been recovered it doesn't matter if it was you or someone with access to your account moded it 3m gamerscore isn't a bug

    I'm not sure how 1000 character page isn't long enough if you didn't know how it happened

    All you could really do is say what dates you notice the changes

    Unless you really know more then what you are saying
  4. M m e Win User

    Account prem ban: gamertag Mme

    Again, you must not know about how easy coders can mess up peoples accounts, like I have stated, a list of account tokens were leaked so that being said they never needed the account info nor even go on the account, there so alot of tool I don't even really know about that are being used to hack people. I know there is a tool being made on a discord sever (not in it) one of my "friends" so you call them is in it and as show me that in the sever there is a bot that shows your email by just looking up the gamertag so please DO NOT come at me saying that they need this or that to do something to your account due to coders can do ANYTHING they want now a days. if they want to do something to mess up someones day or whatever they WILL find a way to do it. you sound like coders are dumb or something and that they NEED your info to do something to your account? like no they really don't this isn't 2009 this is 2021, tools are way better now and can do alot.
  5. ngocphi Win User

    Account prem ban: gamertag Mme

    What you are talking about is different

    Again it's physical access to your profile

    You are guessing and speculating which noone in their right mind will believe

    You need actual proof

    And since you ain't following the right path you aren't going to get anywhere

    That's like you telling your teacher your dog ate your homework or Santa destroyed your house.not a tornado

    Without actual proof saying something doesn't makr it true

    Did you actually fill the unauthorized access case ? How do you know there isnt proof

    ,the only other instance but doesn't boost you by 3m is jtag lobbies but that has nothing to do with your instance it doesn't affect gamerscore thats to do with weapons

    And you'd know if you were jtag you wouldn't be able to use your account

    Millions of accounts would have your issue if someone can magically be Santa and wave their wand and give everyone 1000 bucks currency and 3m gamerscore without accessing the account

    Oh wait that doesn't make sense since boosting is a paid hack

    They do it for money not to kicks
  6. Smwutches Win User

    Account prem ban: gamertag Mme

    The enforcement team does not use the forums. If you submitted a case review, you'll have to wait for their response. They are the only ones who could lift a ban.

Account prem ban: gamertag Mme

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