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Discus and support Account Recovery in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; Here we go again. So I have now three Microsoft accounts and I only have access to one. I have tried the recovery process numerous time with NO... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by AudileAtol18720, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Account Recovery

    Here we go again.

    So I have now three Microsoft accounts and I only have access to one. I have tried the recovery process numerous time with NO SUCCESS. I have tried having support call me back NOTHING, I have tried chating with support NOTHING, I have even been emailing
    support NOTHING! So lets try this. I just want my to log in to my old accounts. One of the accounts has an old hotmail account linked to it and i have hundreds of emails from the inbox and i can provide them. (there are even emails from microsoft.) The
    other i wonder if it was hacked because when i searched for the gamertag affiliated with it is no longer found.

    what other steps can i take to recover my accounts when the automatic recovery, chat, email, and call center provide no new information then a google search.

    AudileAtol18720, Jul 11, 2019
  2. OndoyBahista Win User

    Account recovery

    Try this:

    Or contact official Xbox Support if all else fails:
  3. MR FunnyMan31 Win User

    Account recovery

    So if they changed your email password your pretty much *** after getting hacked
  4. WPAK Win User

    Account recovery

  5. HyruleBalverine Win User

    Account Recovery

    1) It takes more than 6 minutes to get a response. Be patient and do not double post.

    2) Your best bet is to try
    as there is nothing we can do here, if anything can be done.

    Account Recovery

    I can't sign into my account I think I've been hacked my get is XxDASHGAMESxX my gamerscore is 20969 please help me

Account Recovery

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