Account temporary blocked

Discus and support Account temporary blocked in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; hi, my Personal account has been temporary blocked, i have a question if it's might be because i bought a xbox account with game from store on one... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by adriangajewski2, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. Account temporary blocked

    hi, my Personal account has been temporary blocked, i have a question if it's might be because i bought a xbox account with game from store on one website and i was switching between them when i was playing? I know that this is against microsoft terms of
    service, so if i delete that acount that i bought, my personal account wouldnt be blocked again?

    adriangajewski2, Aug 26, 2019
  2. DigitalAssassin Win User

    Account Temporary Blocked

    Hi there, you are best trying to recover the account through the account recovery form here:

    If you have no success with that then it's best to contact xbox phone support and prove you own the account through the information on the profile like email address and any credit card information you might have.

    There is no guarentee that they will help you get the account back, but this is the process my friend had to go through.
  3. XBF Eladio M Win User

    Account temporary blocked

    Hey adrian

    Thank you for taking the time to post this on the Xbox Forums.

    There is no way to effectively guarantee that you account wont be locked upon suspicious activity detected on your account.

    This is a safety protocol by Microsoft to secure your account.

    I would recommend making sure that your account is up-to-date on your

    Removing the other account or your use of it will not determine if you account will be locked temporarily in the future.

    I hope this was able to clear up any confusion this might have caused.
  4. adriangajewski2 Win User

    Account temporary blocked

    Thank you for response, i know how to unblock it but i want to know if my Personal account wont be blocked again when i delete that other account?
  5. EfficientBear28 Win User

    Account Temporary Blocked

    got abit more information after someone gave me number to contact another team,this team also was not able to get it unlocked but after i told the many details ,told me more ,it seems the 300 accounts that were deleted were entered automatically into closed
    accounts due to abuse and there is no way to tell which is which.

    they know 300 were closed but have no way to tell which are by mistake or by abuse....

    so me and the 299 others have to suffer so they can keep the abusers out of there accounts.
  6. EfficientBear28 Win User

    Account Temporary Blocked

    Tried that many times it i was able to prove my identity on 3 attempts ,getting the Your account is verified emails and everything is fine,been told by xbox team and Hotmail support there was about 300 accounts all closed by mistake about 3 weeks ago,that
    i should try the accounts team,i tried accounts they told me this is not right your account is in good standing,will get the fraud and abuse teams to phone you,thats 3 weeks ago never had that call.

    tried the appeals teams they just send copy and paste replies like this


    Thank you for contacting the Microsoft support regarding your account. Microsoft restricted access to your account due to a violation of the Microsoft Services Agreement. Violations of the Microsoft Services Agreement may require Microsoft to restrict
    access to particular content in your account and in extreme cases, permanently close the account. We have evaluated your appeal and have verified that activity occurred on your account that violated the Microsoft Services Agreement. To read the Microsoft
    Services Agreement, please visit:

    Thank you,


    Microsoft Online Safety Team

    At this point,I sure my hotmail email is gone ,so i am trying to save my xbox tag at the very least ,I was told 2 3 times by xbox team it is possible But only they can do this.

    But been trying this for maybe 2 weeks now i think maybe even this slim to none chance.

    I Never broke the rules ,always kept strait had too many games and applications to risk doing such things and to lose it because someone mistakenly closed it seems really really unfair

Account temporary blocked

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