Discus and support Achievements in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Has this happened to anybody else? Last service update june 4th 2014. Most my 100% completion list was reset 15 -18 game titles like Saints Row 3,... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by LuckyHeadshot, Jun 6, 2014.

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    Has this happened to anybody else?

    Last service update june 4th 2014. Most my 100% completion list was reset 15 -18 game titles like Saints Row 3, Dishonored, Xcom which I had 1 k completed or purchased and completed the first DLC, like with AC3 and Saints Row 3. That first DLC had come with
    those games starting achievements were reset incorporating all the later DLC's presently. These games I had completed long before any later DLC's. I no longer have these games in my collection trading them for newer games before they devalued weekly to the
    point of 5 quid now a year later on when all there DLC's would have become available, off the original 40-50 pre-order price. I hadn't played them after any completion which would have been within in the first few weeks of purchase or game play. I.E Dishonored
    was traded for XCOM, XCOM was traded for Halo 4.

    I have cancelled my subscription to LIVE until this issue has been resolved. If it doesn't get resolved, happening to other gamers, there is a very greedy corrupt marketing motive from LIVE. Where there new plan for giving games on GOLD is only a diabolical
    marketing ploy to get you buying the DLC's which don't devalue costing more then the game is worth. I>E after waiting a year for BIO Shock new DLC that game would have been worth waht 5 quid from any retailer alot more from LIVE but the DLC is worth between
    10-20 this is on every game, a free Dark Souls with Gold the DLC costs 10-20.

    I would hate think there isn't a reasonable explanation into this and this achievement error happened when. I bought TWAU latest DLC In Sheep's Clothing on the MAY 27 2014 where when I completed all but the Master Librarian on that day. That DLC achievements
    weren't added to my social profile showing 21/28 complete. But when searching under that games achievements they were completed. I contacted LIVE support and they reset my profile but didn't fix this issue however on the 4th with the service update these
    achievements were reset allowing me to replay and achieve them. However in doing so it reset all my completed games as well.

    I can only hope Microsoft aren't the evil organization ripping gamers off so blatantly through their marketing schemes. Making millions for companies who rip off gamers so blatantly to produce on average a 10 hour generic game title, when selling a 1/4
    of the game back to you every few months on a DLC which doesn't devalue like the original game has. Specifically controlled by LIVE who take that biggest rake for having full control of those DLC packs, because any retailer will only offer a code on the first
    as pre-ordered content.

    I don't where to post but I feel incredibly cheated right now, I play for fun and completion but I don't have 5 -10k thousand to buy brand new games then wait a year until all DLC's are available. Then get 500 bucks back for my collection which I had already
    completed prior to DLC's not playing those titles I no longer even had.

    In case you don't understand a word of this the above, in perspective. Will Wolfenstein New order completed at 1k in my social profile 100% revert back to non complete having points added when its DLC comes out. Wolfenstein New Order a generic game x4 cds
    of 10-15 hour play through 1ked completed basically in one UBER play through, although be it a fun game. It was gonna be traded in today for Murdered Soul Suspect or South Park Stick of Truth costing me next to nothing on those titles making them affordable.

    I hope there is some resolve to this achievment issue, which looks to be quite sinister in intended motive

    LuckyHeadshot, Jun 6, 2014
  2. Captain Speedy, Jun 6, 2014
  3. Captain Speedy, Jun 6, 2014
  4. SimeonOfDeath Win User

    Netflix Achievements not Unlocking

    Achievements for Netflix? What has the achievement system become? Remember when achievements were...well...achievements?
  5. DarthRaitu Win User

    Eso achievement

    Solution 2: Check your achievement progress online

    You can check the progress of your achievement online to verify that your console has synchronised with Xbox Live.

    To view your achievements online:

    1.Sign in at and select Achievements.

    2.Select the title of the achievement you're trying to unlock.

    3.If the achievement appears under “Achievements,” it's already unlocked.

    If the achievement appears under “Locked Achievements,” either the console isn't yet synchronised with Xbox Live or the achievement was not successfully unlocked.
  6. ShadowFlame117 Win User

    New achieves a bit... buggy?

    The new achievements are only achievable on the maps that are in the description. The three new achievements with Defiant in the description are only achievable on Defiant maps and any with Anniversary in the description are only achievable on the new maps.
  7. FreakRoach Win User

    achievement won't unlock

    Completing the game doesn't mean that you've achieved all the achievements. Go to the achievements list for that game and filter by `Unlocked` to see which achievement is pending.
  8. smileskybird Win User

    whats the point off zero point achievements

    Users who got the Xbox 1 Day 1 Achievement and I also got a YouTube Achievement. But getting 0G for those achievements is kind of ???. Xbox 360 never gave me achievements with 0G it was at least 5G for all achievements. Some achievements unlock special avatar
    awards (on 360).


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