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Discus and support Ambassador Progrom in XBoX on Mobile to solve the problem; Hello! I had an enforcement action about a year ago, and it has been a year now. I talked with a customer support agent yesterday and she said that I... Discussion in 'XBoX on Mobile' started by Sterling Sims, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Ambassador Progrom

    Hello! I had an enforcement action about a year ago, and it has been a year now. I talked with a customer support agent yesterday and she said that I would be able to re join the Ambassador Program today, it is that day, and I still can not join. I contacted
    support today, and they told me to make a question, so I am now here. Please help me!!!!!

    Sterling Sims, Oct 25, 2019
  2. Smwutches Win User

    Ambassador Progrom

    I would give it an extra day or so in case it takes the server time to update. If you're still having issues, you'll want to email L: to get in touch with
    Ambassador staff.
  3. Malacath Win User

    Cant access ambassador forums

    You need to be an ambassador to access the ambassador forums.

    As you don't have an ambassador symbol on your gamercard you are not an ambassador
  4. sandy the hippy Win User


    Are you sure you are a xbox ambassador? it doesn't have you listed as a ambassador under your name like the rest of the ambassadors
    Ambassadors who have not completed the ambassador quizzes won't have that nomanature in forums
  5. Smwutches Win User

    my xp on m,y profile wont show

    For issues with the Ambassador program, it's best to sign into the forums with your Ambassador profile and post in the Ambassador forum. Please use the link a the bottom of the Ambassador site to report the issue as a bug.
  6. Dirty Loco Win User

    ambassador problems

    Are you having problems on the Ambassador website, or on the Ambassador forum sections (which are closed to non-Ambassadors)?

    There are reports on the Ambassador support forums that people are currently unable to load the Ambassador site (a problem I am personally encountering). This may be connected to your issue.

Ambassador Progrom

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