Discus and support Ark in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Meu ark esta com falha ao conectar e depois da nao conseguimos recuperar o endereço e nao entra no servidor [Translation] My ark is failed to connect... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by NatanSantos Silva, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. Ark

    Meu ark esta com falha ao conectar e depois da nao conseguimos recuperar o endereço e nao entra no servidor


    My ark is failed to connect and after we can not recover the address and does not enter the server

    NatanSantos Silva, Nov 7, 2019
  2. FreakRoach Win User

    Ark Survival Evolved: Required to purchase Extinction?

    Ark Survival Evolved is a full game, and Ark Extinction is an add-on. Your title and description are contrary to each other and so I'm confused.

    If you purchased Ark Survival Evolved then you should be just able to play it. However, if you purchased Ark Extinction then you must also purchase Ark
    Survival Evolved.
  3. banky71 Win User

    Weekly What Are You Playing Thread

    Playing Ark Friday, Shenmue Saturday and Probably Ark Sunday.
  4. Halomaster0808 Win User

    What’s Everyone Playing This weekend (13-15 Dec)

    going to be playing ARK survival!
    Ark is a way of life ;)
  5. ooD0C H0L1DAYoo Win User

    Microsoft xbox one game add-on

    Go to Ark and try in Ark in game menu and see if you can find it there.
  6. JUST DO IT415 Win User

    Ark Survival Evolved Bundle with the new Diskless Xbox

    I'm not sure how much demand is for Ark or an Ark bundle. I would say a game pass bundle that says something about Ark would be better or what I would want.


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