Discus and support AUDIO PROBLEMS in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Recently I broke my TV and so I swapped it out for a computer monitor that we'd had lying around until I buy a replacement. The monitor is a HP 2010i... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by Enrique I 10 I, Jun 3, 2014.


    Recently I broke my TV and so I swapped it out for a computer monitor that we'd had lying around until I buy a replacement. The monitor is a HP 2010i and only has DVI, and VGA connectors, and so I went on amazon and bought a HDMI to DVI lead and plugged
    it into the computer this morning and the picture was fine, however there was no sound. I Google searched a few things because my subject knowledge isn't too great, I came to the conclusion that I would need a S/PDIF to 3.5mm lead so that I could plug it into
    my speakers which I planned on using for sound, will this work or is there an alternative option?

    Also I planned on buying the new Xbox One stereo headset with the adapter as I need to buy one anyway, will this play audio through the game without needing any necessary cables taking into account the fact that no sound comes through my monitor or my Xbox
    at this moment, in which case I wouldn't need to use my stereo for audio I would just use my headset instead.

    Enrique I 10 I, Jun 3, 2014
  2. Tibbydriver
    Tibbydriver Guest
    Problems with Dashboard audio

    I seem to be having some problems with the audi on my Xbox One's dashboard. If I select an app or play a game there seems to be no issue however any video I watch off the dashboard or even the clicking sound you get when selecting something there is no audio. I see that there is a service announcement up for some Live functions on MS's website but do not really see anything about this particular issue. Any advice?
    Tibbydriver, Jun 3, 2014
  3. Miss Ermine
    Miss Ermine Guest
    Miss Ermine, Jun 3, 2014
  4. steffb74
    steffb74 Guest


    Hi yes I think this will work - an alternative would be to extract the audio data directly from the hdmi cable with a thing like that one

    Using the headset will work and is great - wireless from box to controller and than wired from controller to your ears.

    steffb74, Jun 3, 2014
  5. Zhukov-462296FC-6AA4 Win User

    Audio problems

    No, except for BF4. They still need to fix the audio issues there, but that's a game problem instead of a system one. Does it happen to you randomly no matter what you're doing?
  6. Mister Cizl Win User

    Audio Problems

    Hey BurnG4501! Are you connecting your console directly through your TV or to a receiver? Are the audio options on the console appearing properly? Give the

    troubleshoot sound
    steps a shot and see if they help get that sound back up and running. Let us know!
  7. blueamcat Win User

    Audio problems

  8. Grovesy1988 Win User

    Audio Problems?

    Same with me, I have Samsung HT-TX500 on optical. Second OP, works great with movies and Black Ops...
  9. GODS GIFT Win User

    Audio Problems?

    Yeah, something doesn't sound right on my setup too...maybe the same as you



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