Discus and support Avatar in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; Hi, I have a problem uploading the profile image, every time I try to upload a new image to be set as a profile image I get the error message "At this... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by RiccardoSantoro98, Apr 29, 2020.

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    RiccardoSantoro98, Apr 29, 2020
  2. fa968158-000c-4532-b Win User

    Will Avatar Kinect ever see the light on Xbox One?

    Avatars are retiring. There will not be an Avatar Kinect on Xbox One. Microsoft is getting rid of avatars and all users who bought gears for the avatars will be issued refunds.
  3. NiteTimeOwl3533 Win User

    I purchased cloththing for my avatar but they are not showing up in wardrobe

    It might be because you need the new style of avatar for some clothes

    If you want to update your new Xbox Avatar, we’ve created an app for that: the

    Xbox Avatar Editor


    However, if you want to continue using your existing avatar and any of the content you’ve purchased or been awarded for it, you can do that in the

    Xbox Original Avatars

    Deck out your Xbox Original Avatar, and then import it to take the place of your gamerpic or new avatar.
    To import your original avatar:

    1. Launch the Xbox Avatar Editor app.
    2. Select Xbox Original Avatar, then choose your original avatar.
    3. Select Import.

    Give it a few seconds, and voil ! Your Xbox Original Avatar once again represents you across Xbox.
    If you want to use your Xbox Original Avatar as your gamerpic, use the Xbox Original Avatars app. Only the new avatars are able to use the Photobooth feature in the Xbox Avatar Editor.
  4. x24hrs2livex Win User

    Watch Dogs Uplay Aiden Avatar?

    The avatar reward offered on by Uplay is only for your Uplay avatar and is not a costume for your XBL avatar.
  5. onyxishere Win User


    If you purchased it in the Avatar marketplace then that means it is an avatar item only and not for use in the game. You'll have to go to Social then click on his avatar and go into the avatar gallery to access it.
  6. Christyna64 Win User

    NEW Avatar wearing purchases from old Avatar app.... Possible?

    The old avatars and avatar content is not compatible with the new avatar system. I have lots of items that I wish I could transfer to my new avatar. We do have the option to use either avatar we wish as a profile.


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