Badly Fluctuating Upload Speeds

Discus and support Badly Fluctuating Upload Speeds in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; Ok so I have a Netgear Nighthawk C7000-100nas Modem/Gateway. As of about early June, my 2 Xbox One X consoles cannot play together on the same network,... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/Co2_Outbr3ak, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Badly Fluctuating Upload Speeds

    Ok so I have a Netgear Nighthawk C7000-100nas Modem/Gateway. As of about early June, my 2 Xbox One X consoles cannot play together on the same network, due to an unstable Upload speed that the Xboxes both report. They are both hardwired. My One X is a part of the Alpha push-ahead ring but problem is present in non-preview consoles as well.

    I typically get 250 down/20 up for my speeds, but as of early June it fluctucates back and forth between 1mbps upload and 25. Its so drastic and sudden (constantly this big change in reported speeds) that when my girlfriend and i play together we just rubberband and get disconnected from servers constantly. We havent gamed together in over a month and its frustrating. My PC doesnt experience this issue at all and always reports about 250down/20-25up.

    Ive tried the following:

    -Power Cycling all devices on the network

    -Factory resetting all devices (including gateway)

    -Port Forward with Static IPs

    -DMZ an X1X on Static IP

    -Swapped ports on gateway

    -Swapped PC Ethernet (the has no problem) to Xbox One X and issue persists

    -Cleared Alternate MAC address on console

    -Tried WiFi instead of Ethernet, to no avail

    -ISP(Mediacom) says ports needed are open

    -ISP checked all lines and cables

    -ISP replaced all lines and splitters to the dropline

    -ISP checked SNR and Power levels (they are ok)

    -ISP tried one of their modems and issue persists

    -ISP removed and re-configured my gateway on their end

    -Gateway shows minimal to 0 correctable/uncorrectable errors

    -Disabled ipv4/ipv6 firewall settings to test

    -Tested OG/S models on public firmwares

    -Lagging happens on every game, not just one

    Things I HAVENT been able to try yet:

    -test speeds at another location (need higher speeds to test on as people i know dont use high upload)

    -Switching Cat 5e cables for Cat 6

    Im Im honestly at a loss. I doubt many people have 2 Xbox One X consoles on the same network playing together, but Im really starting to wonder if there was an update at the beginning half of June thats causing this problem. Me and my ISP are literally at our last steps and cannot figure this out at all. Its stressful because we played together a lot and now we cant in any capacity..... As of last night my console alone started lagging so badly as the only one playing that I couldn't even enjoy the game I was playing. Help?

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    /u/Co2_Outbr3ak, Jul 12, 2019
  2. zanswer Win User

    Fluctuating Packet loss Download/upload speeds.

    @A 0wner hey hey

    What Your problem exactly? I don't get. Packet loss and D/U speed is not depending on ports. Can You explain from the begging, what problem You have.
  3. EVASIVE rabbi Win User

    Xbox app on PC

    Hi KoKoola,

    Sometimes internet speeds can be throttled if your modem or gateway has not been reset in a while. I know this is a "step one" process but some people miss it.

    In my case I have downloaded a speedtest app on my phone to test my download and upload speeds daily. I would highly suggest downloading that app and seeing if your ISP is giving you the speeds you pay for.

    Also try to minimize wireless connectivity from the modem to pc. Wired connections are the best solution for fluctuations is speed.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Prah0k Khmer Win User

    33ms PING, 18mb DL, 1.5mb UL, OPEN NAT, Why am I lagging?

    I have 25/25 down/upload and i lag very badly, I end up having to pulled out my old linksys router (which put my Nat on Moderate) just to play MP. I find that playing on a Moderate Nat fix alot of the problem. I was reading about QoS and limiting the Upload,
    maybe dropping my upload to McDonald speed will solve all the problem.
  5. VXR8mate Win User

    Xbox One fluctuating connection speeds

    Did Your ISP test Your physical line to them? Speed fluctuation can mean that Your ISP has narrow channel somewhere on their path. When more users come, Your speed goes down, because ISP exceed they bandwidth limit.

    So to find root of the problem, we need more information.

    My ISP have run a couple of line tests in the last two weeks and they were fine. I've also run speed tests using a wired connection with all other connections disabled and it proved fine hitting 35mbps with 10m uploads, but the xbox fluctuates from reading
    to reading in the space of some 30 mins! It's as if the connection speeds deteriorate over just one gaming session.

    It was announced recently that Virgin no longer 'traffic shape' but do use a fair use policy, which I dont think I exceed.
  6. smileskybird Win User

    Best internet connection for new X1

    Wired is not the best. It just ties you down! FACT. I saw this ad poster on this building the other day of a dog on a leash and a dog running happily in the park without a leash.

    Well wired will give you a sure connection (cuz FAR too many things use the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi band). My place is with Vodafone NZ. Have high speed internet 100mb/sec download and 10mb/sec upload speed. Even on Wi-Fi, the 10mb/sec UPLOAD speed is very stable always
    9.8-10.2mb/sec upload speed when I run speed tests. But the download speed does fluctuate between 20-70mb/sec download speed.

    Fibre and high speed cable offer the fastest. ADSL seriously struggles in the Upload department. ADSL only averages 0.9mb/sec upload speed. NOT handy if you regularly share and upload HD videos on YouTube. But with Xbox, I think 3mb/sec download speed is
    the minimum rock bottom low speed OK for Xbox.

    I prefer wireless. Lets you stretch out your arms and jump up high.

    It's 2016 and NO ISP in the world can guarantee Perfect Internet every minute of the year. Everyone I've played with has mentioned at some points having dodgy connection. Our world is HUGE, servicing different countries. Even Microsoft's servers aren't perfect.
    But they're fairly good. Wired makes you feel like this:

    forward the video to 30 seconds >

    Only when my consoles have serious Wi-Fi issues will I hook it up with a chord.

Badly Fluctuating Upload Speeds

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