ban forza 5

Discus and support ban forza 5 in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Hello, I was banned because it was sent to me that I used another banned account, it's not true, and I don't know how to fix this by force 5... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by dinacatalin, Jan 14, 2022.

  1. dinacatalin
    dinacatalin Guest

    ban forza 5

    dinacatalin, Jan 14, 2022
  2. Onyx Is Here Win User

    ban forza 5

    Sorry to hear it. I'm afraid though that no one here can help with in game enforcements. You'll need to contact Turn 10 for more help
  3. Francia J. Win User

    Forza 5 ban

    Hi, I hope you're doing great out there despite the issue that you're experiencing. I am an Independent advisor and I am here to help you in regards to your concern.

    Just a friendly reminder though that we don't have information in regards to the enforcement action that you received for your own security and privacy but I am here to lead the way on where you can get more information regarding the enforcement and how you can prevent this from happening again.

    Kindly check this link to get more details, Louisbiggs:
  4. Elohmn Win User

    Unlawfully banned

    So, just asking but if I make my cars in let's say Forza 5 "sexed up", I can get a Dev Ban? While keeping in mind "offensive" Content.
  5. Retransmissions Win User

    Why is my other account banned from Forza Horizon 2?

    No, I mean Forza 5/titanfall/minecraft for instance if you click multiplayer it says, due to your recent behaviour you are unable to use this feature, and it says please do something else, with Forza horizon 2 when I click online freeroam the game itself
    says you have been banned from this features please go to Forza
  6. Lei Fang DOAX3 Win User

    What's currently your TOP 5 favourite games on Xbox 1?

    Hello "smileskybird" :)

    (1) Forza Motorsport 5

    (2) Forza Motorsport 5

    (3) Forza Motorsport 5

    (4) Forza Motorsport 5

    (5) Forza Motorsport 5

    This game has so much stuff in it that the $50.00 that paid for is easily going to be worth every single penny and a whole lot more LOL :)

    Have a nice day or afternoon or night :)

ban forza 5

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