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Discus and support ban mute in XBoX Sales and Promo to solve the problem; I got muted and I think I do deserve it though but the only reason why I sent such message is because I was playing with friends and my other "friend"... Discussion in 'XBoX Sales and Promo' started by xXVenomousAspXx, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. ban mute

    I got muted and I think I do deserve it though but the only reason why I sent such message is because I was playing with friends and my other "friend" would invite them to get them offline so they couldn't play with me(and I still don't know why so I had
    blocked him) and all I have been doing is playing by myself because I have no friends to play with and it isn't fun just having your friends not invite you and have their profiles offline because of one fake friend ( basically the reason why I got muted in
    because that friend I was playing with joined his party and put his profile offline and left me and I just got really frustrated and I did say something back which wasn't nice and he got everyone to try to ban me, something I would call manipulation)

    I apologize for being a bad influence but is their any ways I could raise my reputation back?

    xXVenomousAspXx, Jul 22, 2019
  2. ChainSmokingBob Win User

    Why would I be mute banned?

    You mute them/they mute you? That's your problem. Enough of that and the system will ban you.
  3. KirstyBell Win User

    Muted icon

    Hi, it's possible that you have a BAN for communication. Or that you have set mute in party.
    Thanks, but i am not banned and i have checked and i am not muted
  4. Noble 29 Win User

    Why would I be mute banned?

    If you're exchanging mutes with everyon you come into contact with, you'll get banned after you get muted enough. You DO know that you can change your voice settings so that you can only hear the people on your team, right? It saves you the trouble of having
    to mute everyone, and doesn't warrant possibly undeserved mute bans.
  5. Nesquiked Win User

    Mute Ban

    I just wish it was only people that deserve to be muted, like people that are trying to be annoying. I sometimes mute people that are speaking a different language or that are having a conversation with someone else on the team because it distracts me, but
    they don't deserve to be mute banned just because I don't speak their language or that I don't want to listen to a conversation or anything so innocent like that. And since I can't think of anyway to fix it so only the people that deserve to be muted get muted
    I think it's better off not having a mute ban, I think people can decide for themselves if something annoys them or not.

    Also, I just don't like the idea of players having power over any kind of bans, some people just like to ruin things for others and will purposely try to get someone mute banned. Imagine if a full team wants to get revenge on some guy on the other team,
    well they can all mute that poor guy and he'll likely be mute banned for something that had nothing to do with him talking. I think it's best to keep any kind of bans in the hands of the game companies and Microsoft.
  6. Daniel6591 Win User

    Why doesn't anyone talk anymore?

    Are you mute banned in halo reach?

ban mute

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