Discus and support banned in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; i just got banned from talking to people for two weeks. When i checked on why i was banned i was apparently harassing someone. i whent to check all of... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by IBetItWontWork, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. banned

    i just got banned from talking to people for two weeks. When i checked on why i was banned i was apparently harassing someone. i whent to check all of my messages this month and i did not see any of my messages harassing someone. My Point is that i think
    that ive been falsely reported, And if ignoring someone who spams me messages 6 times an hour. or telling a kid that lies and scams to get what i wants in an 18 plus video game is harassing or bullying. Then i dont even know what reporting is any more . Please

    IBetItWontWork, Jun 12, 2019
  2. iNb4 Ownage Win User

    MS Points on a banned account?

    No, once an account is banned, then it is banned. banned means banned. Sorry, but you shouldn't have broken the CoC/ToS.
  3. BeastBadshah Win User

    I can't play multiplayer anymore

    What happens if I've been banned?

    Most bans occur because of unacceptable behavior or content, such as lewd player emblems. On the first offense, a player receives a temporary ban from using that feature. Subsequent offenses can lead to further temporary bans or even a permanent ban.

    Banned players have limited access to the game based on the terms of their ban. Bans for hacking or using a modified console blocks access to all online features of the game. These types of bans are always permanent.

    Will you reverse my ban?

    Currently there is no appeal process for bans. To keep your online gameplay privileges in good standing, it’s best to immediately cease any unsociable behavior and wait out the ban.

    How long will this ban last?

    The length of bans vary on the type and number of offenses. This can be seen in the ban message that appears in game.
  4. {Parity} Win User


    There are different kinds of bans an account ban and a console ban. The account ban which a communication ban is will follow your account it is not tied to the console so yes it would follow you to the One.
  5. bowski477 Win User

    account on other console

    A console ban will not do anything to your account. Harassment is more likely to cause his account to be permanently banned rather than a console ban. But if there is a console ban it does not ban the accounts on the console.
  6. Smwutches Win User

    Buying a used Xbox 1 that is banned

    No. If it's a permanent console ban it would remain banned. Console bans are not overturned.


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