Discus and support bots in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; xbox1 black ops 4 how do I set up game with bots? 7f201347-76c3-43a0-acb2-6fee66195dae Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by tony202, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. tony202
    tony202 Guest


    xbox1 black ops 4 how do I set up game with bots?

    tony202, Jul 16, 2019
  2. Sipuli91 Win User

    3rd playthrough, scavenger bots not working

    I didn't mean 3 bots at a time (how do you even get 3 scavenger bots? My friend just somehow ended up with 3 of them with no clue what she did differently compared to me...), I meant 1 bot/playthrough in 1 spot. Like, 1st playthrough, deploy bot. 2nd playthrough,
    deploy bot at the same spot. 3rd playthrough, bot flashing red in the exact same spot. That's what's going on with my bots right now and I'm wondering what's going on. Bots bugged or what?
  3. brandiesel1 Win User

    Xbox enforcement

    They most definitely are not bots. Strict yes, but not bots.
  4. OK Fowl Win User


    In this case, we hope you can report the user with the steps here
    so they can get this cleared up.
  5. Daft Badger Win User


    Report & block via your console.

    If it's that much of a problem then set your comms to friends only until this dies down.

    This sort of thing happens every so often & will stop soon.
  6. Dadwhite Win User


    Yes bots can do this through the web interface. There was a problem earlier in the year with bots sending messages no both xbox and playstation. If this happens do not reply to any of them. Block them and report them. As long as you do not reply or do
    anything that violates the code of conduct or Term of Use then you will not receive an enforcement action.


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