Broken "auto low-latency mode"

Discus and support Broken "auto low-latency mode" in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; I'm not sure if it's The Insider build or the recent update to my TCL Roku TV that caused this. But Auto low latency mode is no longer selectable in my... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/steppingstone01, Jul 13, 2019 at 12:14 AM.

  1. Broken "auto low-latency mode"

    I'm not sure if it's The Insider build or the recent update to my TCL Roku TV that caused this. But Auto low latency mode is no longer selectable in my Xbox settings. I went to play Rock Band this morning and thought I was losing my mind because I was missing notes left and right. Turns out that the Xbox is no longer automatically turning on the game mode feature of my TV anymore. Is it just me?

    TCL Roku TV was updated from Version 9 to version 9.1 last night and I just updated to the most recent skip ahead preview a few minutes ago. So, I'm not sure which is causing this problem.

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    /u/steppingstone01, Jul 13, 2019 at 12:14 AM
  2. M3tal Daz3 Win User

    Low Latency Mode - being triggered by Netflix?

    When you enable the auto low latency mode you do so for all video processing
  3. Lord C Vandingo Win User

    Xbox One X no Dolby Atmos using Samsung HW-N950 & Samsung QE65Q9FN 4KTV

    The Xbox is able to recognise the Dolby Atmos capability on the soundbar if connected directly .

    However FreeSync (variable refresh rate ) is not selectable on the display and sound settings page of the Xbox X.

    Free Sync is available on my Samsung Q9 and is an option in the game mode menu of the TV.

    Game mode is a TV mode that allows low latency on Samsung (and other manufacturers) TV's.

    My TV allows Auto Low Latency and this doesn't work when plugged directly into the soundbar (Samsung HW-N950) despite Auto Low -Latency being recognised on the Display & Sound settings page on the Xbox X. The TV will not allow this when the Xbox is plugged
    into the soundbar via HDMI then into the TV by HDMI ARC.

    Auto Game mode or Auto Low Latency turns on game mode while playing games but turns game mode off automatically should i use a blu ray disc for example.

    So two modes made available to me by Xbox and Samsung currently don't work in tandem in the correct manner.

    Xbox One Elite 1TB

    xbox one elite not have 4k resolution or HDR, plus not have low latency mode
  5. CCrane Win User

    Low Latency Mode - being triggered by Netflix?

    If you hard set it from the TV side yes.

    But newer TVs like the Samsung Q9F now support "Auto" detection of GLLM.

    And with the new Low Latency Mode setting on the XBOX ONE, when it turned on, it is suppose to "allow" individual apps when then are launched to decide to trigger Game Mode on the TV. When you are in the XBOX home page for example it does not trigger Low
    Latency Mode, it is only triggered when you launch an app. The Netflix app, Blue Ray player, and other streaming media apps should absolutely not be triggering this behavior. Game mode is exactly that... for games. So this is definitely a bug. If the
    setting truly is to "allow apps" to trigger it, video media apps should not be set to trigger it, it negatively impacts the viewing experience.
  6. Littleweasel Win User

    i cant download a 13 gig update

    if you have auto updates on it will update the game when you are in low power stand by mode if im not mistaken

Broken "auto low-latency mode"

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