Bug: Evolve not installable in Alpha

Discus and support Bug: Evolve not installable in Alpha in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; The game (used to be Games with Gold) doesn't show up in the library at all, if you search for it in the store it will tell you that you can play it... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/NotFromMilkyWay, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Bug: Evolve not installable in Alpha

    The game (used to be Games with Gold) doesn't show up in the library at all, if you search for it in the store it will tell you that you can play it with Gold but the install button is greyed out. You can however start the download from the website, even to an Alpha console.

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    /u/NotFromMilkyWay, Jan 16, 2020
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    Open NAT - Due to network Limitations, you can't join party chat right now

    I am the aforementioned husband. It happens on Destiny and the Evolve Alpha.
  3. Mister Quimby Win User

    Xbox One Preview member, Evolve Alpha code doesn't work

    Hey everyone!

    The Evolve Alpha code requires a Xbox Live Gold membership, without a Gold Membership you will be unable to use the Evolve Alpha code. If you already have a Gold Membership and are unable to use the code please let us know. Thanks!
  4. METHOD BLUNT Win User

    [Topic Unique] Evolve

  5. EnenDaveyBoy Win User

    Why are all Next Gen Games Unfinished?

    So what happens after 6 months and there are still bugs? In an Evolve article they said they hard a working rough setup after 3 months, so they have been working an testing since, even their alpha had issues.

    testing with people in the office isn't whats needed tested by millions worldwide is.

    On PC some games are released at alpha and beta stages, normally at reduced prices, that allows for true level testing and keeps customer expectations at a certain level.
  6. Randver Win User

    Evolve is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    ^^The Beta isn't under NDA? because the Alpha was.

    Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games announced a limited closed alpha test for its four vs. one multiplayer shooter, EVOLVE and apparently the developing house has started sending out the keys to finalized list of participants.

    In a recent thread created over EVOLVE Forums by Brandini, the moderator reminds all alpha participants about the strict Non-Disclosure Agreement that they signed along with the alpha sign-up form.

    Stating that EVOLVE Alpha is approaching fast; Brandini asks the community not to share anything whatsoever related to the alpha test. The community is asked to mark any discussion on the subject as off-topic so that it could be moved to Private Alpha

    Because the Alpha requires testers to agree to a strict NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), this means they won’t be able to publicly discuss their time in the game.

    So with that said, it would be super helpful if, when the time comes, everyone could flag any discussions that are about the Alpha as “off-topic” so it can be moved into the private Alpha category. In most cases, they are unintentionally talking about

    Yes, there will be a Private Alpha Category to discuss everything without violating the NDA. Turtle Rock Studio’s Community Manager, DamJess has confirmed it by stating:

    There is an alpha category that only Alpha participants will have access to on the forums.

    As of now, there is no mention as to when this alpha test will commence, but we are hearing reports of an Xbox One Beta shortly after it. To become a part of the discussion, head over to EVOLVE Forums!

Bug: Evolve not installable in Alpha

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