capture loading issues

Discus and support capture loading issues in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; I'm in the xbox one update preview alpha skip-Ahead and i am having a issue where when go into a club it doesn't load people's videos and screenshots.... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/ThelegendaryDOCTOR, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. capture loading issues

    I'm in the xbox one update preview alpha skip-Ahead and i am having a issue where when go into a club it doesn't load people's videos and screenshots. Also it cant load captures that were posted 3 hours ago or more. Is anybody having these issues.

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    /u/ThelegendaryDOCTOR, Aug 10, 2019
  2. M3tal Daz3 Win User

    Saved clips are gone

    Keep in mind that captured clips expire in 30 days when you don't load them to live. Make sure to load them to avoid this issue
  3. Goth Vampirella Win User

    Captures load time

    You think it's slow now... just wait until the Scorpio attempts to render your clips in 4k. lol
  4. Kriist Win User

    4oD and Netflix Wont Play video?!!

    I had this issue as well and can confirm that if you have a capture card, Netflix will not load the video (or give you any message of any kind). This is a glaring issue in my case as I use my One for entertainment and gaming capture and don't want to have
    to pull cables every time I want to watch Netflix.

    Usually with HDCP, the video on the One will pass through the capture card but my software will lock so I can't record it (see the TV App or Xbox Video).

    I'm going to raise an issue with Netflix as there must be thousands of people with capture cards that don't want to have to pull them every time they want to use Netflix.
  5. DriedPooh Win User

    14,000 point loss WTF??

    I wondered about that I captured a crap load of flags why does it say 10????
  6. C0LD S0LDIER Win User

    Xbox one showcase not working, and rewind/play and pause features missing for clips.

    I have, verbatim, the same issues. Additionally, when attempting to view my own videos on the Activity Feed 90% of my clips stop as if they failed to load. I cannot delete old clips in the Captures tab of my profile, either.

capture loading issues

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