CastleStorm MP online bug

Discus and support CastleStorm MP online bug in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; 不能尋找已連線對手 134fe9c6-8d97-4076-872b-df04c6b88598 Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by charles9433, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. charles9433
    charles9433 Guest

    CastleStorm MP online bug


    charles9433, Feb 4, 2020
  2. {Parity} Win User

    CastleStorm MP online bug

    What error messages are you getting?
  3. R1CH5TER Win User

    Castle Crashers pulls a Minecraft, but better

    Are you thinking of castlestorm?
  4. Daft Badger Win User

    XBOX backwards compatibility

    Yes,that's the one,not Castlestorm,Happy wars.

    Thanks mate.
  5. R3d P01nt Win User

    MP bugs

    I had an awesome one yesterday. After about wave 2 my character could no longer pick up any ammo and it didn't replenish at the end of the round. That didn't matter too much though, because I quickly realized that my powers weren't doing anything and my
    bullets were also doing no damage. Melee attacks also did no damage. Of course, the enemies were unable to hit me either. I spent the rest of the match running around doing nothing while my teammates had to play without my help.
  6. Dre G Writer Win User

    MP bugs

    Also, I forgot to add, this same thing also happends at the end of a game. when you purchase a pack and the host leaves while your looking at the pack or in the middle of opening the pack up, those items could be locked off as if you haven't even unlocked

    To solve that problem, just make sure you wait to see if the host is going to leave right after the game has ended, or quit the lobby and buy it.

CastleStorm MP online bug

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