Clear: Can’t cancel Request

Discus and support Clear: Can’t cancel Request in XboX Networking Hardware to solve the problem; Clear (ISPs): Can’t cancel Request For this issue you can contact xbox support: (800) 469-9269 if you're in the US/Canada or Contact Us | Xbox Support... Discussion in 'XboX Networking Hardware' started by oH Savior, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. oH Savior
    oH Savior Guest

    Clear: Can’t cancel Request

    Clear (ISPs): Can’t cancel Request
    For this issue you can contact xbox support: (800) 469-9269 if you're in the US/Canada or
    Contact Us | Xbox Support

    oH Savior, Jul 12, 2018
  2. bowski477
    bowski477 Guest
    Cancel Request

    At this point you'd have to contact official support via chat or phone.

    In the future it's best to keep your account up to date with all your correct information.
    bowski477, Jul 12, 2018
  3. woodevil
    woodevil Guest
    Cancel Request

    When I went to chance my password account, it started pending my request but when I went to get on and sign in on my Xbox One it said I had to wait till Sep 18, so I went to cancel the request but it needs a code from my old phone number which I no longer
    have what can I do?
    woodevil, Jul 12, 2018
  4. M3tal Daz3
    M3tal Daz3 Guest

    Clear: Can’t cancel Request

    M3tal Daz3, Jul 13, 2018
  5. M3tal Daz3 Win User

    Clear: Can’t cancel Request

  6. ArminatorX Win User

    Cancel a request

    Are you still able to sign in on your account security page at
    ? If not, follow the instructions for a compromised account here:

    If you were able to get to the Proofs Managing page, you can remove the alternative address. Then change your password to something very secure. I recommend thinking of a sentence you can easily remember. Like for example "This sentence is my password. I
    can remember it well!" Then take the first letter of each word and the punctuation and you get "Tsimp.Icriw!" which would be a complex password that you can still easily remember.

    Then, after changing your password, scroll down on the page and enable Two Step Verification and set up the free Authenticator App on your phone.

    After you've done that, add your own phone number and alternative email addresses at the top, so you can recover your account with that information.

    And remember to keep that information up to date, BEFORE you change phone numbers or emails! You will have to confirm a code that is being sent to the email or phone number. If you change that security information without access to your email or phone number
    there, changing the security info takes 30 days, to prevent account hijacking.
  7. steeledwand7664 Win User

    Cancel a request

    In the end if you truly can not get back into your account and you believe you got hacked Even following the link that my fellow ambassador put in if you ambassador and click no on the first two answers the following is what is going to show on the next

    [table][tr][td]If you're unable to recover your account yourself, immediately reset your email password to prevent further misuse of your account, and then contact Xbox Support. We'll need you to provide some specific information:
    • The hardware identification numbers from the Xbox console you use most often.
    • The Microsoft account email address that you're trying to recover.
    • An alternate phone number where we can reach you if necessary.
    • A new Microsoft account without any gamertag associations. This new account will be used for secure communication purposes during the process of recovering your compromised account.To create a new Microsoft account, go to and select Create one! (you will need to sign out of any existing account to see theCreate option).
      • When setting up this new account, please only use your phone number as a recovery option.Do not use an alternative email address as your other email accounts may also be compromised.
      • Do not use this new Microsoft account on your Xbox console or on until you receive further notification from Xbox Support.



    Basically you will need to create a new MS account and then contact xbox support by going to and they will ask you some additional questions about your current account and send a form up to their escalations team who will then
    look over this form and if they determine your account was truly compromised they will move everything over to the new account you created.

    Now the Main thing you want to keep in mind is the last bullet point on this page which says to not use the NEW account on your xbox console or at this is until you hear back from the escalations team saying that they have moved everything over
    for you. The reason for this is that if you sign in on your console or at with the new account it will automatically generate a xbox profile for you and they will not be able to transfer all of your old information over to the new account. and you
    would have to start the process all over again.
  8. xxxTIMBURYxxx Win User

    Cancel a request

    You can try the following HERE .
  9. darkist1 Win User

    Cancel a request

    I'd suggest adding additional security information to your account if you believe you've been hacked and someone is attempting to use an alternative email address.

    But first contact xbox support.

    Here's some info on how to change your MS account email

    And here's some info about account security link

Clear: Can’t cancel Request

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