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Discus and support Code inutilisable / Unusable Code in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Bonjour, [FRANÇAIS] J'ai passé les vacances en France et j'avais un peu d'argent donc j'ai acheté deux cartes cadeaux x-box de 15 euro. Mais le... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by Kenzo the cat, Aug 29, 2019.

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    [FRANÇAIS] J'ai passé les vacances en France et j'avais un peu d'argent donc j'ai acheté deux cartes cadeaux x-box de 15 euro. Mais le problème c'est que je ne peux pas les utiliser car je ne vis pas en France et j'ai donc un message comme quoi je ne vis
    pas dans la bonne région et je dois les rapporter mais comme dit précédemment je ne vis pas en France donc maintenant pour les rapporter c'est un
    [Mod Removed-Profanity]. Auriez-vous une idée ou alors puis-je me faire rembourser ?

    [ENGLISH] I spent the holidays in France and I had some money so I bought two x-box gift cards for 15 euro. But the problem is that I can’t use them because I don’t live in France and so I have a message that I don’t live in the right region
    and I have to bring them back but as I said before I don’t live in France so now for bringing them back is kind of
    [Mod Removed-Profanity] up. Do you have any idea, or can I get a refund?

    Kenzo the cat, Aug 29, 2019
  2. XBF Diego M Win User

    Code inutilisable / Unusable Code

    Hi Kenzo,

    Thank you for posting on the Xbox forums. I'd be happy to answer that.

    Unfortunately gift cards or redeemable codes for game content are region locked due to regional price differences/currencies on the same content based around taxes or other fees imposed by the region's laws which Microsoft needs to follow when managing storefronts
    in different countries. It's also meant to prevent bypassing those regional laws to buy the same game in a region where it may have less taxes, therefore making it cheaper. This violates the

    Microsoft Services Agreement
    and the laws of the region in which you reside. Changing your region in an attempt to redeem the codes is also not allowed.

    You would need to go back to the retailer you purchased from to get a refund, but since you cannot take the cards back to France the best thing to do would be to gift the cards to someone you know in France, or to contact Xbox Customer Support for your region
    with your receipts in hand to see if there is anything they can do regarding those gift cards as there is nothing we can do on the forums.

    1. Contact us here
    2. Select Xbox One
    3. Select See other options
    4. Select Payment & billing under Account management
    5. Select show contact options and go to step 4
    6. Select Request a call from Support if available within hours of operation or there should be a number for you to call and hours of operation for your region

    All of the relevant information has been provided and no resolution can be reached on the forums, therefore we will be locking this thread. If you would like further assistance with this matter, please contact Xbox customer support using the steps above.
    Thank you for understanding, have a great day!
  3. ngocphi Win User

    Borderlands GOTY edition used dlc codes already used.

    not sure how i haven't helped you

    but anyways

    as stated if you want unused codes you have to buy new

    used most likely you'll be buying games forever till you get an unused code

    better to buy new for dlc codes

    there is no answer to get codes for on used games

    you can buy unused dlc codes on certain sites never on a used game
  4. XBF Nestor S Win User

    Code unusable

    Hey Doom thanks for keeping us in the loop!

    We're glad to hear that everything was solved. We will be locking this post as resolved but please
    don't hesitate to post again if you have any questions or concerns.

    Thank you for being a valued Xbox Member!
  5. MrDoomguy Win User

    Code unusable

    Got everything resolved, thanks for your help!
  6. XBF Nestor S Win User

    Code unusable

    Hey Doom thanks for keeping in touch!

    The quickest way would be to follow this >link< select billing and accounts>cant redeem
    a code>Show contact options> and Request a Callback. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes!

Code inutilisable / Unusable Code

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