Cold War problems/Xbox problem?

Discus and support Cold War problems/Xbox problem? in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Sorry if this is a bit of a long one but I'm really at a loss and need help... So I have Call of Duty Cold War on disk for my xbox one. I have had it... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by LuciferWhit, May 7, 2021.

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    Cold War problems/Xbox problem?

    Sorry if this is a bit of a long one but I'm really at a loss and need help...

    So I have Call of Duty Cold War on disk for my xbox one. I have had it and been playing it since release with no issues. Also before I start I would just like to say that the disk is fine as it works perfectly well on my girlfriends xbox and my xbox is fine as it plays every other disk besides this one.

    When season 3 arrived (22/4/21) I had to do the usual update which I did. Upon launching the game, I recieved an error message saying that some of the files are corrupt. So I did as my xbox suggested and reinstalled the game.

    When I started the game, as normal I was sent to the "press start" screen, however when I pressed start, it would come up with a bar that said "connecting to CoD services" The download was extremely slow, about 1% every two minutes. At around 30%, it would then say "checking files" and restart back at 0%. My wifi is perfectly fine by the way. Whilst this was happening, the background cinematic would constantly keep freezing for split seconds and the audio would cut in and out.

    After attempting this multiple times throughout the day and having no luck, I decided to reinstall it again. Still nothing. I had the exact same issue. I asked on different support sites and all they could suggest was reinstalling yet again! So with nothing to lose I tried it again.

    This time when I tried launching the game, it didn't even get past the startup screen (the picture/thumbnail of the game). I thought to myself though that at least reinstalling it has changed something. So AGAIN I reinstalled it.

    This time, I got to the second loading screen which is just a black screen with a loading wheel. However the game just infinitely loads...

    AGAIN I reinstalled it and this time I was back to where I was at the beginning! The download bar came up and was moving faster than before. Once it hit 100%, it reset back to 0% but started going up fast again so I thought I would leave it. Upon completion I was able to enter the game (past the main menu). I tried to join a multiplayer match but it would not let me. I tried to launch a solo campaign mission but again it would not let me. All the time that this is happening, the audio cuts off and back on again every few seconds as well as the background cinematics freezing.

    I decided one last time to reinstall and this is where I am at now. The game is now almost installed but if it doesn't work again, what should I do?

    Not sure if this is related or helps but here are some notes/details I would like to add (sorry if this bit gets confusing but I will try keep it as simple as possible)...

    On my xbox I have 4 storage devices;

    • Internal

    • Number 1

    • Number 2

    • Number 3

    For now, ignore the Internal storage device and Number 3.

    My Cold War is installed (or was) on Number 1. It had loads of free space and had all the content packs downloaded onto it. The game version was also up to date.

    On number 2, my xbox appears to have made a duplicate, only the game version is not up to date at all (0.00.00 or something like that) and not all the content packs are downloaded on there.

    Each time, before attempting my reinstalling of the game, I would delete/uninstall all the files on Number 2 as I believed it may be confusing the xbox or something? Obviously as you can see from what I've wrote before, this didn't work.

    Every time I tried to load up the game or reinstall it, it would create this copy onto number 2.

    Eventually I tried to install the game whilst number 2 was not plugged into my xbox. It worked. (This is where I could get onto the main game but not load into matches).

    I have since plugged number 2 back in as I need it for other games.

    I'm currently trying to install it on neither 1 or 2 but instead on number 3.

    If it does not work this time, what should I do? Has anyone else had this? How do I fix this? Is it the game? Is it my xbox? Is it the storage? I've been doing this every day since the issue and I'm completely at a loss...

    Thanks for any help!

    LuciferWhit, May 7, 2021
  2. Pasquale C. Win User

    COD Modern Warfare series x


    Maybe you have the Xbox One version of COD Cold War and you see that message because the Xbox One version cannot be upgraded to Xbox Series X. You can find more informations about COD Cold War editions here:

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Editions FAQ

  3. Ctm504 Win User

    Cold War Problems

    Yeah i did that. It says its downloaded but when i ckick it, it says to redownload it. Then the download fails.
  4. ItsSalmonFish Win User

    Cold War Problems

    Hi! Have you tried restarting your Xbox? If that doesn't work, try doing a hard reset by holding the power button for a few seconds and see if that works.
  5. HuskyMG Win User

    Buying Cold war

    I have also uninstalled cold war and installed cold war twice

    Big problem with toy soldiers cold war napalm DLC

    In "Toy Soldiers: Cold War", the problem is that the DLC is stored in the wrong folder.

    I suspect that the update is not applied to the DLC. This leads to errors when playing the DLC.

    And after 3 months the problem was still not resolved. I've also the DLC for "Toy Soldiers: Cold War" bought, "Napalm" and "Evil Empire". Please, Please (with sugar on top) dear Xbox Support fix this problem so that xbox players who have

    bought this game with the DLC can play it properly. The problem is definitely the U.S., Germany and Austria. But I think it occours worldwide.

    Thank You.

Cold War problems/Xbox problem?

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