Communication ban

Discus and support Communication ban in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; Hi, i recoeved a ban from communication a couple of weeks ago for cussing im a message. I realized when i got banned why it happened and it was my... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by Rdallas, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Rdallas
    Rdallas Guest

    Communication ban

    Hi, i recoeved a ban from communication a couple of weeks ago for cussing im a message. I realized when i got banned why it happened and it was my first ban after having the account for close to 7 years or more. But this morning i woke up to another ban,
    this time for a week, after i havent sent any messages woth cussing. I never play with my moc on u less im playing with friends and i have never done anything in a party that would upset them. So at this point i tried to do the questionair on the fly and obviously
    didnt know plenty of the answers. Now i have to wait another day just to try have do the test again. Im extremely frustrated because i havent done anything to get banned again. Its extremely aggravating that i am banned for a second time within a month, this
    time with no explanation. If i could get an answer as to why i got banned that would be great. I am unhappy with how my account has been handled recently. I have had people send aggressive messages to me and i report them with no news on repercussions for
    them. Meanwhile i get banned over night while im not on.

    Rdallas, Mar 27, 2019
  2. bowski477 Win User

    Being banned twice

    Is one a communications ban and one an account ban? Or are they both communications bans?
  3. bowski477 Win User

    Temporary Account Suspension.

    You can view your ban by logging in at however 24hr bans are not eligible for case review. Communication bans restrict all communication.
  4. USMCx WolfZz Win User

    My account was banned for life.

    im communication banned but it doesnt sau a date. i was also banned from playing online and that suspension passed already but im still communication banned.
  5. Dysruptz Win User

    Banned for communication then banned from Xbox live 2 days later for nothing

    if this is about a 100 day communication ban. This follows with a 2 week console ban them an additional 46 day communication ban making a 60 day privilege suspension
  6. Iz4_ Win User

    Xbox Enforcement Team

    I have filled a case review and it was upheld. How can i be banned again for a communications ban when i was already in a ban? I had no way to communicate

Communication ban

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