Discus and support Complaint in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I have been told to lodge a complaint I need to post on here goes. I have a faulty controller and I have been advised to get a replacement... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by Frudicus86, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Frudicus86
    Frudicus86 Guest


    I have been told to lodge a complaint I need to post on here goes.

    I have a faulty controller and I have been advised to get a replacement I need to send it to Microsoft and I will get a replacement in 14 days. I am quite disappointed that I am expected to be unable to use my console for 14 days whilst you replace my dodgy
    controller! It is not my fault it is faulty so why should I be expected to be without my console I paid good money for?

    I look forward in anticipation to a response.

    Frudicus86, Aug 14, 2014
  2. pwarbi
    pwarbi Guest
    Does anyone have a problem with my Gamertag?

    A gamertag is unique to the individual though so while if something is obviously offensive then you'd expect it to be looked at and maybe complaints being made, on this occasion and with this gamertag, any complaint is without foundation really, and like I said before, it's just merely a case of people being offended for the sake of it.
    pwarbi, Aug 14, 2014
  3. Complaints

    Hi so me and my 8 of my friends got banned yesterday for a day, because someone in the party(thats not even on my friends list) was tea-baggin and now my xbox is $#@&ed up, its been two days, 6hrs in total talking to Incompetent ppl on ur help line and
    all they can tell me basically is that i have about 500$ in xbox stuff in my room thats now garbage, so can someone that knows what they are doing PLEASE HELP ME
    IK 1R 0 1N I IK, Aug 14, 2014
  4. Complaint

    Hey there, Frudicus86! I'm sorry to see that you have to get your controller repaired and that it will take a few days to get it repaired. Since your issue is a bit different and for a different section of our forums, I split you off and moved you to the
    proper area to address you myself.

    If you would like to give us feedback about the time it takes to ship and repair a controller, I'd love it for you to head over to our
    Feedback site. This way you can post up your suggestion on how to improve the repair experience.

    You can also peruse the site and see items that are not only in progress, but completed! This is all thanks to users like you.

    We look forward to your feedback and hope we can address it appropriately! Complaint :D
    Misses Quinzel, Aug 15, 2014
  5. iLLiCiTaNo29 Win User


    I'm playing Call of duty black ops and I'm tired of still find invisible or invincible players. So I make the complaint when I play with people involved but during the testimony of complaint, no evidence is asked or even the games on which is the problem.
    How can he find xbox parties involved? Some players may just play a game and play normally after.
  6. voteDC Win User


    [quote user="alchiepone"]why does xbox live do every thing in its power to stop gamers complainihg about xbox live or their ambassadors[/quote]They don't. You just need to contact the correct people.

    If you are having issues with an Ambassador on the forum simply use the report tool under one of their posts, the little circle with a line through it. This will bring it to the attention of the moderators who can then pass the complaint up the line.

    If over the Ambassador Chat then you should contact a support agent. You can find many of them in the support sections
  7. stiribi Win User



    but thats not the issue here.

    any way

    thank you for your time
  8. Boombaa Win User


    Hey boy, you really fear such a moron?

    So file a complaint from your console, block communication and that's all, nobody will "hack" your profile how do you imagine it could be possible?
  9. Castellus Zemi Win User

    Complaint ,

    I am very sorry that this happened to you. Many people in my family personally have had stokes, and dealt with speech issues and not being able to think or do things as quickly as they once did. From reading this I believe you are talking about speaking
    with a customer service agent on the phone. If this is the case the best thing to do would be call back the customer service number, ask to speak with a supervisor, and file a formal complaint. That way they will be able to review the recorded phone call and
    investigate what happened.

    I hope this helps, please let me know if you need anymore help.


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