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Discus and support Connecting to server in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; All day I have been having an issue connecting to the Titanfall servers in game. When trying to connect it will constantly show attempting to connect... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by Strong Ties, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Strong Ties
    Strong Ties Guest

    Connecting to server

    All day I have been having an issue connecting to the Titanfall servers in game. When trying to connect it will constantly show attempting to connect over and over. I have noticed if I power cycled the console and modem/router, I can connect and play many
    games fine. However, as soon as I stop playing for a bit and then attempt to join the servers I have to power cycle everything once again to be able to connect. I have checked my internet connect/multiplayer conenction multiple times and everything thing is
    good. I also have a open NAT type.

    Any suggestions? Is this an emerging issue? Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

    Strong Ties, Mar 13, 2014
  2. DrabberBeef6
    DrabberBeef6 Guest
    having problem connecting to game

    Trouble connecting to server
    DrabberBeef6, Mar 13, 2014
  3. BINGO

    BINGO in perpetual ' Connection in progress' , …. Server Connection Error - with problem connecting to server
    CO-RockieLass, Mar 13, 2014
  4. Teresita Gonzalez Win User

    Can not to connect to Bingo.

    Same here it says server connection error unable to connect to servers...
  5. XeoN xAsSaSiiNo Win User

    Comcast customers can't connect to Xbox Live (8015190B or 80151909)

    It connected to the 2k servers without it being 1500 a couple of times on the Wi-Fi but when I had to cut my xbox one off and come back to play it wouldn't let me connect to the servers without the cable. But once I plug the cable in it connects me to the
    2k servers. Do I need a new modem because it wont let me connect to the server but it says Im connected to live and it let's me access every live feature besides the online multiplayer and connecting to the server in 2k14. Is there a specific thing needed
    for the wifi to be able to connect to the server
  6. Hellhog Win User

    anyone having trouble connecting to multiplayer now?

    The server status says it is up. If you are trying to connect to an US based EA server, try connecting to a DICE server instead or a European server of any host.
  7. JimPlowman Win User

    Why, Why, Why!!!!!!!!

    There are no servers in Mexico. They connect to our US servers.
  8. Demon Kroozer Win User

    Connection to servers??

    thanks again for the reply, I have been through my router settings it's all up to date and working perfectly I have been on to my isp and again no issues my net is fine, as I said all my other games play perfectly online with no issues I've tried every game
    I own and the all play online, it's just halo wars 2, all it does it says connected to halo wars 2 servers and then within a second disconnected from halo wars servers constantly until 9pm and then it works, which is strange because it knows my rank how long
    I've played what skulls I've got ect but won't play online until 9pm at night uk time, now there has just been an update for halo wars 2 a 7gb update and guess what it's still the same, I'm so fed up of trying to play this game I've been playing this game
    from day one when the original halo wars came out up till now looks like I will have to wait until 9pm still to play it that's if it's going to work at all after this update... what can I do is there a direct chat to 343 or customer support for them?? Because
    I don't know what to do all I want to do Is play the game with friends which I cannot do thanks, Liam

    No problem,

    When you contacted your ISP did you also mention that it's stopped working at 9pm consistently? What did they have to say about that? 343i doesn't have a direct chat line or phone number to contact them. Since they are a first party studio, Microsoft or
    Xbox Support in this case would handle most troubleshooting cases. You could post on the Halo Waypoint Forums
    HERE to see if anyone else is also experiencing this issue though. It's possible a developer may respond, but we couldn't guarantee it.


    Mister Mascot

    Xbox Forums Staff

    Be sure to check out the Xbox Forum Guidelines for the Do's and Don'ts as well as the Xbox
    Insider Program Forums
    for help with Xbox Insider Program troubleshooting. Achievement issues? Check our sticky

    for the best info.
    When I contacted my isp I told them my issues they checked my connection and it's fine there is no issue, and sorry you seem to have the problem wrong way around it's at 9pm uk time halo wars 2 will work and let me play online with friends, obviously at
    some point during the night early hours I would think it will loose connection to halo wars servers and then will not let me play it again until 9pm uk time, the following day it's so frustrating because any other game I have which I have tried them all will
    work and play with no issues single player, online multiplayer, at anytime of day or night no problem... it's just halo wars and the connection to there end it must be I mean what would be so significant about 9pm uk time why all of a sudden will it let me
    play the game online? Because anything before 9pm is pointless as the game will load up but will not connect to there servers until after 9pm.. so what's going on at there end at 9pm uk time?

    As for the halo way point forum to be honest it's useless I've posted up on there and no one has replied not even anyone from 343... even tho I have seen them reply to posts newer and older than mine it's like there not interested that I've paid over £60
    for the top edition of the game and I can't play it, it's ridiculous that they don't have a direct chat or help line,

    So it raises the question what do I do next because I've paid for a game that I cannot play?? If this isn't going to work can I have a refund?

    Thanks again for your reply


Connecting to server

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