Connection issues

Discus and support Connection issues in XboX Networking Hardware to solve the problem; Connection issues Hi! You cand find more info about this problem here: Discussion in 'XboX Networking Hardware' started by Hunter Stephon, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Connection issues

    Hunter Stephon, Jul 18, 2019
  2. Mister Darcy-9112DFB Win User

    Connection issue

    Thanks for following up, User. When you say the connection is Free, what does that mean? Do you have the option of using a direct connection between your console and your modem via an ethernet cable? Let us know!
  3. User4375076945 Win User

    Connection issue

    What Country/State/Province do you live in? France / Picardie

    Modem brand & model number: Freebox Revolution

    Router brand & model number: Netgear GS108E

    If Wireless, are you using a white or black external adapter, or an internal (Xbox 360S) adapter?

    Things you have tried: the game already worked a week ago

    Is UPnP Enabled? Yes - used

    Do you have a NAT error? If so, what is your NAT? Nat is open that is all I know

    Any Error Codes you encounter: no

    Who is your ISP(Internet Service Provider)? Free

    After you run "Test Xbox LIVE connection" press “Y” for "More Info”. In the pop-up that appears, what are the following values, if shown? (If a value below does not appear for you, just leave it blank.) does not apply, it is a PC game











  4. AnthonyChamberlain Win User

    Connection Issues

    Doesnt help we have both opened up our ports thats why im asking the question
  5. Mister Darcy-9112DFB Win User

    Connections Issues.

    Really glad to hear it, Cankle J. Game on!
  6. CR0M-EFD29BBB-78F8-4 Win User

    Is this a connection issue?

    ^ this is definitely lag related, but not 100% that its your connection as this happens to everyone at one time or another.

Connection issues

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