Connectivity issues

Discus and support Connectivity issues in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; about two weeks ago, my college did mandatory maintenance on its wifi. Since then, my xbox has been acting very strange in terms of connectivity... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by pyxsul, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. pyxsul
    pyxsul Guest

    Connectivity issues

    about two weeks ago, my college did mandatory maintenance on its wifi. Since then, my xbox has been acting very strange in terms of connectivity issues. First, i am frequently disconnected from parties without receiving leave notifications. First the party
    goes quiet and it shows that there was an error in my network settings. The error code I receive every time is 0x80190199. This code is not in the xbox code search articles. After this i try to check my connection and it says all services are working properly
    with 80+ mbps download and 20+ upload speeds, latency is at 44 ms and packet loss is 0%. My nat type is constantly open.

    second, directly after startup, the home screen displays that I need to connect to the internet, yet I’m automatically connected every time my xbox is on and network settings say otherwise. This randomly goes away about 20 mins after start up. If this is
    displayed, i am unable to play any game that requires internet.

    third, If i try to appear online, it displays the online notification to my friends every 10-15 mins for no reason. Anything I can do about this? I have tried just about everything I can without reseting my xbox entirely. I can’t turn off and reset the wifi
    either because I’m at college.

    pyxsul, Oct 9, 2019
  2. Mister Darcy-9112DFB Win User

    Connection issue

    Thanks for following up, User. When you say the connection is Free, what does that mean? Do you have the option of using a direct connection between your console and your modem via an ethernet cable? Let us know!
  3. User4375076945 Win User

    Connection issue

    What Country/State/Province do you live in? France / Picardie

    Modem brand & model number: Freebox Revolution

    Router brand & model number: Netgear GS108E

    If Wireless, are you using a white or black external adapter, or an internal (Xbox 360S) adapter?

    Things you have tried: the game already worked a week ago

    Is UPnP Enabled? Yes - used

    Do you have a NAT error? If so, what is your NAT? Nat is open that is all I know

    Any Error Codes you encounter: no

    Who is your ISP(Internet Service Provider)? Free

    After you run "Test Xbox LIVE connection" press “Y” for "More Info”. In the pop-up that appears, what are the following values, if shown? (If a value below does not appear for you, just leave it blank.) does not apply, it is a PC game











  4. AnthonyChamberlain Win User

    Connection Issues

    Doesnt help we have both opened up our ports thats why im asking the question
  5. Mister Darcy-9112DFB Win User

    Connections Issues.

    Really glad to hear it, Cankle J. Game on!
  6. CR0M-EFD29BBB-78F8-4 Win User

    Is this a connection issue?

    ^ this is definitely lag related, but not 100% that its your connection as this happens to everyone at one time or another.

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