Controller constant Disconnect

Discus and support Controller constant Disconnect in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; My controller has been disconnecting from my Xbox. Even when using a wired connection. It loses the connection for about 5 to 10 seconds then... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/mwassem33, Oct 21, 2019.

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    Controller constant Disconnect

    My controller has been disconnecting from my Xbox. Even when using a wired connection. It loses the connection for about 5 to 10 seconds then reconnects. I am using a Xbox One X/S controller with the latest firmware update and latest Beta Ring Update. Full battery (Xbox Approved reachargeable.)

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    /u/mwassem33, Oct 21, 2019
  2. DanielDickson81 Win User

    Xbox One S Controller 3.5 mm sound issue

    I just posted about my controller and constant disconnects, some indicate the controller has disconnected and other times it just acts like it's frozen (with the Xbox button with a solid light), when it freezes I have to remove the batteries.
  3. MrDT83 Win User

    Constant Controller disconnects!!!!

    I död some more Reading and IT seems like the Xbox One controller signal i verk weak and users 5Ghz. IT also seems like the Wii U controller use 5ghz.

    So as a last Edfors I turnén of 5Ghz in my router, inpluggad and moped my Wii U controller to a diffrene room. Just to readly test I also put the Xbox One behandlas a wall and played for iver an hour. no disconnects or crackeling sound like before. When
    I tried behandlas a Wall before IT would disconnect within 15 min and då IT iver and iver and the sound would also break up. None of that now. I will try to play some more but maybe IT was interference on the 5ghz that wars the root of the problem.
  4. Sloan1919 Win User

    Constant Controller disconnects!!!!

    Has anyone else noticed a correlation with the disconnection of the controller and intense processing or pressing of buttons on the controller?

    Also has anyone tried to remove all external wireless signals? As in someone who uses it in a basement, lives in the middle of the woods, etc.

    Are most of the people here living in densely populated areas? Near cell towers? TVs with built in wifi?

    What type of wifi are people using 5ghz? 2.4ghz?
  5. Sloan1919 Win User

    Constant Controller disconnects!!!!

    Joining the chorus. I have had this issues since I bought it in June of 2014. It starts with audio crackles then the controller disconnects and tries to reconnect. Mostly happens when there is something intense happening on the screen or I'm streaming audio
    to the controller. Has absolutely nothing to do with batteries or controllers (first thing I ruled out). Once I read the many threads on it I didn't bother sending in my console as 99% of people have the issue with the 'repaired' devices. I live in the NYC
    area in a high-rise and have very little control over external interference. My hypothesis is that there is something common in the environment with all of the people who have the issue and the people who don't have this don't have the item in their environment.
    Whatever the interference is it is not common or a large enough problem for MS to address with anything other than the "I think your an idiot here are basic troubleshooting steps" dismissal posts that they do before the lock the thread. I am moving to a new
    place in mid-town in a month, hopefully I leave behind whatever is plaguing the console. BTW, during certain times of the day I experience no disconnects and others it is every 2 minutes. My guess is that one of my neighbors may be coming home from work when
    the disconnects happen and start doing whatever causes the problem. Could it be microwave ovens? Wifi channels? Wireless HDMI? Bluetooth devices? Certain types of cellular devices? If I knew more about the controller's frequency I might be able to find the
    offending device. The business center at my current apartment is isolated (cell phones don't work there, wifi router can be turned off), if I get some free time I will take it there and see if it works. Anyone have any other suggests? Also how can we get MS
    to stop locking the threads? Do we need to troubleshoot this on another forum?
  6. MrDT83 Win User

    Constant Controller disconnects!!!!

    It has something to do with the WiFi range and interference. I had one Xbox repaired and bought two new and all are the same. If I put it behind a wall for testing it will get even worse wich seems to indicate it is a wifi problem since the signal to the
    controller gets weaker.

    Also, if I use wireless internet on the console the problem gets a lot worse so I only use ethernet-cable because otherwise you cant use the headset adapter because of all the noise and breakup when using wifi for internet. I sit 8 feet away with no walls
    or other obstacles. PS4 works flawless, buy a PS4 if you want a working solution. (Not trolling, I have tried EVERYTHING because I love the Xbox brand)

Controller constant Disconnect

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