Discus and support controller in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I sent my controller 16 march [Mod Removed], ups said it was received 26 march by support (frankfurt, deutschland), no news since. I even don't know if... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by cissounet, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. cissounet
    cissounet Guest


    I sent my controller 16 march [Mod Removed], ups said it was received 26 march by support (frankfurt, deutschland), no news since. I even don't know if microsoft support has really received the controller. I don't know where i can
    ask for news !!!! thanks for help.

    cissounet, Apr 2, 2015
  2. fwh army
    fwh army Guest
    Xbox One issues after connecting headphones

    try updating your controller go to : settings/accessories/controller(make sure you have your controller connected to your xbox)/update controller
    fwh army, Apr 2, 2015
  3. Outofthi5world-91B7E242-7454-47ED-8902-EFFED4622FD, Apr 2, 2015
  4. controller

    Hey there cissounet!

    Sorry to hear about the issue! In order for you to find out the status of your repair, I recommend reaching out to phone or chat support from our Contact Us for further assistance. Be sure to let us know how
    everything went after contacting support. Thanks!
    Mister Quimby, Apr 3, 2015
  5. cissounet
    cissounet Guest
    i have contacted the support (chat) twice. the first time, 4th april, they told me i will receive a controller the 7th ... i received nothing. The second time, 18th april, they told me an investigation was open ..... since, nothing ........... what can i
    do ???? i can not play with my son since more than a month, i would rather buy a ps4 ????
    cissounet, Apr 23, 2015
  6. Hey there cissounet!

    Sorry to hear that you still do not have an update regarding your controller replacement, I can definitely understand how frustrating that could be. In order to find out the status of the replacement, I recommend reaching out to phone support specifically.
    You can reach them from our Contact Us page. This way you can find out the most recent information with the replacement. Please let me know the results after reaching out to phone support. Thanks!
    Mister Quimby, Apr 23, 2015
  7. cissounet
    cissounet Guest
    the support phone me saturday 2 may, he told me he'll phone me 5th may to inform me about my situation but no phone, no mail .................
    cissounet, May 5, 2015
  8. controller

    Hey there cissounet!

    Sorry to hear that you have not been contacted yet! It sounds like this issue is being taken care of by the proper teams and If you still have not been contacted, I recommend reaching out to them for an update. Be sure to let me know once you receive
    an update regarding your controller replacement. Thanks!
    Mister Quimby, Oct 31, 2018
  9. XBF Erick C Win User

    Controles (Controllers)

    Hello EduarwdGG

    Please try out these steps. By following the "Connect a wireless Xbox One controller to your console" article you should be able
    to bind your controller to your console. Please let us know if you are still running into problems after this out. Thank you!
  10. ArminatorX Win User

    Left stick doesn't. Work correctly

    Do you by chance have a second controller signed in, that is pushing up?

    On the main Xbox menus, multiple controllers are "fighting" over the control of the dashboard, and every controller can move the cursor.

    When you start a game, each controller is assigned to a specific player, and only that player is controlled. So if a second controller is always pushing up, it won't affect control in a game of the first controller anymore.
  11. ITz Coywolf Win User

    Controller issues

    Well what kind of controller is this is it the original Xbox one controller or 3.5mm controller? If it is the original Xbox one controller it might be the controller malfunctioning with your Xbox because they are outdated.
  12. Arminator Win User

    Controller issues

    Can you try only ONE controller to be connected at the same time?

    With the wired controller unplugged for example, does the wireless controller act strange?

    Or the other way around, with the batteries removed from the wireless controller, does the wired controller not go down the menus as it should?

    Since both controllers have control of the dashboard the same time, and if one controller has a stuck "up" control, both controllers will be unable to move down properly.

    So please check the controllers individually as described above (physically unplugging the wired controller and removing the batteries from the wireless controller).

    Then replace the one faulty controller. If it's an original Xbox controller, you can check if the controller is still within warranty at

    After you signed in on that page, click on the Xbox One console you have registered (if you haven't registered your console yet, register the console first).

    Then after you selected the console, choose that you have issues with an accessory. Choose the controller accessory, and follow the instructions to get the controller serviced, if necessary.
  13. dotcommando Win User

    Headset Adapter didn't fit = Broken Port on the Controller

    Looks like there are quality control issues with the adapter and controllers. If the adapter fits in one controller but not another, the controller could be at fault. Equally, if the adapter doesn't fit in multiple controllers, it's likely to be a controller
    issue. TBH my second controller feels slightly misaligned, like it's flexing, and it squeaks like a boss. Very annoying.


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