Discus and support Corey in XBoX Sales and Promo to solve the problem; How take my debit card off c31825c9-2af9-4b20-9ab1-c77d02e6079c Discussion in 'XBoX Sales and Promo' started by Coreyperryman, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Corey

    How take my debit card off

    Coreyperryman, Mar 4, 2019
  2. brandiesel1 Win User


    I believe you need to add a new one before you remove a card?
  3. XsmkstarzX Win User


    HI you can visit here to manage your subscriptions and billing information.
  4. XBF George L Win User



    Thanks for reaching out to us here on the forums with this inquiry. So you're trying to take off your debit card from your Microsoft Account. If there is an active subscription you would first need to turn off automatic renewal here

    Microsoft Account Services and Subscription page.
    Then you can go to your Payment and Billing section and remove the card by clicking on it or from the console in your Account Settings under payment and billing. Here's a helpful link. Manage
    your payment options online
  5. Sadaauk Win User

    Reclaiming Beta Gamertag

    I first contacted support chat.

    Close chat

    This is the sidecar. You can play, pause and browse Xbox videos while you wait.

    When you are finished, please let us know what you think of the sidecar by clickinghere

    info: at 23:31:44

    You are now chatting with 'Jzen'

    Jzen: at 0:03:03

    Thank you for contacting Xbox Support! Jzen here!

    Jzen: at 0:03:04

    Our apologies for the wait time. Let me review your issue and we will find a resolution to it right away!

    Jzen: at 0:04:46

    Hi there Corey!

    Jzen: at 0:04:46

    Thanks for your patience.

    Jzen: at 0:05:09

    I see here thta you wanted to know if you can reclaim the gamertag "[Mod Removed]", Am I correct?

    Jzen: at 0:05:11


    Corey: at 0:05:20

    yes. i had attempted to add shooter as a friend to see if it was available but it said it did not exist, but when i tried to change my gamertag to shooter it indicated it was a reserved gamertag

    Jzen: at 0:05:45

    Alright. Let me go ahead and check this gamertag for you then.

    Jzen: at 0:05:47

    A moment please.

    Corey: at 0:05:54

    thank you

    Jzen: at 0:07:15

    Thanks for your patience.

    Jzen: at 0:07:56

    I do see here that this GT is not associated to any Microsoft Account. May I ask, what is the message prompted when you try to change the GT to [Mod Removed]?

    Corey: at 0:08:10

    the website indicated it was reserved

    Jzen: at 0:08:51

    How about on the console?

    Corey: at 0:09:07

    im sorry it was actually on the console not the web

    Corey: at 0:09:15

    i an try again and get the exact message

    Jzen: at 0:09:47

    Thanks Corey.

    Corey: at 0:10:29

    Sorry, that gamertag is now reserved. Try another one.

    Jzen: at 0:12:59

    Alright. For this one Corey, since Gamertag Availability is monitored by our Enforcement Team you need to get in touch with them and chcek if you can claim this GT and why this was reserved already. Let me post here the link on the Forums (Enforcement Team
    are the Moderators on the Forums) for you to create a new post to have this issue resolved, okay?

    Corey: at 0:13:22


    Jzen: at 0:13:57

    Managing my Xbox Live Account on Xbox 360 LINK

    Jzen: at 0:14:35

    Alright! Just click on "Add a new Post". They usually respond within 2~3 hours via the post you created or the email associated on your gamertag.

    Corey: at 0:14:47

    thank you i am doing it now

    Jzen: at 0:15:23

    Awesome! Let me also create an incident report here so that they can check your post as soon as possible.

    Jzen: at 0:15:48

    Let me know once the Post was submitted, okay?

    Jzen: at 0:18:32

    Are you able to submit the post, Corey?

    Corey: at 0:18:39

    i jsut posted it

    Jzen: at 0:18:57

    Awesome! Let me submit the report here.

    Corey: at 0:19:04

    or i think i did... it is still in the process of posting still

    Corey: at 0:19:07


    Jzen: at 0:19:40

    That is correct. Since this includes an account info, The Enforcement Team might not tag this post as Public. I will also attach the transcript of our conversation so that the Enforcement Team can just review it right away.

    Corey: at 0:20:27

    the post is submitted now

    Jzen: at 0:20:26

    I have submitted the report and the reference number is [Mod Removed]. Please right this down for your record Corey.

    Corey: at 0:20:35

    Jzen: at 0:20:36

    I am glad I was able to help you out Corey.

    Jzen: at 0:20:37

    Do you have any clarifications regarding the resolution I provided you?

    Corey: at 0:20:50

    no. thank you for your help.

    Jzen: at 0:21:01

    Awesome! Is there anything else I can help you with Corey?

    Corey: at 0:21:06

    no thank you

    Jzen: at 0:21:15

    If that was everything, I'd like to thank you again for contacting Xbox Chat Support Team!

    Jzen: at 0:21:15

    I wish you all the best Corey! You take care of yourself and have a wonderful one.

    Jzen: at 0:21:18

    Bye for now!


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