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Discus and support Cross platform chatting in XBoX on Windows to solve the problem; I have been trying to play games like fortnite and apex legends with friends on other platforms (Also extends to Destiny 2 but I don't know it my issue... Discussion in 'XBoX on Windows' started by WeaselPlays, May 30, 2022.

  1. WeaselPlays
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    Cross platform chatting

    I have been trying to play games like fortnite and apex legends with friends on other platforms (Also extends to Destiny 2 but I don't know it my issue can be fixed with a reload as I haven't fully tested it). My issue is that when I play with friends on other consoles or PC, I can't hear them but they can hear me. Luckily my problem is resolved when I relaunch apex but with fortnite it doesn't work. It is really annoying that this issue is going on for me and I don't know how to fix it. I would love just to talk with my friends on other platforms. Anyone know how to fix this?

    WeaselPlays, May 30, 2022
  2. Burnin TODI Win User

    Cross-platform Player Compatibility

    No cross platform game playing or audio/party chatting, only text chats in cross platform
  3. eG x Thee Elf Win User


    No. Cross-platform gaming and voice chat (messaging and party) using the Xbox chat system are not possible. You can send text messages or use Skype cross-platform though.
  4. ClausReich Win User

    Cross platform chatting

    In this case, try to change your account's privacy settings. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy & online safety > Xbox privacy.

    Select the Adult default settings,

    After that, you can turn off your Xbox, and then wait for 10-15 minutes. Then, try to play a game and check if you can hear the cross-platform voice chat.
  5. ClausReich Win User

    Cross platform chatting

    Hello WeaselPlays! I'm Claus, an Independent Microsoft Community Consultant for Xbox! Glad to be able to help you!

    To be helpful, we need to gather some more information about your issue.

    First, on what platform is this occurring? (where do you play those games)

    Second, what steps have you tried to do in order to fix this issue? Have you tried to change any privacy settings on your Xbox account?

    Third, does this issue only affect the cross-platform games? All of your Xbox Live games, that have voice chat, work fine both ways?
  6. WeaselPlays Win User

    Cross platform chatting

    I'm on Xbox, my friends are most commonly on PS4/PS5.

    I have tried restarting my console, restarting the game. I haven't tried deleting and redownloading yet but I am worried I may lose everything I have on the games.

    And yes it only affects cross platform communication. Xbox chats are completely fine.

Cross platform chatting

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