Data Usage for console streaming

Discus and support Data Usage for console streaming in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; I was wondering how much data console streaming uses, if it helps I have T-Mobile submitted by /u/Number3679 [link] [comments] Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/Number3679, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Data Usage for console streaming

    I was wondering how much data console streaming uses, if it helps I have T-Mobile

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    /u/Number3679, Nov 10, 2019
  2. xxxTIMBURYxxx Win User

    How much data does the xbox use?

    Data usage is going to vary from user to user, depending on the individuals use.

    While data usage for initial setup would be minimal, the downloading of games can eat up data rather quickly. With many games being in the 50 GB range, some can be as high as 100+ GB each. Apps, web browsing, TV/Movie streaming etc. will all contribute to
    total usage... it doesn't take long to add up.
  3. napalm 31337 Win User

    Tech issues: Xbox One bandwidth usage page showing I've used 1.5 million TB last month...

    ...have you started a new multiplayer game never used before August? are you using too much streaming from console? Like Netflix or Mixer or Twitch....

    I think that the amount of data displayed on the console is a bit bugged, BUT you really goes over the 1TB limit of your provider, so something is wrong on the average data usage.
  4. DreadGrrl Win User

    xbox charges

    We pay an extra, lump sum, on a monthly basis to have our data cap removed (Canada).

    Keep a close eye on your usage, if you have a data cap. With 3 Xboxes, 1 PS4, 4 gaming computers, tablets, cell phones, and 4 TVs streaming Netflix at the highest quality, we’ve had months just in excess of 2TB of downloaded/streamed data.
  5. Mister Beep Win User

    What is this?!?!

    Hey LadyJadey,

    Thanks for posting, and sorry to see the high bandwidth usage! Has your Xbox One's data usage looked accurate after 5/31? This may have been a visual bug, and your Xbox One console most likely has not reached anywhere near 3,600 TB of data usage. The most
    reliable tool to check internet usage will be through your ISP. Any bandwidth usage your Xbox One console actually uses will reflect on the ISP side. I would not worry about your Xbox One console using that much data unless your ISP is reflecting the same
    amount of usage.

    Hope this helps clear up the issue!
  6. ThisGameIsSucky Win User

    Xbox wifi connection by smartphone tethering or internet key

    I went through a period of having to use hotspot tethering for internet on my console for a few months. I had unlimited data through AT&T and I had this exact same problem where the console stops connecting automatically and eventually doesn't connect/takes
    a really long time to connect. I just dealt with it and was patient and tried to get it to connect a lot and it normally eventually did.

    The problem is the streaming and internet speed from the phone to console is incredibly unreliable when using a mobile network for internet versus using Wi-Fi or a wired connection. In a sense, its just not powerful enough to effectively and reliably connect
    to the console for long periods of time for both streaming speed and data usage. Incredible data usage, which happens when hotspot tethering, causes the speed for internet and streaming to slow drastically. You may have reached your data caps and the streaming
    speeds are just so slow there's virtually no connection to be had.

    Here's a few things that may help.

    A video about hotspot tethering on console

    Nothing is wrong with your Xbox its just the internet service.

Data Usage for console streaming

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