Decrease in internet speed

Discus and support Decrease in internet speed in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; Ever since i downloaded the new dashboard my internet speed on my xbox has never exceeded 5mbps when it used to stay at at least 15mbps. Is this a... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/GCBAndMore, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Decrease in internet speed

    Ever since i downloaded the new dashboard my internet speed on my xbox has never exceeded 5mbps when it used to stay at at least 15mbps. Is this a problem, a bug or my own internet?

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    /u/GCBAndMore, Oct 26, 2019
  2. DEATH LIVE BR Win User

    Xbox content video lag

    Hello friend and I'm sorry and I understand your situation, usually the good netflix movies can increase or decrease the quality of the video automatically when your internet signal is weak or strong at that time put in xbox videos are in high definition
    HD and consumes heavily on the internet and does not decrease the quality then why do you watch the videos load times and it happens to me also only use 1 mega speed and netflix does not carry direct but sometimes the image appears full of pixel (squares)
    understood ?
  3. Drabz Win User

    Better Internet connection

    i run
    - with 2 xbox's 2 laptops, desktop pc, blu ray player and a few other things.

    if you have other people using your internet speed will decrease.
  4. DarkHeartedKill Win User

    The Striker Needs a Serious Nerf.

    A good internet connection hasn't given me an edge against others with good internet connections, we would be on the same playing field. People with lesser internet speeds do suffer yes, but that's because their internet isn't fast enough. Yes what I said
    it's privileged, but it's not ridiculous, if you have a bad internet connection why play a game you know needs a strong internet connection? It's like going to an exam without studying and knowing nothing on the exam, and expecting the professor to give you
    a better mark than people who studied. Lag compensation punishes those that spent the money needed to get a good internet connection. Not to mention people have begun downloading huge torrents to decrease their internet speed, and thus give them an unfair
  5. BootstrapGolem Win User

    new galaxy map info

    i wonder how long it takes the alertness meter to go down, cause i'd be willing to just wait while it goes away in between scans. i'm sure we'll get upgrades for decreasing scan alertness and alertness meter decrease speed.
  6. Roaring Eagles Win User

    Verizon Mifi

    If when playing you have 54 Mbps it is plenty enough. The problem is, this is the MAX speed and not the guaranteed speed. Depending on server and people active on that server, the speed can decrease significantly to the point where you get frustrated trying
    to play. With as low as 1Mbps you can still enjoy the game.

Decrease in internet speed

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