Disappearing Media Center libraries

Discus and support Disappearing Media Center libraries in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; For the last couple of years, I have had my xBox 360 streaming video from a computer elsewhere in the house. It's been a trouble-free experience -... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by ssilvermuk, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. ssilvermuk
    ssilvermuk Guest

    Disappearing Media Center libraries

    For the last couple of years, I have had my xBox 360 streaming video from a computer elsewhere in the house. It's been a trouble-free experience - until a few days ago. Suddenly, all of the Media Center library folders appear to be empty, although
    the files are still there, in their original locations, on the computer. I've tried removing and re-adding the relevant folders to the library; I've even tried uninstalling the extender on both the PC and the xBox. Nothing works. Each time, the adding files
    routine appears to run successfully but once it finishes, the folders remain empty.

    I'm getting extremely frustrated at this point, and would be very grateful for any and all suggestions.


    ssilvermuk, Feb 18, 2014
  2. RyanParrish
    RyanParrish Guest
    Xbox 360 Media Center Extender Libraries

    So.. this might come as a shock to most, but I've just recently after 9 years set up my 360 as a Media Center Extender. Connection went perfectly between both my PC and my 360. I got my libraries set up on my PC and populated. I can see and view/play all
    the media I have told it to see. My issue is with my 360... It just keeps telling me it's populating my libraries in the background and to wait. How long? Should it be immediately? What am I missing. Please help. For reference my PC is running Windows 7 home
    premium and is an HP pavilion media center branded PC. Although I'm not sure it matters because both devices see and talk to each other, it just library population I'm asking about. Thanks.
    RyanParrish, Feb 18, 2014
  3. JAGusiff
    JAGusiff Guest
    XBOX One Media Center

    FALSE ADVERTISING of XBOX ONE as a Media Center if one is unable to stream Music from their existing Music Libraries on Window PC. When will this be addressed?
    JAGusiff, Feb 18, 2014
  4. MisterLanceMan Win User

    Why is XBOX Music Re-Downloading...ALL OF My MUSIC???

    There are two problems this causes, 1). the folder is taking up lots of disk space. 2). it causes problems 'no license' when playing in Media Center.

    My library is on it's own drive h:\Music\. Media Center uses the same folder. Music Pass is using H:\Music\Xbox Music\Xbox Music Pass\ which means these write protected files are in my library. Media Center finds these wma right protected files on the XBox,
    and my other win 8 machines running Media Center, and they stop playing by popping a message stating license not found. I own all of these songs since I bought the CD's and ripped them to the library myself.

    All I want to do is start up Media Center on the Xbox and play all of my music without stopping, but since this folder is within my library and Media Center cannot locate the Media Pass license for these files, it stops playing.

    I searched for a registry entry to move the '\Xbox Music Pass\' directory out of my library but no luck.

    A solution would be nice.
  5. trwilson Win User

    Can't get to shared files on my network - Help!

    In case anyone else has this problem this is as much as I can figure...

    I did a manual shared folder add to the media center video library using local account credentials on another machine. This worked!! However, media center still refuses to see anything local to the media center PC. I'm guessing that when I go into the
    video library on the xbox, it's looking for homegroup shared folders. This is a domain so there is no homegroup. It keeps telling me it can't find any libraries but now it actually lists the manually added folder from above.

    So I figured I'll give it the network path and credentials for the media center PC. When I do this (\\tvpc\videos1) it actually adds "D:\" instead. It's because those files are local on the media center PC. I assume media center looks at the manual credentials
    I entered and thinks 'this is already local to me so I'm tossing this away and using the local address'. Because there's no homegroupwith shared libraries, it can't see the local files because they're not shared that way. The odd thing is, if I use "System
    Media Player" it sees both. So I can use media center to manage the shared folder setup and use the SMP to watch anything the xbox can read.

    TL;DR: Media center on the xbox won't see files on the media center PC if they're local to that machine because there's no homegroup. It will manually connect to shares on other machines using their local account credentials and that works great.
  6. CharlesFigueroa Win User

    Playing A Video

    Do you happen to know why my m4a music files will play on Windows Media Player and Media Center, but not through the Music Library? I have the "Optional Media Update"...
  7. Liquatic Win User

    File Sharing

    The best way to share files is through Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center. I personally set up a library on Windows Media Player and then sync it to my network, which my Xbox 360 is connected to. This way it will play only what is in your library
    and not just the C: folder.
  8. Razza12003 Win User

    Is it possible to have more than one Media Center PCs accessible from XBOX?

    I don't think you can connect to 2 different media center's but the only solution I can think of is to share the media from PC A to PC B and add it to the library of windows media center on PC B then set up your xbox as an extender from PC B then you will
    be able to access all the media from both PC's via the 1 connection

Disappearing Media Center libraries

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