Donation for Deployed Servicemembers?

Discus and support Donation for Deployed Servicemembers? in XBoX Sales and Promo to solve the problem; Good evening, all! I am looking to contact the staff of Microsoft's PR department (or similar). I am currently deployed to Afghanistan with about 50... Discussion in 'XBoX Sales and Promo' started by WaggishDegree17, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Donation for Deployed Servicemembers?

    Good evening, all! I am looking to contact the staff of Microsoft's PR department (or similar). I am currently deployed to Afghanistan with about 50 other members of my squadron. We have been hunting down terrorists and insurgents for the better part of
    14 years with our direct attack aircraft. To help pass the time when we are not on duty we have almost always had one or two XBoxes hooked up in our morale center. We have gone through multiple consoles because of the harsh weather conditions here. The hardware
    does not hold up to all of the dust and sand so well. Currently, we changed locations and during the move our last remaining console was stolen. I would like to appeal to Microsoft's extreme sense of generosity and ask if you would be willing to donate a new
    XBox gaming system to our deployed members. To show our appreciation, we would be honored to send you an American flag which has been flown over a combat mission along with an authenticity certificate signed by our crew. I very much appreciate your time and

    WaggishDegree17, Mar 4, 2015
  2. looking for donation requst form

    i am looking for a donation request form for product donation for a fundraiser we are having.
    FormerDaisy2780, Mar 4, 2015
  3. Donation

    I purchased 2 $14.99 coin packs to give them extra money. Has anyone else done this? When I programmed at one place I got paid by the program selling, adding patches and so on. 1 thing I hated though was being told to leave bugs in to sell patches I already
    had made. It was for hospitals and healthcare so large sums of money were charged. I quit because I had morals. I'm glad they went under.
    DIY LobotoMEd, Mar 4, 2015
  4. GUN5L1NGER Win User

    Donate MSP Left Over Points to Children's Miracle Network

    They aren't interested in the donation. They are interested in people buying points, whether they donate them or not. Some people may buy MSP just to donate.
  5. Arminator Win User

    Asking for a XBOX

    How about this incredible idea that will blow your mind:

    You "donate" some of your time to helping your neighbors to mow the lawn, or do some yardwork (if applicable), or donate some time to distribute newspapers or flyers.

    Then the person who recieved your donation of time, will then donate some money to you.

    And after enough people donated money in exchange for your donated time, you then exchange that money for a shiny new Xbox console.
  6. {Parity} Win User


    You would probably do better to ask your question in a minecraft forum.
  7. XDWifiLagg Win User


    I think its really about traffic on the server
  8. A Matt K Win User


    are you talking about fortnite and apex legends? the free to play model is getting popular and not confused with play to win. All you buy is the cosmetic items and fortnite made millions.

Donation for Deployed Servicemembers?

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