Double charging when i buy the game pass

Discus and support Double charging when i buy the game pass in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Today i bought game pass pc beta and ant the time the payment was made, they charged me twice the value to be paid. How can I make the claim to return... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by Gustavo DavidOrtiz, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Double charging when i buy the game pass

    Gustavo DavidOrtiz, Aug 16, 2019
  2. x24hrs2livex Win User

    Paid for Battlefirlf Premium still got charged....

    For future reference when buying season passes you should always purchase the add-on content in game or you will be double charged
  3. XBF Ruben D Win User

    Double charging when i buy the game pass

    Gustavo DavidOrtiz

    Thank you for letting us know that the issue has been fixed. We'll be locking the thread as the issue has been resolved. If you ever require any help with any other issues please feel free to come back to the Xbox Forums for further assistance.
    For those reading this thread and if the troubleshooting steps listed above didn't help resolve the issue, please feel free to create a new thread asking for assistance.

    Thank you again and have a great day!
  4. Equinox Shift Win User

    Double charging when i buy the game pass


    To begin, you will need to sign into your Microsoft Account, using a mobile device or a computer.

    From there, you can select your account, in the top right corner, and select the link “My Microsoft Account”.

    Select the Dropdown named “Account” and it will display a number of available options. Select the option “Services and Subscriptions”

    Once that has loaded, the first thing you can do is verify if you have two subscriptions currently active. If this is the case, cancel one of the active subscriptions, and you will receive a notification asking you if you would like to immediately cancel,
    and receive a refund. Select yes for this option, and the money should be refunded.

    If you cannot find the double subscription, the next step would be to select the dropdown again, and “Payment and Billing” along with “Order History”.

    Here you will find a list of your charges on your account. You can verify that a charge was made, and retrieve the order details. From there, you will need to open a refund request, through a chat, to investigate the issue further.

    let me know if you would like the process to speak with an Xbox Customer Service Rep.
  5. Gustavo DavidOrtiz Win User

    Double charging when i buy the game pass

    Thanks You So Much. I already send it!
  6. XBF Ezra G Win User

    Double charging when i buy the game pass

    Hi Gustavo DavidOrtiz,

    Thanks for your post. I understand you were double-charged for your purchase of Xbox Game Pass. The best option would be to use the

    Refund Request
    page to request a refund or
    Contact Us
    portal to speak to an agent about refund request options.

    I hope this helps.

Double charging when i buy the game pass

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