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  1. Knight Noku
    Knight Noku Guest


    How do you dye leather armor?

    Knight Noku, Mar 26, 2014
  2. Millfield Demon Door Help Pleeaassee!

    You don't HAVE to color it differently, but the only way I got it was to be fat and in my pjs. Just not dyed
    chasethedarknes, Mar 26, 2014
  3. YetiHat
    YetiHat Guest
    The Grey Haired Gamers

    Have you encountered any dyed hair imposters?
    YetiHat, Mar 26, 2014
  4. Knight Noku
    Knight Noku Guest


    Never mind I figured it out.
    Knight Noku, Mar 27, 2014
  5. Boidster Win User

    Was "Family sharing" Jut an extended demo? (unconfirmed)

    [quote user="T0X1C V3N0M"]www.ign.com/.../on-xbox-ones-social-network-canceled-family-share-demos

    According to this article, Developers & Publishers are calling this rumor false.[/quote]

    Let's get the actual quote:

    [quote user="Mitch Dyer, IGN"]The supposed Microsoft employee alleges that games shared between friends would be timed demos, limited to 15-45 minutes of play time before asking players to purchase the full game. Game progress would be saved, however, allowing
    you to pick up where the demo left off.

    Speaking from a purely personal, anecdotal perspective, I heard through multiple people at developers and publishers that
    this is patently untrue. The understanding within the games industry, particularly during E3, was that
    full, entire games would be shared between friends, but wouldn't be playable at the same time by multiple people.[/quote]

    So, IGN reporter whose name is visible to all and known in the industry, says that the developers and publishers he knows say that the anonymous pastebin document is patently untrue.

    I'm totes going to believe the pastebin anyway because Microsoft always lies about everything! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  6. Burst Axe Win User

    Should they continue Guitar Hero?

    @Wilko Will look into it but I'm sure I don't want to bang on my IPad with a drumstick lol.


    @Tatakai The middle of Jordan (Buckethead song) was pretty rough but I don't think that songs holds a candle to TTFAF or Dyer's Eve or Speeding or Eruption or any of the Megadeath songs on Warriors of rock. I'm at the point were they just throw me into despair
    at the mere thought of plugging in my guitar controller. My fingers just won't keep up with my eyes :(
  7. Altered Edge Win User

    Love film..... A bit disappointing..

    I quite enjoy watching the cheesy horror films! even the one with Danny Dyer in it.
  8. SorryImSoAce-DAED76F Win User

    Forum, what is your most memorable GTA mission?

    Lol @ Ordeal.

    Mine is probably the ones where you go robbing with Catalina in GTA SA or the ones with Macca and erm ... Danny Dyer.
  9. Lord Dirt Win User

    Game DVR, Skype and TV Guide are Gold Only


    PlayStation Plus Not Required for Streaming, Recording on PS4

    Free on day one for everybody.

    by Mitch Dyer AUGUST 8, 2013

    Paying for PlayStation Plus is not necessary to access PlayStation 4's recording and sharing functionality. Following earlier news that Xbox One's DVR feature requires users to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold, fans took to Twitter to ask PlayStation if this
    would be the case on PlayStation 4, to which president of SCE's worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida said, definitively, "no" repeatedly.



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