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Discus and support Enforcement Fixes in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; So I have some comments, concerns, and questions about the [Mod Removed - Inappropriate] that is the enforcement "team". I would absolutely love to... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by JakeTB11, May 29, 2019.

  1. JakeTB11
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    Enforcement Fixes

    So I have some comments, concerns, and questions about the [Mod Removed - Inappropriate] that is the enforcement "team". I would absolutely love to know, why do I receive a communications suspension, yet I have people spamming me with 100's
    of party invites, messages, game invites, etc. They say things in messages that they shouldn't be, things I've been suspended and banned before for, and yet they are all walking around willy nilly. That doesn't also include the hundreds, possibly thousands
    of pieces of evidence I have showing people cheating, modding, glitching, exploiting, stalking, harassing, trolling, using game bugs, etc. Yet again, those people can keep playing without any interference. Those people tend to be children as well, funny enough.
    Kids who don't get permission or have the age to be playing these games. You guys realize if I started a lawsuit against you, you would lose in every way, right? This company is garbage as far as the order of things. It's a fraudulent company that has falsified
    legal documents, violated contracts, and false advertised, numerous times. Wonder how that'd hold up in a court case. That's right, it wouldn't. It would be so easy to tear so many companies down to nothing. I'd easily win enough money, to buy these companies
    out, then just trash them and let them rot for how they've done things. You guys can go
    [Mod Removed - Inappropriate] yourself for all the [Mod Removed - Inappropriate]
    [Mod Removed - Inappropriate] that surrounds you.

    FYI, no, I do not care to read responses or have any already known comments, made here. I just want xbox, Microsoft, whoever it needs to be. I want them to see this, to see the
    [Mod Removed - Inappropriate] that they are, and maybe fix their[Mod Removed - Inappropriate] selves. Stop catering to children who deserve absolutely no say in anything that isn't about fortnite.

    JakeTB11, May 29, 2019
  2. ngocphi Win User

    Fix enforcement

    so you have a console suspension which is not appeal able

    You will have to contact support to find the end date
  3. onyxishere Win User

    Fix the enforcement

    Sorry to hear you were suspended. Unfortunately no one on the forums can help with enforcements. You'll need to log in to http://enforcement.xbox.com/ and click the hammer icon to see the reason for the action
    and open a case review with the PET.
  4. MattyMidway Win User

    Fix your enforcement

    Have you checked your reputation score? You can jump over to this link for more information about the different levels of rep and how it can affect your gaming experience. Let me know if I can be of any other help.

  5. Daft Badger Win User


    You are warned.The code of conduct you agreed to is your warning.

    Taken from the enforcement site:

    Will I get banned just because I received complaints?
    No. A common misconception is that a certain number of reports will result in an automatic suspension. According to the myth, even if you haven’t done anything wrong someone can get you suspended by encouraging players to file many complaints. This is completely

    XBLPET investigates complaints and takes each report into consideration when making an enforcement decision, but a certain volume or frequency of complaints doesn’t guarantee a suspension. We take an evidence-based approach to enforcement
    and take numerous factors into account when considering issuing a suspension. The context around the content or activity is particularly essential and drives our decision-making process. Simply put, there is no magic formula that instantly results in a suspension.

    Despite what some may claim, XBLPET will never ever ban anyone “for no reason”. Suspensions
    always occur as a result of a specific Code of Conduct violation.
  6. Daft Badger Win User

    Fix your enforcement

    Op's rep is fine.just click on their gamercard & you can see that.

    Sounds like the op has a communication suspension.An email would of been sent to the address linked to your account telling if,why & how long you are suspended or you can log in here
    enforcement.xbox.com/.../HowTo to see & ask for a case review if the suspension is longer than 24 hours.

    Not sure who you phoned but it wasn't the enforcement team.

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